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Weird...and I wonder why there is a #62 stamped into the side plate? Maybe it’ was a prop for stage or screen production and they wanted to keep track...or worse, that’s the 62nd gun they’ve destroyed. :angry:

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6 hours ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:

looks like somebody wanted to make a 'prop gun' 100% safe..... ;)




What Widder said. It’s a prop gun for theater work. 

I spent a number of years doing local theater as a props master. The layers of safety around on-stage firearms is impressive. 

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Prohibited up here, so maybe it's a Canadian police surplus.

Sadly, many (most/all) police jurisdictions up here destroy their surplus arms.

(I almost lost it when my force scrapped a new M-16 and would not let us even pull parts from it!)

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"Prop gun" is probably the right answer,  but "divorce settlement" wins hands down!  :lol:

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