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  1. So am I for a very personal reason! My Dad's ship already had it's orders for the second invasion of the Japanese mainland. They contained no provisions for any of the LCI(g)'s to rearm for a second run after expending their rockets, 40mm and 20mm ammunition on the beach. None were expected to survive the initial wave.
  2. Sixgun reminded me of another one, About 5 or 6 years after the snow storm above, I was working 3rd shift and the wife worked days. She would drop our young son off at daycare so I could sleep until she got off work. One morning on her way to day care our son pulled his feet up and said, "Mommy, something just ran over my shoe!" The wife reassured him it was only a leaf and continued on to day care. Later on the way to work a field mouse popped up out of the defroster duct and sat staring at her. Somehow she got to work in one piece. When I walked in the house the phone was ringing (no ce
  3. Shortly after we got married I had a short bed F-150 4x4. We were headed to town to get some plastic to cover windows with during a really bad snow and ice storm. Turning on to a well used county road I found myself behind a small rear wheel drive car. It was sliding all over the road in front of me and really making my wife nervous. After a few miles she finally exclaimed, "I wish that car would stop, pull over, go in the ditch or do something!" No sooner had she uttered the last word then that car did a series of 360's and slid across the road and in a cloud of snow out into an empty field.
  4. Shot with a fellow that had his launch down range while he was shooting a stage. Double check the mag follower is locked in fully.
  5. As long as the pilot remembers to get the tail up quickly on the take off run and keep it up on landing as speed bleeds off. Tail down the DC-3's design blocks most of the airflow to the rudder making directional control difficult. There have been a couple of accidents with inexperienced newer pilots recently because of this.
  6. Thanks, this is my first EOT.
  7. I just picked up my shooter's book yesterday. The schedule shows the Cowboy Swap Meet and Social Hour is scheduled for 4:00pm on the 23th in the Festival Corral. No mention of sign up or charge. If C.C. Top sees this maybe he'll chime in.
  8. Don't hunt them, but have one that comes visiting every other day or so.
  9. Excellent information! Being a 64 year old type II diabetic I've found I have to watch my liquid intake very carefully at summer matches.
  10. Very common problem, there are videos out there advising people to cut the top lever spring to lighten opening effort. DON'T DO IT! If you want lighter opening pressure send Long Hunter $5.00 for their lighter, but still full length spring. Shortening that spring takes pressure off the wedge that keeps the gun locked.
  11. The Swoose is now in Dayton, Ohio at the Air Force Museum for restoration.
  12. I picked up the Wolff kit with with 3 different hammer springs when I went through my new model Vaqueros (Sass set). It came with a 14, 15 and 16 pound hammer strut springs, stock on a NM Vaquero is 17#. I also got both their 30 and 40 ounce trigger spring. After deburring and polishing the internals my smith and I tried all combinations of springs using reloads with CCI primers for testing. I settled with the 14 pound hammer springs and 40 ounce trigger spring. The 14 pound spring pops CCI's every time even though I use Federal in my hand loads. To me the 30 ounce spring gave me a soft feelin
  13. I've used TiteGroup at 3.2 grains with a 125 grain TCFP and Federal Primers for several years now. Very consistent load and works well in both rifle and pistol.
  14. Be real careful cutting that spring. Don't know about this brand but a Stoeger can become a wall hanger real quick if you cut it too much. Look for a lighter spring the stock length rather than shortening a stiff one.
  15. I just sold a few boxes of excess to me 45 Colt ammo that I purchased several years ago to a new pard getting into the game for exactly what I paid for it back then. Thinned the herd a bit on a pair of pistols and a rifle as well, also at normal prices. I will neither support or participate in jacking up prices. Each individual has to decide for themselves where they stand on this issue. This is my stance, yours is your choice.
  16. The county I live in just officially announced it is now a 2A sanctuary county and our Sheriff signed a proclamation stating the Sheriff's Department would not obey or enforce any new law or order that violates the 2A. The county ordinance specifically mentioned laws concerning weapons, magazines or ammunition legal as of 1-1-21 will remain legal. The trend is moving State wide. I hope Indiana joins the 2A Sates soon.
  17. In Northern Indiana they did years ago. A group lobbied to have interstate 69 re-named to something else because the name I69 offended them. Thank goodness the idea went nowhere.
  18. There used to be a race track at our county fairgrounds, it had been there for years. They had some really good late model and sprint car races there through the summer. The track was right on a lake so when a bunch of doctors bought land across the lake from the track they got it shut down because they didn't like the noise.
  19. When I used to shoot at Second Chance we'd usually take a day or two in the middle of the week and go up to Fisherman's Island State Park just outside Charlevoix and camp on the lake. I was always discrete about having firearms in the vehicle while we were there, it was in Michigan after all. One year while I was still setting up our pop-up camper the wife had to head across the road and use the outhouse. No sooner than the door closed it slammed open again and the wife ran out screaming at the top of her lungs, "GET YOUR GUN! SHOOT IT! SHOOT IT!" I hustled across the road, without .45 auto
  20. The wife and I were traveling through New Mexico in the motorhome back in 2019. We were on a stretch of interstate that consisted of many miles of nothing but miles. Out in the middle of nowhere we saw a road construction site coming up on the other side of the interstate and noticed the universal blue box. Being Sunday there were no workers in sight. As we got close a car in the oncoming lane literally locked up it's brakes and slide to a stop in front of the porta pot. The car door flew open and the driver sprinted for the john and ducked inside. We laughed for miles.
  21. I got the one on my F-150 (4 door cab short bed) through the dealer when I bought the truck so I don't know the brand. It has worked very well over the past 4 years. My only complaint is after an Indiana freezing rain it freezes to the top of the tailgate and is a pain to get open without damaging anything.
  22. She had a face that would make a freight train take a dirt road.
  23. 870 Remington with a Bullpup conversion. Much more compact and easier to move with indoors than a full length 870 and still packs 6 rounds of 12 ga. And nothing says wrong house like the sound of a pump being racked in the dark.
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