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  1. If your H&R is safe for smokeless power 1.2 gr of Trail Boss under a 105gr TCFP and in 38 S&W brass is a nice soft shooting load.
  2. My first car was a 73 Pinto with the 2000cc motor and a 4 speed. After header(s), new cam, intake and carb it surprised quite a few 289 Mustangs and 307 Novas and Camaros. I beat the tar out of that thing for 3 years and it took everything I could dish out to it. Ate one throw out bearing while I was learning to drive a clutch and Ford warrantied that!
  3. They're just horsing around.
  4. A shooter on my posse at EOT this year got a SDQ for breaking the vertical 170. He saved a dropped gun, but the muzzle broke the vertical 170 in the process.
  5. The holsters are called "binary."
  6. I use the rig from Colt Faro that P.R is talking about also. While I always use it cross draw it is nice to have when my old left hand twists the gun wrong as I stab it back in the left holster. Since it will go in either direction it doesn't matter and will still safely re-holster.
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