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  1. My Dad's LCI(g) had its orders for the invasion of the mainland. The Navy had listed LCI's as "expendable." He said the entire crew cheered when they heard about the bombs.
  2. That's a fact. You just grit your teeth and keep going. But that first time, even though they tell you to expect it to happen, it still takes you by surprise.
  3. The "precordial thump" used to be taught to EMT's. It was going out of use by the time I was first certified in the 1980's. It lingered in use a lot longer on TV. Brutal but true fact is, if you don't break ribs, you aren't doing effective CPR. First time I did it for real the patient sounded like a bowl of Rice Crispy's, scared the heck out of me.
  4. The show Emergency heavily influenced my decision to become a volunteer firefighter and EMT many years ago.
  5. Hmmmmmmmm Combine that launcher with an R/C chassis? Nah! Don't even think about it.
  6. I've used 15# springs in my New Model Vaquero's for 3 years now along with a polished spring strut and deburred and smoothed internals and have had no issues using Federal small pistol primers. As mentioned above lighter springs won't make you faster, but in my case, it sure did make the arthritis in my thumb feel a whole lot better!
  7. Been in the Fake Book cooler so often I got my own cell.
  8. My Mach 1 at an "All Mustang" show that was held at a local airport.
  9. My Dad, a WWII Chief, told me many horror stories of the Navy supply system during the war. He especially liked the character "Crap Game" in Kelly's Heros. He also had a few stories of trading with other Chiefs from the other ships in their flotilla as well as a few "Moonlight Requisitioning" excursions. The Navy listed LCI's as expendable, so they weren't allowed certain items through regular channels. But, as always, where there's a will there's a way.
  10. I've been a model railroader since I was about 8. The hobby has taken me though numerous scales and layouts over the years, but I finally settled on O scale narrow gage. My current layout was started in 2002 and will probably never be done. This is a view of a new roundhouse and turntable I just finished.
  11. Have had State Farm for over 40 years. Will be looking for a new non-woke company in the morning.
  12. I was at a shoot last year and dropped a couple loaded rounds by my cart while I was filling my loading block. I was down on my knees (bad back, can't bend that far) when another shooter walked by. He asked, "Praying Doc?" I quickly answered, "Yeah, praying I can get up!"
  13. I was told the easiest way to tell if you're old is to fall down. If everyone laughs, you aren't old. If everyone comes running to help, you're old.
  14. Looks like you had great weather for your ride, we left Durango in sun and nice temps and it was snowing in Silverton when we got there! The views on that trip are amazing.
  15. And the tsunami pod can be yours today for just $13,500. Uh, pass.
  16. Folks getting bored with Ukraine so we gotta start that again?
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