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  1. Yeah, watching that video I thought, "Hey! I resemble that!"
  2. Went to Cass, West Virginia to see the Cass Scenic Railway. An old logging line made into a Museum railroad. They still run the old geared steam locomotives from Cass up to Bald Knob and back. The sound of the steam whistles echoing through those mountains has to be heard to be fully appreciated.
  3. I recall a video during the first Desert Storm of an Russian built Iraqi "Hind" attack chopper trying to lift off with an A-10 inbound. That Gatling gun made very short work of it.
  4. That type of flying is a very perishable skill. The only way to keep sharp is lots of hours behind the stick. Looks like play to us, far from it for those guys. I was amazed when they'd come across the open field by the old house, that low there was no sound until they were past us. Would have been a really bad day in a tank they were looking for!
  5. Never saw one popping flares before, that was cool, probably practicing some form of evasion maneuver. We used to live north of a Air Force reserve base with A-10's. They'd come up our way to play over the fields and be right down on the deck. I've had the flight lead actually have to climb to get over some trees in our yard. Heck of a show. That aircraft is amazingly maneuverable.
  6. This was my baby until bad hips stopped me from being able to enjoy driving her. 69 Mach1, 351, 4spd, traction-loc rear. Was sad to see her go, but she went to a good home and is parked beside an all original Thunder Bolt.
  7. Knew a guy back in the day with a V8 shoehorned into a Gremlin. Funny thing, nobody that ever ran him ever laughed about Gremilns again.
  8. Shot a few matches with a '97 Winchester made in 1902.
  9. I loaded up 10 rounds with no powder or primer and used cut down mechanical pencil erasers with a dab of CA in the primer pocket. Since I use only natural brass cases for match ammo, I made these with nickel cases to keep them visually different. Gives me a 5 round load for both pistols or a full 10 for the '73. One advantage is it's a good rifle function check for your reloads. Been using them almost two years and the original eraser pieces are still good.
  10. I'm thinking you're right. My Vaquero hammers look the same too. With 20+ years as an orthopedic machinist it bugs me. Would have been real easy to fix during final polish. Of course all the machining burrs I found inside the guns bugged me a whole lot more than a lopsided hammer. I'd love to have one of my old "Manager to machinist" chats with the idiot that assembled mine with the burrs still present. Hope he made "rate" that day!
  11. During WWII one US submarine, U.S.S. Barb, used the same 5" rocket launcher as was mounted on LCI(g) gunboats on a patrol against Japanese shore targets. Barb would surface at night, approach a shore installation, rig the launcher, fire a salvo then get out of dodge. She had some limited success with it too.
  12. Is it too late for me to retract my comment in another post about yoga pants?
  13. Got mine today and it was worth every bit of the wait! Gonna take a bunch of practice for sure but I'm liking it ALOT already. One discovery already, a lever wrap is mandatory! Sawyer, I haven't dropped it, but it sure is slick!
  14. Build up an old west style casket from pallet wood and leave the end off. Next time she stops by you can say, "Oh good! You're here, I just need a couple more measurements."
  15. Sad really, we did more to modernize German and Japanese industry after the war than we did our own. Today we still pay the price for that.
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