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  1. Dusty, everyone has provided really good info. Here is what I’ve learned. Start at 50 yds and get on paper. You can easily go to 100 yds then adjust. 100 to 200 is relatively easy to adjust to. Once you get to 300 then you can perform load testing. If your loads are accurate at 300 then they will usually perform well at greater distances. The most import thing is to have a good spotter with good quality optics. When I started shooting bptr John Boy was my spotter and mentor. You can’t ask for a better teacher. Gringo
  2. Sorry but I believe annealing brass is a waste of time. I’d rather be shooting or reloading. Ymmv Gringo
  3. When getting started in bptr I recommend the 45/70. Since you’re using BP the recoil is more of a push. Match rules are 10 shots plus 0-4 sighters at each range. The regional championship is 20 at each range. To be honest I’ve never felt the recoil of the 45/70 until the next day. Lots of experimentation will be required to get competitive at all the distances hence why I would go with the 45/70 due to the amount of data available as well as components. You’ll more than likely end up casting your own. Your quality control will exceed any of the manufactured bullets. Gringo
  4. Hi Abilene besides sass, I also shoot bptr. I shoot the mid range match in the prone category. Distances are 200, 300 and 600 yds. It’s very competitive and the people are a lot of fun to shoot with. Like sass, I’ve found that the other shooters are very helpful. The rules are on the NRA website. Hope you end up enjoying it as much as I do Gringo
  5. Well, I’m busy working. The virus cleanup will keep me busy for a few months. Hopefully all of you stay safe and healthy. Gringo
  6. Can we stop the madness and finger pointing for a minute. The firm I own remediates structures. I have met with seven health department directors to discuss the current situation. There is not a lot of info due to the fact that the scientific investigation is ongoing. In the google world we live in everyone thinks all problems can be answered in seconds. This is not reality. Right now I have three products believed to be effective due to the fact that they kill viruses in the same family. That being said, the elderly, infants and people with suppressed immune systems or other pre-existing conditions should be cautious. The guidance I’m seeing at the moment is eat right, hydrate, exercise, sleep, don’t touch eyes nose or mouth, wash your hands as much as possible. Back on topic, I would do away with spotting sticks, don’t crowd one another at the tables, cough into your arm, after set up and take down wash your hands, TOs should use a sanitizer after handling the timer and don’t touch your face. Gringo
  7. Ohhh nooo not another gender reveal party
  8. Well Ringer, its a little different here in the north east. Our posse heads over to work with our hot yoga instructor for 45 minutes then a quick cleanse at the juice bar. Ymmv gringo
  9. DMJ, lumpy told me about the celestron scope line. Really good quality without the big price tag. Been using mine for shooting BPTR out to 600 yards. Gringo
  10. 2013 NJ Frontiersman Champion

    2014 NJ Frontiersman Champion

    2016 NJ FCG Champion

    2017 NRA BPTR MidRange Atlantic Region Champion

    2018 NRA BPTR MidRange Atlantic Region Champion

    2018 NJ FCG Champion

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