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  1. Matamoros is a really good club. Fun stages and a great group of people. Reach out to Zig or hammering steel. Gringo
  2. Sorry that you feel that way. I don’t have time to go through every score sheet searching for the best score and then figure out the tie breaker by time. Especially doing this for every side match at the end of the day. There is also to much margin for error due to the clarity of hand writing, etc. If your feelings get hurt because your score wasn’t written then I don’t know what to tell you. Gringo
  3. At Purgatory in the Pines in NJ we break out speed pistol and shotgun, we have mini matches for cowboy and wild bunch, cowboy clays gets a lot of traction, speed rifle, speed derringer and then we have long range which has become its own 4 hour animal. We do a 300 yard big bore with 10 rounds, 300 yd quigley bucket, 200 yard big bore lever rifle, 200 yd revolver/1911, your standard long range pistol caliber rifle and pistol plus Hickok Tutt duel. We sort have taken the entire 300 yd range for our fun and games as well as multiple berms and the trap field. Hopefully we can come up with a few
  4. Well this topic has killed my view of retirement. I’ll stick to being young. thx guys Gringo
  5. Oh, I thought this was in regards to whip em out Wednesdays my bad Gringo
  6. It really depends on the game you play. I shoot BP so I have to reload. When I shoot 3 gun I use store bought ammo. When shooting BPCR I cast and reload since the level of accuracy supersedes the quality of store bought ammo or even bullets. It’s foolish for anyone to make a blanket statement regarding the need to reload. Gringo
  7. Jakeleg, check with D bar J Hats. Dave is great to work with. Just received my second hat and it’s outstanding. Gringo
  8. SPS, I did the work with a hand drill and a vise. If you have a steady hand and take your time it’s quite easy. I believe Utah Bob had step by step instructions on how to do it. Best of luck Gringo
  9. 2013 NJ Frontiersman Champion

    2014 NJ Frontiersman Champion

    2016 NJ FCG Champion

    2017 NRA BPTR MidRange Atlantic Region Champion

    2018 NRA BPTR MidRange Atlantic Region Champion

    2018 NJ FCG Champion

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