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  1. It really depends on the game you play. I shoot BP so I have to reload. When I shoot 3 gun I use store bought ammo. When shooting BPCR I cast and reload since the level of accuracy supersedes the quality of store bought ammo or even bullets. It’s foolish for anyone to make a blanket statement regarding the need to reload. Gringo
  2. Jakeleg, check with D bar J Hats. Dave is great to work with. Just received my second hat and it’s outstanding. Gringo
  3. SPS, I did the work with a hand drill and a vise. If you have a steady hand and take your time it’s quite easy. I believe Utah Bob had step by step instructions on how to do it. Best of luck Gringo
  4. Many ways to skin this cat. The key is to eliminate deviation. I weigh every charge, drop it down the tube, compress then seat the bullet. Go with the method that yields the best results. Have fun; BPCR is a blast. Gringo
  5. Prayers up for a great pard. Shot with him many times over the years. Always enjoyed shooting the breeze with him. See ya down the trail someday, Gringo
  6. I don’t agree with his correlation. Friends of mine will put a box or so of ammo down range every so often. Those of us that compete 3 plus times a month put a lot more wear and tear on our equipment. The work we put into our equipment makes them smoother, more pleasant to shoot and much more reliable. Speed comes via practice. As for stages, that’s up to the writers who’s goal it is to create an enjoyable experience for the bulk of the participants. If you want to use stock firearms then knock yourself out, no ones gonna stop you. If you don’t like stages then step up and join the rest o
  7. How’s it going, I’ve been very happy with ease of loading and performance of wonder lube wads in all temps. Powder,wad then ball. Never an issue. Gringo
  8. 2013 NJ Frontiersman Champion

    2014 NJ Frontiersman Champion

    2016 NJ FCG Champion

    2017 NRA BPTR MidRange Atlantic Region Champion

    2018 NRA BPTR MidRange Atlantic Region Champion

    2018 NJ FCG Champion

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