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  1. I've been practicing trying to switch from two handed to gunfighter but after today's practice session I've come to the realization my arthritis just isn't going to let me do it. I had wanted to switch from a SxS to a '97 but my shoulder won't let me run that slide forward like I need to. So reality says it's a SxS and two handed for me. As Dirty Harry said, "A man's got to know his limitations." I guess the aging process catches all of us eventually and we have to play the hand we get delt and be grateful we can still play the game we all love.
  2. Just finished slicking up my pair of new model Vaquero's. After deburring the insides and some light stoning/polishing on contacting surfaces (left the sear alone) we put in a Wolff 15# hammer spring and a Wolff 40 oz trigger spring. (The reset with the 30 oz felt slightly mushy to me.) Am very pleased with the improvement! We tested both my reloads with Federal primers and my pard's with CCI's. No misfires with either brand, but I won't recommend CCI's for any modified revolver..
  3. There are any number of good reproduction mare's legs available, no need to risk running afoul of the ATF by creating your own.
  4. $2.40-$2.60 here in Indiana BUT they threw a nice new "wheel tax" on our plates! Guess they're gonna gouge ya one place or another!
  5. While we had mine apart I was amazed at the wear in the forend from the cocking levers in only a year. My smith polished the ends of the levers to lessen them digging into the cap, then we applied white lithium grease to them to help with wear. This actually made a very noticeable difference in the force required for cocking.
  6. The spring he points to and shortens in that video is NOT the cocking spring. It is the top lever spring and it only effects the pressure it takes to move the lever to unlock the gun and keeps the gun locked when it fires. Do not shorten it unless you completely understand what locks up a side by side. Removing the auto safety feature will reduce the opening force needed. If the lever takes too much effort to move buy a lightened spring from Longhunter for $5. I followed this exact video and shortened my spring. Less than one season later my Stoeger was opening up and misfiring after the first barrel because my cut spring was not keeping the locking slide forward under recoil. It took a professional gunsmith to fix my damage. Unless you know what you're doing send your gun to a pro.
  7. I didn't consider it trivial either. Used a vertical mill, indicated the ball dead center plus or minus .002 and controlled depth to plus or minus .005 on all I've built. I found the dowel out of round enough that I get a nice tight fit without glue, but the dowel will still be replaceable. I went with 5/16 since I use a .357 Uberti for a main match rifle, but I did try it on both my .45LC and .44Mag Marlins and it worked good. I agree though that 7/16 dowel would be better, probably would go up to a 1" ball too. It carries nice in a belt loop so I skipped the lanyard.
  8. 3/4" wood balls, bag of 6 = $1.99 at Hobby Lobby 5/16 by 3' hardwood dowel = .69 at Hobby Lobby About 10 minutes with a 5/16 drill and a fine tooth hobby saw.
  9. Makes me remember my first ever cup of coffee years ago. My Dad's WWII Navy "mid watch" coffee. If that didn't wake ya up in the morning, nothing would!
  10. I enjoyed what I did at my job, but as I got closer to being able to retire company politics took that enjoyment away. The last several years were a struggle to put up with the bull. Retired as soon as the money guy said I could and have never regretted it! You're not wishing your life away by looking forward to retirement, it's the reward for all those years we've worked. When it comes, enjoy it!
  11. Ya just gotta love the way MSN uses the word "ammunition" to describe 6mm PLASTIC airsoft pellets. Also ironic that China floods the US market with cheap air soft guns yet makes them illegal in their own country. Must be where the Democrats get their idea of ethics.
  12. Doc X

    Stuck shells

    Winchester white box steel base shells will stick in my Stoeger almost every time while the brass based AA's shuck out just fine. I now avoid any hulls that aren't brass based.
  13. Ya know Slim, I'm thinking a leftie might find that bolt handle slapping back and forth a bit of a distraction.
  14. Need to change that one of these days ……..
  15. I just had to go check on my M1A and make sure it was safe! Just because you Can do something doesn't mean you SHOULD do something.
  16. The pistons will be an aluminum alloy, pretty soft stuff. Drill through from the back into the meat of the piston skirts and use self-tapping metal screws. El-chepo wrenches are sometimes aluminum too. Use the same method just be careful not to drill through. Glue for the plaque.
  17. How can they begin to teach critical thinking when they can't even decide which bathroom to use?
  18. Just got mine loose too following the same process! New screws coming as well, thanks for the advise and help.
  19. I have a new Uberti 1873 and one of my spring screws was stuck right out of the box. I've broken two hollow ground screw drivers trying to get it out with no luck. Your best bet is to find a real good gunsmith/machinist and let them get it out and replace it. Badly stuck gun screws take special skills so as not to damage the rifle.
  20. Welcome to the best game in town Krijger! I agree with Widder, start with .38/.357, but before you spend your money head out to a local club or two and see what folks are shooting. You'll get a chance to try various brands I'm sure.
  21. Doc X

    PGW Rifle

    I shoot a box stock Uberti Competition '73 and it is capable of running way faster than I can run it. PGW can only make it better.
  22. A buddy I'm trying to get into the sport just picked up a blued one last week. His dealer said that the color case hardened ones were sold out but blued were available. I'm not sure who his dealer's distributor is.
  23. Everybody at Paradise Pass has been great since I started Cowboy Action Shooting one year ago this month. Short Term, Flush Draw and all the gang are the best. But I have to give a shout out to the poor guy they saddled with me for my first match, Michigan Slim! Slim is really good with shooters new to the game and gets everyone off to a solid start. Thanks Slim!
  24. Great job to Little Red and Cannon! Had the pleasure of shooting on Little Red's posse, if you weren't told you'd have never know it was her first try at it.
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