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If the Preacher said this on Sunday morning, how would you react?

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Spoken by the pastor of the church I attend in his sermon...

The peace that the Lord gives us, gives us a safety that transcends anything that we may think of that will protect us in this world.  You may lay in peace at night, secure in the knowledge that the military might of our nation will keep foreign invaders from violating our land.  You may go to bed without fear knowing that criminals are kept at bay by a vigilant local police force.  You may rest assured that if all else fails, you can pull a pistol out of your nightstand and defend yourself in a worst case scenario.  But all of that is temporary.  A surprise invasion may occur.  A crime wave may wash over your community.  You might be a bad shot.  (At this point, the congregation laughed.)  But the peace that comes from the Prince of Peace, and the Safety that he provides transcends all of that.


Anyway, I was just wondering what some fellow shooting pards think of this.  

Oh, by the way, the preacher in question is me.   :)

I'll be glad to send a link to anyone who wants to hear more of the entire service.

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I will admit that I clicked on the thread out of curiosity. Having said that, while not of the faith, knowing what I know of the Christian religion in its various forms and denominations, I would take your words as I believe they were intended, to give hope and comfort for the life beyond this mortal sphere. Those who might find discomfort or offense in them are those same who look to find offense at everything in this day and age.

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This ^^^^^^^
Sometimes speaking facts can make others uncomfortable. Truths can be frightening. That doesn’t mean we should not discuss them. 
Taken in the context you intended (or any other) sounds like a grounded sermon. Well done. 

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Gateway Kid

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Well said.

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I often have to remind people that a lot of what Christians are promised regarding peace etc is related to eternity.  Knowing how it ends brings peace.  We can get into a bit of the health and wealth gospel real easy.  Pray for it and you get it...NOT.  Reminder that the Apostles generally had rough lives and deaths.


Why do bad things happen to me?  Because this ain't heaven stupid.


I'm wondering why the prodigal son was given his inheritance when dad must have known he was not ready and he was going to blow it.  But I guess that it is just a parable and the subject wasn't dad's decision to start :-)

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As a minister , I’ve said similar.  I know full well from experience as a soldier and police officer that if my house was surrounded by a regiment of awake and armed soldiers and I had a machine gun and was awake , it only matter if God is there to protect and if God is there to protect, I don’t need any of that.  

I also know that God gives peace no matter how many stand against you.  King Saul was chasing future king David and God put Saul in a deep sleep and David was in a position to kill him but only took his spear and bolster from beside him knowing God would make him king later.  God keeps His promises.

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my immediate thoughts were our soldiers are being shot at and not allowed to respond , our police are under assault everywhere crime is rampant and i thank them for continuing to do their job in these uncivil times , and we are being invaded on our southern boarder as our government does nothing , ill hope my aim is good because the home invasion is inevitable , my words to the man at the pulpit would be i pray for all this to go away 

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