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  1. Some people shouldn’t reproduce Gringo
  2. Great lookin hat but you forgot the scotch LOL Gringo
  3. I agree with you, Doc. After a long day at the office the thread and a scotch really puts the world into the right perspective. It makes me happy I’m me and not someone else LOL Gringo
  4. DW, just call MVA. They will answer that question easily. Gringo
  5. I’ve got no issue with wearing badges except when I’ve : A. Left it at the hotel B. Lost it in the hotel parking lot. Still trying to figure out how that happened C. Blaming all of the above on Abe The Crippler and the scotch Gringo
  6. I’m still cleaning the coffee off my iPad
  7. Hi Kit, John Boy was my long range mentor. CPA and pedersoli are good for sass long range. Quality sights are important. Expect to spend a good chunk on MVA or equivalent sights. It’s definitely worth it. Sharps vs high/low walls- use what you like. I use a Shiloh Sharps. Caliber- I prefer the 45/70. Easy to load in BP or smokeless and components are easier to find. The heavy 500+ grain heads won’t move around in the wind at longer distances like some of the lighter stuff. Loading- the commercial stuff will have you eating cat food. Commercial heads with either BP or smokeless that you will load will get you wins in sass. If you also shoot BPCR then you will have to cast your own heads to have a shot at the top spots. remember that you will have to experiment with different loads and heads to find what your rifle prefers. best of luck, gringo
  8. Good choice! That’s what I use as well. Gringo
  9. Very nicely done, OTJ. Kid was a very nice gentleman who would come up to New Jersey to shoot with us at Purgatory in the Pines and whenever he happened to be in our neck of the woods. Due to Covid I haven’t seen him in a couple of years. I always enjoyed being on the same posse. Rest In Peace my friend and my prayers go out to his family Gringo
  10. Pee Wee all of the info above is correct. I prefer a 525 money bullet but what you have should work as well. Key is repeatability. Always use the same brass, primer and powder. I cast to .5 grains deviation everything else goes back in the pot. Make sure you have high quality sights as they will make a world of difference. Gringo
  11. Hi Cholla, 10 is a good choice for black targets at that range. That’s what I use for bptr competitions. If you end up shooting at funky colored targets on poor backgrounds then you will probably need to switch out. Gringo
  12. Filet Mignon- check Expensive scotch- check all your pards are at the rental house- check everything else is just a bonus gringo
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