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  1. Doc X

    New and looking

    Welcome to the game Eileen. As some have stated above, try several types before you settle on a choice. I started in this game a year ago with a Marlin, I didn't care for the hooked butt plate on a 73. I had a chance to pick up the competition model Uberti 73 a few months ago and switched as soon as I tried it. Shotgun style butt and already short stroked but it is heavier than a Marlin and carries a bigger price tag.
  2. Yup ….. seems to me you have!
  3. I started in the CAS game a little less than a year ago. My first rifle was a Marlin in .44 Mag because I already had it. It was a good rifle but had the usual Marlin quirks. I just switched to a Uberti '73 and am much happier with it.
  4. Back when I was a shift manager it was also the height of the "Austin Powers" craze. I used to initial documents sloppy enough that a friend at work asked my boss who was signing these papers, Doctor X? My boss liked it and the nickname Dr. X stuck at work. When I needed an alias it was natural to westernize it to Doc X.
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