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  1. We must be in the minority if we now have a name besides 'Man'
  2. I often have to remind people that a lot of what Christians are promised regarding peace etc is related to eternity. Knowing how it ends brings peace. We can get into a bit of the health and wealth gospel real easy. Pray for it and you get it...NOT. Reminder that the Apostles generally had rough lives and deaths. Why do bad things happen to me? Because this ain't heaven stupid. I'm wondering why the prodigal son was given his inheritance when dad must have known he was not ready and he was going to blow it. But I guess that it is just a parable and the subject wasn't dad's decision to start :-)
  3. Now that is a good idea if MD can be conned into N VA. Give them DC at the tame time so they can quit trying to get two more D Senators for a city. It always seems to me that nobody wanted that area of MD anyway so MD got stuck with it. It should be WV or VA.
  4. I had a liberal democrat economics professor in 1983 that said 'no worry about the debt as long as it is only a certain percentage of GDP'. I asked 'what percentage is a problem doctor?'. No answer. Look at how the National Debt to GDP ratio has grown since 1983... He was right, national debt to GDP is similar to the personal income to debt ratio. If you make a lot of $ you can afford more debt.. We need to keep interest rates low to stimulate the economy and keep the interest on the debt manageable. The Fed is in a bad position trying to reduce inflation by raising interest rates. We have been lucky that the dollar is the reserve currency. Oil is priced in dollars etc. We are screwing this up and you will see the move away from the dollar over the next 10 years. But the people we elect buy votes with our $...and our children will pay.
  5. New strategy, Biden did the same nationally. It is all spin for more gun control and violations of the 2A. But the sheep are fooled. It never has anything to do with the root cause...unless you know of a gun that loaded itself and went after someone
  6. Bet they all take $ from Blumberg too. VA Dems were nuts during the COVID Era as they had both houses and the governorship. At least now the Governor is the other party...for now. VA is a blue state.
  7. Chelate properly? Make sure you do your own research. Don't trust the doctors that want to chelate you without asking some questions. You might read about Andy Cutler and his protocol for mercury, lead etc. IV chelation is more aggressive as I understand and well you know what they call the guy that finished last in his Med School class? Doctor
  8. The NFA limit is 50 CAL. I don't know the details. There are larger muzzle loaders ... 54 Cal.
  9. Maybe he and the NJ Congressman can share a country club cell. They have caught that guy with serialized gold and they know where it was previously....
  10. My $ goes to the Second Amendment Foundation. Not that the NRA doesn't serve a purpose but until Wayne is gone.... The NRA makes a nice punching bag while 4-5 smaller groups are winning the battle behind the scenes. I think one of the Pro Gun Youtubers was right when he said that the biassed NY AG will do us a favor getting rid of Wayne
  11. Is she for 'common sense' Budget Spending Immigration Policing Punishment insider Information laws for politicians ??? Common Sense Limitations of a right? Yea, you can't yell fire in a crowded theater, nor can you open fire..... But you can take your mouth into a crowded theater....
  12. So a 50 Cal needs disclosed but it isn't actually the size as a 12 gauge slug is bigger. It must be some secret combination of power and accuracy? The opposite of the one they use for the 223 :-) If we barrel the same gun in a slightly smaller 'equivalent' say 12 mm it is OK? The games people play....
  13. I don't like the portal (free agency) nor do I like the 'pay for image' scam and lastly I hate the 'Opt Outs' by the stars that hope to go pro. They will play if they have a chance at the National Championship but not if it is a lower tier bowl. Maybe they will stop playing in a playoff game if they get too far behind. They travel, party, and practice with the team but don't play with their 'mates'. TEAM? I watch less and less college football. And don't get me started on the Arab Golf League. As for the punter call, could have been, seemed the punter kept his leg extended and did a dive like a European Soccer Player. Compare it to the late hit out of bounds on the UM QB late in the 4th Quarter. It wasn't called either and was just as big a play. Best if the Zebras stay out of the game if possible IMO.
  14. Lots of leg room for those long legs but she still needs to find the seat adjustment to reach the pedals. With all that head room she could get a much bigger doo. Things just aren't made like that anymore .... unmentionables.
  15. That could be a Clint Eastwood quote. But I will go with PT Barnum modified....there has been a new fool born to replace them.
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