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  1. Just got mine loose too following the same process! New screws coming as well, thanks for the advise and help.
  2. I have a new Uberti 1873 and one of my spring screws was stuck right out of the box. I've broken two hollow ground screw drivers trying to get it out with no luck. Your best bet is to find a real good gunsmith/machinist and let them get it out and replace it. Badly stuck gun screws take special skills so as not to damage the rifle.
  3. Welcome to the best game in town Krijger! I agree with Widder, start with .38/.357, but before you spend your money head out to a local club or two and see what folks are shooting. You'll get a chance to try various brands I'm sure.
  4. Doc X

    PGW Rifle

    I shoot a box stock Uberti Competition '73 and it is capable of running way faster than I can run it. PGW can only make it better.
  5. A buddy I'm trying to get into the sport just picked up a blued one last week. His dealer said that the color case hardened ones were sold out but blued were available. I'm not sure who his dealer's distributor is.
  6. Everybody at Paradise Pass has been great since I started Cowboy Action Shooting one year ago this month. Short Term, Flush Draw and all the gang are the best. But I have to give a shout out to the poor guy they saddled with me for my first match, Michigan Slim! Slim is really good with shooters new to the game and gets everyone off to a solid start. Thanks Slim!
  7. Great job to Little Red and Cannon! Had the pleasure of shooting on Little Red's posse, if you weren't told you'd have never know it was her first try at it.
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