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Did you adopt?

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3 hours ago, Dawg Hair, SASS #29557 said:

Mine adopted me.............and owns me!  And, without really much effort has trained me very well.  :)


Pretty much how ours happened. Went to an adoption event at a local rescue and met Kosher. He made sure we weren't leaving without him.

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My Chihuahua, Min-Pin mix pretty much runs things around here.  Once in awhile I have to countermand one of her decisions, for her own good or my peace of mind, but not often.


She scares me half to death sometimes because she's so friendly.  Took me a year to convince her that eagles, hawks, owls and the like don't want to play with her, and that feral cats and the one bobcat who lived here when we moved in aren't looking for a friend.

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Got our Sammy the beagle mix the day before she was to be put to sleep. Lost her last year at 15. Our Maggie the beagle was the last dog left at a vet school. Old girl was to be put down. we only had her three years but she ended her days chasing critters! Our Shay was brought to the firehouse bleeding when my son was on shift. Dang kid brought her home. Turns out she is a beagle/Jack Russel mix and was being puppy milled. Lived in a cage. She must be 8 or 9 now. Never saw a happier dog. SQUIRREL!!!!

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