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  1. I was at a shoot last year and dropped a couple loaded rounds by my cart while I was filling my loading block. I was down on my knees (bad back, can't bend that far) when another shooter walked by. He asked, "Praying Doc?" I quickly answered, "Yeah, praying I can get up!"
  2. I was told the easiest way to tell if you're old is to fall down. If everyone laughs, you aren't old. If everyone comes running to help, you're old.
  3. Looks like you had great weather for your ride, we left Durango in sun and nice temps and it was snowing in Silverton when we got there! The views on that trip are amazing.
  4. And the tsunami pod can be yours today for just $13,500. Uh, pass.
  5. I bought the wife a brand new 1997 Pontiac Bonneville on the Friday after Thanksgiving. That following Monday morning she had a doctor's appointment in Ft Wayne, and it was snowing real hard. So when I got home from my 3rd shift job she asked if I would drive her, how could I say no? About half way to Ft Wayne the anti-lock warning light came on. Seriously? The car had less than 300 miles on it! Since we had plenty of time I stopped at the dealership to get it looked at. The service manager bluntly told me that he was a guy short and very busy and couldn't even look at my brand new car. To say I exploded would be like calling Hiroshima a firecracker. With a finger stuck in his nose (he was about 6'8") I explained in a very loud voice that I had just purchased this piece of junk not 48 hours ago and he could either fix the blank blank thing or bring me the keys to my old Thunderbird and we'd forget the whole blanking deal. I stomped off to the waiting room with the wife in tow. In about 5 minutes a shorter very well dressed gentleman walked in with the service manager behind him looking like he'd had about 5 pounds ripped off his back side. The fellow introduced himself as the owner of the dealership (Michigan Slim would recognize the name) and apologized for my inconvenience. He explained that the garage was indeed very busy but handed me a set of keys to another new Bonneville and told me to keep it until they had ours fixed. When I picked the car up a week later it was completely re-detailed and good to go when the new service manager handed me the keys.
  6. Never had a wild animal come in the house, but we had a bob cat take up residence in an old doghouse in the back yard. We didn't bother him, and he didn't bother us. Used to enjoy watching him come out in the morning, stretch like a big house cat and then head across the road to hunt for the day. About dark he'd be back to sleep. This went on for a year or two until we moved. Noticed the new owners got rid of that doghouse pretty quick!
  7. Folks getting bored with Ukraine so we gotta start that again?
  8. My daughter made me a leather brass bag complete with alias.
  9. My daughter in the ball turret of Yankee Lady. She did great until the crew chief shut the hatch. It took about 15 seconds for her to start asking to be let out! LOL
  10. I remember Dad coming home from work one time. Mom had washed his coffee thermos without him knowing about it before he filled it and left that morning. In his best chief's voice he informed her that that transgression would not happen again.
  11. First coffee I ever tried growing up was my dad's WWII "Mid Watch Coffee." I never knew a spoon could stand up in a liquid until then.
  12. The 1971 Boss 351 Mustang was the quickest factory stock Mustang (of that era) n the quarter mile.
  13. I think you actually answered your own question. You say you do better with 105's in your pistols and 125's in your rifle so it doesn't really matter what the rest of us use. As long as you're good with keeping rifle and pistol ammo separate at the loading table it sounds like you've found what works for you. Shoot and enjoy!
  14. My daughter was a surgical technician pre covid and has told me numerous stories from the OR, without names of course. You don't want to know.
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