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Racist gift basket practical joke


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Damn Alpo, had tears running down my cheeks. Twice, had to watch it again with Ellie! 

Jeezus that was funny!:D Thanks.

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Just proves that funny is funny!!




Doesn’t matter what color it is!!

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I wondered about both the cornbread recipe and the Kool-Aid.


To my mind, a gift basket has food that you just open and eat. A basket of fruit, or sausage and cheese from the Wisconsin cheese man. Not something you would have to cook. And the Kool-Aid - how many people got a pitcher in their hotel room?


I did not know that black people love grape soda. But if he was making that racist gift basket for Mexicans, there needed to be some strawberry soda in there.

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There's a YouTube video where they asked 100 people if they were racist. All of the white people said they were. All of the non-white people said they were not. Then most of the non-white people said "weeellllll", and explained how other people might think something they did or said was racist. But not all of the non white people. One guy explained that he could not be racist because he was not white, and only white people were racist. Now I've heard many white people say that sarcastically, but this is the first time I've ever heard of black person say that seriously.


Some of them said they were prejudiced, but not racist.


It amazes me that people - so many people - don't know what racist means. If you say that black guys have bigger schwanzstuchas than white guys, that's racist. If you say orientals are better at math than white people, that's racist. If you say white guys can't jump, that's racist. If you make any statement - good or bad - based on the race of the person you're talking about, that's racist.

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