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  1. Thanks for saving me the typing Irish! I saw both styles after the fact, sorry to say never noted much difference in outcome.
  2. I had a mini that had the stock sights removed and a set of Lyman peeps put on it. It shot better at 200 yds than my current AR does as long as you didn't bear into the sling. Still kicking myself for selling it.
  3. I was a firefighter for 15 years. Saw any number of gun safes go through fires. Never saw a gun come out of one that I'd shoot. YMMV.
  4. I was a machinist for a lot of years …. never used that brand at work. LOL!!!!!!!!!!
  5. When the kids were teenagers and I'd catch them at something they'd always ask how I could have known they were going to do. I'd just look at the offending kid and ask, "Do you think I was BORN this age?"
  6. Ellsworth does indeed have a museum. You can do a base tour, walk through their display aircraft (weather permitting) and tour a restored missile silo, not the usual launch bunker but the actual silo with a missile in place. Very sobering to see that big ba%^rd up close! Also a nice restaurant down town in an old fire house, I don't recall the name. Good food.
  7. CC, Two way street pard, a class A machinist where I worked was $28.50/hr with full benefits, you quote average wage in Italy. Did you research what Uberti actually pays?
  8. Back in the day my partner and I each carried a .22 short Minx on ambulance duty because they were so simple to conceal. Though not by the book you can chamber ream it to take a long rifle and it will reliably eject the empty. Always carried a Stinger in the chamber.
  9. JB, It's Indiana, definite possibility of sunny unless it rains or then again it could snow or not. LOL! Seriously though, mid-late April could be wet, but it'll have started warming up by then. The Pass is an AWESOME range! Regardless of the weather you'll enjoy it! Hope to see you there!
  10. There has to be hand finish work. Even with perfect, fresh tooling installed the best CNC out there will still leave burrs and sharp edges. Just look inside a Vaquero LOL ! The advantage Uberti has is their labor costs them a fraction of what Colt or Ruger's does so they can do more by hand.
  11. I loved the scenes of the primary machining processes. Could have come from the shop I retired from! I always wondered if cylinders weren't done on a big bore Swiss Style lathe, these are. Perfect way to keep everything in line. Great video, thanks for posting.
  12. I restored and showed vintage Mustangs ( '68 coupe, '69 Mach 1, and a '67 coupe I still have) for years. At the time finding the sole surviving Bullitt Mustang (it is a 1968 "S" code 390 v8 4spd) was the dream of many Mustang collectors but to pay 3.5 mil? Nah, I'll take a '69 Boss 429 pocket a ton of difference and have a whole lot more fun. Interesting movie trivia, McQueen did his own driving for the chase. The part where he misses a corner, stops, backs up then smokes the tires up the hill was not supposed to happen. He blew the turn. The director thought it looked good so the scene stayed. Look close and as the car stops you can see him cuss as he jams it into reverse!
  13. That video kind of sparked my interest in the new Python. The one thing I really disliked about the old ones was the DA "stacking." The video specifically said that was gone on the re-issue. I may just have to risk snake bite by checking one out closer.
  14. Not really sight related but an old 1911 pin shooting trick for sweeps. A 1911 will tend to torque up and left during recoil. If the stage allows try moving right to left across the targets, it'll shave a little time.
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