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  1. Howdy GD, I shoot in Jackson NJ. You’re not to far from us. Check the Jackson Hole Gang web site. Our territorial governor is Jesemy Kid and he holds a shooters clinic on certain Saturdays. We average 60 or so shooters at the monthly matches and always have a blast. Look us up. Gringo
  2. It’s happened, pulled my 1851s and the caps went bang but apparently powder and balls were doing something else at the time. Gringo
  3. This will be my third year running side matches at Purgatory. I try to add new ideas each year. This year we’ll have speed 1911 added in at the same bay as speed pistol. The Hickok Tutt duel was well attended last year. Hopefully I will have something new for long range as well. Our scoring is done on a pad in each bay. Only the fastest score is listed. If beaten the score is crossed out and new score is added below. We try to keep it simple. Gringo
  4. We have unlimited runs at Purgatory, the NJ state championship. I run the side matches and people enjoy the competition as well as the social aspect. Gringo
  5. Hi LV, I prefer quick and easy. I shoot 44/40 so there is very little to no blow back. I use baby wipes. Tear them to size and run them down the barrels. Usually 3 pieces per barrel, then a dry patch followed by a patch lubed with bore butter. I do the same with the cylinders. Clean out the innards of the rifle once a year. Basically I can clean my firearms anywhere I need to due to the fact that hot water is not needed. Hope this helps Gringo
  6. AA, couple of years ago the tuned mainspring on my 66 wouldn’t reliably set off federal primers. After much wasted time tweaking the mainspring I installed the pioneer. For the past 3 or so years there has been zero light primer hits. Does it feel any different, no. The reliability fact was what I was searching for. YMMV Gringo
  7. Baby wipes have always worked great and fast as well. Ballistol is a really good lube with black powder. Spray it into the barrels of my shot gun between stages and never had an issue with shucking shells. A quick blast on the carrier for the lever gun. Gringo
  8. Illegal aliens? Couldn’t help myself LOL Gringo
  9. Looks good to me, MJM. I’ve used that in the past. Gringo
  10. Well, like several others I shoot a mix. 2f goex in my shotgun and app in my rifle and pistols. I use 1.5 Swiss in bptr. I like how app meters in my progressive and clean up is easy. I use 3f goex when I shoot my cap guns. Shoot what you like as life is too short to bicker about it. Gringo
  11. Howdy, The Jackson Hole Gang will be hosting our 2nd Annual BP Championship match. 5 stages Saturday 4/27 and 5 Sunday 4/28. The match has a fair amount of horizontal and down range movement as well as a few “retro” stages thrown into the mix. Cemetery and I are putting the stages together. We’ll be looking forward to seeing our fellow soot lords and ladies. http://www.jacksonholegang.com/ Gringo
  12. LM, you’ll decrease your stage times more working on transitions. The fraction of a second you might save playing with powder charges may not help all that much. Ymmv Gringo
  13. Apparently I have problems, that looks like my new ammo Merry Christmas Gringo
  14. I appreciate all of you even though we all know smokeless is just a passing fad LOL Merry Christmas Gringo
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