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  1. Do you have to yell "4!" when you light the fuse?
  2. I'm still trying to get down to the 2" of ice that the first storm dropped in my driveway before the next one dumped 10" of snow on top of it. The piles along the drive are 3'- 4' and growing from blowing the drive out.
  3. You might try going to the Paradise Pass Facebook group and asking about the availability of a go-buggy. I know they weren't available at the 2020 Indiana State match due to the covid schedule change screwing things up, but I don't know what Curt has lined up for EOT.
  4. I'm in and got the confirmation email.
  5. Doc X

    Boyds Gunstocks

    I've used a Boyds stocks on one of my M1 Garands and found it fit very well right out of the box. I just had a custom built 22-250 fit into one of their thumb hole stocks and I love it.
  6. Maybe the goofy "Laser" warning labels they want you to put on if you install a laser sight?
  7. The "coat of arms" on the front of the sail identifies it as Russian. By tradition each Russian boat has had it's coat of arms painted there (look at photos of the Kursk being raised). Currently the Russians have changed policy and are painting over these and any numbers on the sail as it makes the individual boats more easily identifiable.
  8. Ever watch a millennial try to count change without the cash register doing it for them? There's your answer.
  9. We used to get Jehovahs Witnesses at our old house all the time until I let "Baroness" answer the door with me one time. I guess 85 pounds of Doberman barking with her jaws snapping at crotch level and only a screen door in between got my message across. Never saw a couple folks move as fast before and no longer got any visitors from that group.
  10. With the red circle in the center of the star in the national insignia I'd say a P-39. Bottom one is a razorback jug for sure.
  11. Dad used to tell me about sitting at night outside the radio shack on his little LCI(g) with the radioman when they weren't on watch. They'd tune a set to the air liaison frequency and listen to the P-61's getting vectored toward an intercept of a Jap night intruder. A few minutes later there'd be a flash in the sky and a streak headed for the water. Then the Black Widow would be ready for the next customer.
  12. Last stimulus I picked up a pocket pistol for side matches and it 's a lot of fun. There's this little Bond Arms I know of that really needs a home ........ maybe?
  13. Since I put it on that little gremlin that was stealing my front sight in the middle of a stage has pretty much stopped doing it. Thinking about a set for the Rugers next.
  14. Uberti 1873 Competition rifle, stock except for a sure hit front sight.
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