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  1. Boats go under the water.
  2. Was at a public range on DNR property a number of years ago with my daughter. I had just put up a new target (8 1/2 x 11 silhouette) when a fellow showed up in the other lane with two friends he was going to show how to shoot. After having to tell them to put ears on I slipped a mag in my series 80 pin gun and dumped 7 rounds into the head of the target. The guy is looking at me like I have two heads when my daughter asks if it's her turn. She picks up "her" Glock 26, puts in a mag and just slightly slower than me put the whole mag center of mass, 10's and X's! As she is clearing the Glock with a huge grin on her face the other guy and his friends pack up and leave! I only wish it had been caught on video.
  3. "The cost depends upon many factors, how far of a run is it for the main wire/is your main panel able to handle the additional load/does your main panel have two more spaces for the garage panel/what type of wire may be used in accordance with local codes and various other factors." While not an electrician myself, Dad was for 37+ years so I picked up more than you would in a Holiday Inn Express. Cypress Sun is spot on! Please be sure to have a pro do your work, there is way more involved than just running some wires. Electrical is the number one cause listed on fire reports for a good reason. Dad always told me not to fear it, but you dang well better respect it!
  4. "Then I start to explain DCI, and they're either a former band geek and they get excited, or their eyes glaze over." Nice shirt! Former band parent here (two kids, 8 years) "Game? What game? I'm here for the Band! Thanks for the opinions pards! I will continue to wear the hat without guilt and correct folks when needed. Two quick side notes, though not military, I did do 15 years as a firefighter and 9 as an EMT. And if you're ever in Michigan, head over to Muskegon. They have both the Silversides and the McClain in one display as well as LST393 in another. Well worth the trip!
  5. "Also, thanks to folks who willingly admit that they didn't serve. It's an insult to all Vets when someone claims "stolen/false valor"." This brings up something that I really want to know how vets feel about it. First off, I'm not a military vet. I tried to join the Air Force post Nam but bad sinus' washed me out for flight training. This past summer we visited the USS Silversides in Muskegon, Mi, while there I purchased a ball cap in the museum to support keeping her open. Now if I wear that cap in public I get people coming up and thanking me for my service! I try to tell them it's a museum but most just say "well Thank You anyhow" It makes me feel so bad when they do this I pretty much quit wearing the hat. I supported the Silversides because my dad was in WWII and I have a cousin that's a 20yr bubblehead not to try to steal valor. How do you vets feel about this, should I wear it or not?
  6. Totally agree with Sixgun. My series 80 Colt is well north of an honest 50,000 rounds of bowling pin loads (230 gr lead @ 900 fps) Still on the original recoil and firing pin springs and extractor and still 100 % reliable.
  7. Been watching the old Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns lately.
  8. Doc X

    Hangover ?

    I have found this to be totally true!
  9. You bet I've seen "Real" gun control. Deuce Stevens shoots at The Pass quite often. Now that's gun control!
  10. "I am about to go watch my grandson play in his school band. The idiots and morons will be out in full force with their cell phones lighting up the auditorium and videoing every little thing.... " Reminds me of watching our children march at half time at home football games. Never saw such a disrespectful bunch as the "Football Parents." Perhaps if their children had practiced as much and as hard as the marching band the football team wouldn't have stunk so bad.
  11. Thanks for the answer PaleWolf. I was unclear on the process used for things like this. I have to say in the year and a half I've been doing this I don't recall ever seeing someone come to the line with a rifle hammer back, but good to know what the new rule is.
  12. Ok, I usually stay away from rule discussions being a new guy, but can some one explain why if " Learn to carry the shotgun in a manner which doesn't cause it to close." is a valid response to a SxS closing by accident and it is still a SDQ. Why wasn't "Learn to lower your rifle's hammer before loading it." the response to leaving the LT with a known loaded weapon with the hammer back? I'm not trying to be a smart a?? I would like to understand the logic of the decision.
  13. I'd have the effected outlets replaced and install an "out door" cover plate with spring loaded covers to prevent the critters moving back in. Was a volunteer firefighter for 15 years other than wet hay electrical was #2 for barn fires don't take a chance.
  14. FRA rules mandate the use of the bell during certain movements. Under the right conditions it's pretty amazing how quietly a locomotive can move.
  15. Great news! Hard to picture a better Christmas present for you and your family.
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