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It's not always about the money.

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A couple of weeks ago I was puttering about in the front yard when a voice hailed me from my gate.


A Hispanic gentleman (I only mention his ethnicity because he didn't speak English) waved and smiled, and I wandered over to talk with him.  It was challenging, as my Spanish is about on a par with his English, but we made do.


Anyway, my son, Sassparilla Kid, had a 1986 Toyota pickup parked near the fence, and the fella wanted to know if it was for sale.  It actually was not, but we "talked" about it for a while; it seems that he and his 22-year old son had been admiring it for some time, and when he saw me outside he decided to stop and inquire.


Well, Sassparilla (sometimes we call him "Ryan") was off to Virginia and wouldn't be back 'til the following weekend.  I exchanged contact information with him, and promised that I would forward his name and number to my son.  (Incidentally, he was away for his grandmother's funeral at Arlington).  In the meantime, I did show him the truck, started it, and let him check it out.


Now, I always thought that the truck was really cool - sparse and rugged as that generation of Toyotas were.  Four-wheel drive, body straight, all running gear strong, heavy-duty bumpers, overhead rack.  And less than a thousand miles on a fresh engine - Sassparilla built it himself, using all high-performance parts.  The only things original were the block (freshly machined), oil pan, and timing cover.


When Ryan returned, he hit the ground running at work, and didn't have a chance to contact the gentleman's son.  But late last week the kid did call me; we spoke for a while, and I assured him that Ryan would call him back in a day or two.


They finally did speak at length.  The young man said that he was working out of town for a couple of weeks himself and asked if his dad could come by on Sunday (yesterday) with money... and he'd have his granddad and cousin along to interpret.  He was eager!


Deal done!


Dad and granddad drove off with grins, while cousin drove Dad's 2019 Toyota.


The sale price?  $3,500.


"Ya know, Dad," Sassparilla said, "I could have gotten twice that for the li'l truck in these parts.  And I wasn't even trying to sell it!  But heck... I'm not using it, I have my 2017 Tacoma, and mostly I just drive my work truck anyway.  That 'kid' seemed like a nice guy; he comes across as a hard worker, he was real polite and appreciative, and wanted it for a hunting truck.  


"I enjoyed it for a few years - it's time to let someone else have some fun with it!"


Oh - and he "tossed in" a new pair of front axles, an extra set of wheels and tires, and the CB radio.  


Well, the young man called Sassparilla back and couldn't thank him enough - he was totally thrilled.


Nope.  It's not always about the money.  



                                                The 1986 Toyota



                                                                                                                                                                           Sassparilla and his "daily ride" work truck







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That’s a nice truck at a nice price and you made a great memory for that young man. 

I recently gave my grandson my 2002 Chevy S10 ZR2 4x4. He is getting his learners permit. The truck needs some work, but it’ll be a great way for him to learn about repairs, maintenance and upkeep. 

I have always said that every young man should have a pickup truck as a first vehicle. 

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Wow! I had an ‘82 that I loved. If an ‘86 in that condition came my way, I’d jump at the chance! 

Good for Ryan, and I hope the kid makes lots of memories in it!

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 You done good as a Father.


  Sassparilla, a tip of my sombrero to you. Hopefully, it's the beginning of a long "pay it forward" chain. 



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