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  1. Ron, just from my experience, don’t crimp. I don’t like having the case affect bullet flight. Star line cases will have slightly less case volume compared to Winchester cases. As for fouling control, the two methods most used by competitors is 1. Wet swab between each shot or using a blow tube between each shot. For nra matches that’s fine since you have 30 minutes to make your 10-14 shots. In a sass side match it’s more speed based. I can fire 5+ shots with no fouling control and have not seen any accuracy issues. The difference is it’s sass targets vs x ring in nra matches. Ymmv Gringo
  2. Howdy, the bullet heads you’ve selected are good for 200 yards and 300 if the wind isn’t bad. I prefer a 525 grain money bullet, spg lube, 62 grains of Swiss 1.5 and Winchester cases. I load powder by weight not volume as the load data I strive for is very specific. I use a drop tube and custom compression die to fit the powder and achieve the results I’m looking for. There is a lot of trial and error that goes into accurate loads. Every rifle will like different combos. Enjoy the fun Gringo
  3. Howdy Croc, don’t shoot your eye out. Lol, have fun and hit the targets Gringo
  4. Hey John Boy, you gave me a good laugh this morning! hope you’re feeling better and that you’ll be able to attend Purgatory in October see ya soon Gringo
  5. Buckshot, buy what you like. Both are great but I prefer the look of shotgun chaps. I bought the light weight leather, only good for cowboy action not riding. The leather is so light that I don’t even realize I’m wearing them. They easy to get on and off with the metal clips. YMMV Gringo
  6. Dang, I thought we’d be discussing gin vs vodka. Gringo
  7. Well, as Creeker stated this is very subjective. At the end of the day every one of us is responsible for their own happiness. That being said, I enjoy a mix of target distances as in some matches are up close and some further back. I enjoy movement and the ability to shoot a flexible stage design. At the end of the day if I wasn’t entertained I would move on. The past 10 years have been a blast and the pards I’ve met have made this game a part of my life. One month till Hellava Ruckus! Gringo
  8. Hey OLG, looks good. My rcbs has gotten quite discolored from powder and I empty it after each session thx for the info Gringo
  9. It feels like winter. I’m going to check for snowfall. See ya all in the spring Gringo
  10. Good morning, 45/70 is the perfect starter round for shooting longer ranges. That being said it will perform very well out to 1000 yards. You will get much more out of the round loading real BP versus smokeless. With BP you will not have to use a blow tube or clean between shots when doing cowboy long range 5 round speed side matches. Around my area most long range side matches are 5 shot sprints at 200 or 300 yards. If you have other questions feel free to pm me. Gringo
  11. Short answer, No. all of the ranges I shoot at have the loading and unloading tables set back from the firing line. There’s a lot of activity at and close to the line, shooter, to, spotters, brass pickers. If you’re pointing a firearm at the targets you’re sweeping many people. Again, don’t do it! Gringo
  12. For my 36s I use 375 round balls. Leaves a nice shave ring. I load powder, wonder lube wad then ball. No failure to fire or chain fires. Knock on wood cap and ball is a lot of fun, enjoy it Gringo
  13. Baby wipes on BP and subs. Don’t need water and don’t have the time to mix up some bizarre concoction. I can clean everything at the range or campsite without needing water. Easy and super fast. This leaves me more time to drink scotch with my heathen smokeless shooting pards. As always, do what makes you happy Gringo
  14. Hi Bisley I shoot a 51 and 61 navy. Whether you go pietta or uberti you or a smith will need to perform work on them to make them function proficiently. Adding the Manhattan conversion or a cap rake will make your life a lot easier. Conicals are a waste of money as round balls hit our targets just fine. But it what do I know, I’m from god damn New Jersey Ymmv Gringo
  15. Yep, mine doesn’t get in the way at all. I’ll have to check my 66 too Gringo
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