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  1. You don't buy any type of RV if you're worried about mileage.
  2. I always used 46.0 gr of 4895 back in my National Match days. Both my Garands liked that load.
  3. Even without Medicare most doctors around here belong to one hospital's medical group or another. The "family" doc never diagnoses anything without sending you to another doc or three within that group. Then after working through his checklist (I'm not joking, I saw the one my doc uses for diabetes patients!) and making sure he's redistributed your wealth through his group you might get treated. Took them close to 5 years to diagnose my wife's hiatal hernia and actually treat it. Of course she lost her gallbladder and had bunches of other tests done before the real problem was found.
  4. 3rds is a weird shift. I found there really is no middle ground, either you can do it or you can't and I tried to be understanding of those that just couldn't adjust (yeah, 9 1/2 of those years I was plant manager). But at a certain age it seemed my body just said enough was enough and I had to go to days.
  5. I just checked, the voices say no.
  6. I worked 3rd's for 18 1/2 years Ain't affected me none
  7. Exactly what Three Foot said. A load designed to move an AMF bowling pin three to four feet straight backward. Takes a big heavy bullet moving slightly under 1000 fps. As a comparison a 1980's factory 9mm would usually just knock a pin over but not move it any distance. The most popular caliber back in the day was the .45acp with a 230gr at about 850fps.
  8. Give it some time. When the rust starts you'll know it's not a newer Ford.
  9. Crud is the enemy in wheel guns. Back in my days of pin shooting with a revolver (model 29 Smith) I bought a bucket of "Dunk It" gun cleaner. It loosened up a chunk that I didn't get blown out and caused the exact problem you had. You haven't lived until you see the cylinder over rotate full of .44 mag pin loads! Somehow I was able to back off the trigger and didn't drop the hammer. Sat down and shook for a while though. Glad you found your problem.
  10. Cracked bolt spring or a piece of crud hanging up the bolt.
  11. Worked as a mechanic back in the day. No choice, go with Fel Pro. Never had an issue using their gaskets on any engine I worked on. No way would I trust Amazon for internal engine parts regardless of price. Since the gaskets come with bolts they may be "torque to yield" or one use bolts. These have a very specific torque pattern and process, be sure to follow it exactly.
  12. I was a volunteer EMT for 9 years. If a child was sick or injured they were going to be treated and transported to definitive care, period. Worry about the legal stuff after the patient is safe.
  13. I use it a bunch in weathering model railroad equipment and it does take some time to master. Look for a soft long bristle brush and wipe it mostly dry. You want to really have to push to transfer paint that'll give you a soft/understated effect and work in on direction only to give a whisker look. Good luck!
  14. As am I. My Dad was on a LCI(g) that helped get the troops ashore at Leyte. He was part of the invasion fleet that the Jap "Center Force" was gunning for.
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