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So as not to upset Pat


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We shall now discuss stupidity.



A few months ago I was eating an avocado. When I removed the seed, it did not come out easily, and quite a bit of avocado was stuck to the underneath side.

Not thinking at all, I tossed the seed into my mouth, so that I can scrape the avocado off the seed with my teeth - waste not, want not.


Avocado seeds are slippery. Very slippery. It almost slid down into my throat. And because they are as big as they are, I am sure that if it had slid down into my throat, it would have blocked my air passage, and I would no longer be able to regale you with beautiful stories and great wonderments.


So learn from my stupidity. Don't put avocado seeds in your mouth. That is a very bad plan.

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