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  1. Yeah, had that same problem when I tried to switch to Gun Fighter. Old Author Ridus just wasn't having it!
  2. More like infamous! LOL!!!!!!!!! Nicely done!
  3. "Vote-By-Mail primary ballots have previously marked externally as (R) or (D) bar code, which makes it easy for post office and collection activists to "lose" those (R) marked ballots." Why in the world would a mail in ballot be marked on the outside with which party it's for? That seems to invite manipulation. There aren't separate polling places for Republicans and Democrats.
  4. Was down in Tn a while back and stumbled across the Beechcraft museum. Very nice little museum with many different Beech aircraft on display including a Starship. Well worth a stop. And it was right on the way to Jack Daniels distillery.
  5. Doc X


    Mrs. Doc picked up our daughter from band camp one evening and the daughter talked her into going through a Burger King drive through on the way home. Wife pulls up to the speaker and a young voice says, "Hi! Welcome to Burger King what the f&*k do you want?" My daughter verified the wife simply replied, "What the f&%k I want is to talk to your manager!" Order was free, everything super sized and many many apologies. My daughter was still laughing when they got home. Mrs. Doc was not amused and she still gets mad about it to this day.
  6. THANKS! Thought so but figured I'd better check.
  7. I got to shoot my first pocket pistol side match last weekend and it was a hoot! So now I need to pick one up of my own. I've been looking at the US Revolver Co and Iver Johnsons. Are the hammerless ones considered an old enough design?
  8. I've got the Wiley Clapp version of the SP101. A little nicer grips and a set of Novak low profile sights with a gold bead front. The sights are a big improvement over stock. After a Wolff spring kit it's my normal EDC.
  9. What the school did was beyond ridiculous and completely without justification, but sadly not unexpected these days. I've seen where some schools are requiring parents of children doing on-line learning to sign an agreement stating they WILL NOT be in the room while e-learning is going on. What are our schools teaching children that they have to hide from the child's parents?
  10. I can only speak to the Chiappa 87's. The std model can be stoked up for WB. It also "CAN" be loaded two at a time as was described above but that's not the most efficient way. Their factory "Drop 2" model is listed as a 2 shot only so no use of the magazine is possible. When I ordered my 87 from Lassiter he described the factory drop 2 system as ok, but it does not follow his design. I love my Lassiter modified standard Chiappa, it is awesome when I do my part, but I don't shoot WB. I've never handled an IAC or Norinco so I have no opinion there. I did handle one PW87, from the example I saw, no way would I recommend one of those.
  11. Ordered 1000 38's from Scarlett last week, got them yesterday! Great service from Scarlett as always. Only hitch was my nosey USPS lady practically demanding to know what was in the box and it was so heavy. Told her it was depleted uranium ...... she left kinda fast.
  12. I got my '73 last year, very lightly used (less than 200rds) but I'm not sure how old it actually is. Is there a resource on line anywhere that can give a manufacture date by serial number in case I need parts one day? It's one of the "competition" versions with the non-curved butt.
  13. Heck I'm from Indiana, the home of Falstaff and I wouldn't touch the stuff!
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