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The THING From Another World


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Actually the 94-page novella that that movie was based on. Free download.




>   Who Goes There? was adapted as the film The Thing from Another World (1951), The Thing (1982), and The Thing (2011). It is about a group of American researchers, isolated in their scientific station in Antarctica towards the end of winter, discover an alien spaceship buried in the ice, where it crashed twenty million years before.<

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:ph34r:  In the original (1951--  the best) version, was the reporter ("Holy cats!  We've found one!  We've found a FLYING SAUCER!")  played by Richard Deacon?

I recall seeing it as a first run at our local theater.  I was 8 at the time.  Left a big impression.....

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16 minutes ago, Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494 said:

played by Richard Deacon?

Douglas Spencer



Aside from being bald and having glasses, I don't see a big resemblance to Richard Deacon




Actually I think he looks more like Peter Sellers as the president in Dr Strangelove




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I liked the 1982 version of The Thing. When that dog's head popped off, I damn near jumped out of my seat.


The 1951 version was okay, but by the time that I was able to appreciate Sci Fi during my "informative years", the special effects of a 1951 movie paled in comparison of any 1965 movie.:rolleyes:

Not only that, but the none of the four tv stations aired it...well maybe channel 44 but it was UHF an always came in fuzzy. First time I saw it was on Dr Paul Bearer's Saturday broadcast.

The 2011 versions isn't worth mentioning...even though I just did.

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1 hour ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


He who hesitates gets the Lime Jello with Grated Carrots Salad.

Only at a Mormon potluck

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