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  1. I know a doctor who keeps all his firearms in his office. Swears his office building is much more secure than his home. Gringo
  2. I found the warnings about cultural depictions to be fascinating Gringo
  3. I used to hit batters on purpose as a kid. I owned the inside of the plate. Does it make me a bad person or just competitive? That was a long time ago and that was what we were taught. I never gave it much thought. Gringo
  4. Ah, nothing says get together better than trailer park filet mignon. Now where did the Colt 45 go? Gringo
  5. Now what am I to do? I have one of those fully automatic assault lighters for my cigars. I may have to go underground Gringo
  6. I forgot what this thread was about. Peach vs blueberry cobbler, right? Gringo
  7. Great to hear from you, I’m still in NJ
  8. Hey Brushcreek, welcome to the fun. Of all the shooting sports I’ve participated in cowboy action competitors are the friendliest group. Thirteen of us have rented a “country manor” for the NY state championship, Helava Rukus. Nothing beats shooting with good pards plus nights of steak, scotch and cigars. Gringo
  9. I hear ya, Kid. I’m only renting this house as I’m going to be searching for a new home to purchase this year. I despise moving but I’ll be doing it all over again in 9 months. We weren’t familiar with the area so I wanted time to check neighborhoods and wait till the housing market collapses a little. Gringo
  10. Just finished moving the entire family. The funny part is the only item to get damaged was my Pro 2000 press from RCBS. The stop plate now looks like a fortune cookie. When I found the box it was upside down which I figured would not be a good thing for the press. Good news is the new parts are on the way and covered by their warranty. Great customer service from RCBS. Gringo
  11. Snuffy, I have the JP in 9mm with a Holosun red dot. Small with great balance. It’s a joy to shoot. Gringo
  12. Red, Washing of the Spears was an excellent account of the time period. Felt it was well written. Gringo
  13. As with everyone else, I have used both in this game and never experienced any difference in performance. Gringo
  14. The spurs stay on as RS stated they help in removal of the boot. The bigger question is buckle to the inside or outside. I was told the buckle should be to the outside as the horse would prefer it that way. Gringo
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