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  1. How’s it going, I’ve been very happy with ease of loading and performance of wonder lube wads in all temps. Powder,wad then ball. Never an issue. Gringo
  2. Howdy JHP, depends on what you’re shooting. Most sass long range side matches are out to about 300 yards so you will be fine. If you’re shooting bpcr then you might be at a disadvantage at longer ranges. My sharps has a 32 inch barrel. Enjoy your Sharps Gringo
  3. Wow, three pages of discussion. The money aspect is irrelevant. Every sport/hobby has costs depending upon how much you wish to spend. I agree completely with Creeker. Over the years I have watched shooters struggle with equipment and ammo not suited to the game or of poor quality. When these issues impact a shooter you do not see them leaving the line with a smile, especially if the issues occur on multiple stages. Being that we’re a friendly lot we try to provide the shooter with helpful tips. I have been fortunate enough to have received guidance from some very good shooters that have
  4. 2013 NJ Frontiersman Champion

    2014 NJ Frontiersman Champion

    2016 NJ FCG Champion

    2017 NRA BPTR MidRange Atlantic Region Champion

    2018 NRA BPTR MidRange Atlantic Region Champion

    2018 NJ FCG Champion

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