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I missed a couple of our earlier Conga Members. :blush:


@Crooked River Pete, SASS 43485
first posted back on Page 3.

@PowderRiverCowboy first posted back on Page 16.


Thanks for joining the Line! :)

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Welcome our newest member to the CONGA LINE - @Pat Riot
Thanks for joining the FUN -ENJOY.

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Here's a bridge between FKCGG and @Rye Miles #13621. ;)


One of these Nights

Girls Night Out


Edited by Father Kit Cool Gun Garth
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From the last update, here is the chain of songs from page 19 through page 21.
The key words used to match the next song title appear in RED.


Time for me to (Learn(ing) to) Fly (the Game(s)) without frontiers : Head (play (the) Game(s) of (Love) : crazy little thing called (Love(s) hurts Theme from a summers Place in this World gone Crazy : (broken) (mad) (top of the) World without Tears in Heaven is a place on Earth wrong side of Heaven can Wait a Minute by Minute (harder than (Hard)) habit to break (to (Say) I'm (Sorry)) you'll be mine (seems to be the hardest Word) : (Lost) for Words (without your (Love)) in the Dark(ness) on the edge of (small)Town saturday Night (Cat('s) scratch) Fever in the Cradle of Love on the Rock(s) n Roll party in the Street : Wild in the Street(s) : Wildwood Flower : where have all the Flowers Gone, Gone, (Already) Gone (a) Country boy can (I Will) Survive (always Love you) : burning (Love) Stinks (me like you (Do) you want to know a Secret agent (enter sand)Man of constant Sorrow in the wind : (Harvest)er of Sorrow Moonland the Land of make believe : (Land)slide of 1000 (Dance)s hall (Days) like These (of wine and Roses) : (Kiss) from a Rose (me deadly) (on (My) list) Sweet lord home Alabama (Song) on the radio : immigration (your) Song of the South(ern) Cross-Eyed (the wind cries) Mary, (Hello,) Mary-lou) (again) (goodbye) (I Love you) : I will always (Love) you (is a many (Splendor)ed thing) (in the Grass) : and the Grass won't pay no Mind Games People (Play)
(that funky music) something Country Girl(s) (shake it for me) : (Girls, Girls) : west end Girls : the Girl from ipe(Nema) Me and the devil (the) Blues man) : Blue suede shoes : courtesy of the red, white and Blue

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Trivia: What musical?

Edited by Canton Chris
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