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On an earlier THREAD, Ms. Allie posted the following request:




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In the upper right hand corner of the Forum screen, you will find your Avatar and Member name.


Click on your name, and the following drop-down menu appears:


Choosing the Ignored Users option, the following screen will appear:


Type the name of the Member for which you wish to Ignore.

NOTE: The name must be EXACTLY as it appears in the SASS Directory.

If typed correctly, the name choice will appear on your screen as such:


Once you have the name selected the Ignore Options will appear.


NOTE: If none of these are selected, then you will not have Ignored the User.

Select which (some, one or more, or ALL) ones you wish to ignore and click the Add User Icon.


The User you chose will appear, along with the types of issues you chose to ignore listed below their name.

At any point in the future, if you wish to change either the types of issues you originally chose to ignore, or you merely want to cancel the Ignore entirely, select the Setting Icon:


… and your options will be available to choose.


If you choose to Stop ignoring user, the following fail-safe message appears:


… at which point you may either cancel or click OK to accept.

You may then continue the process for any other User and types of issues you wish to ignore.


  • Tyrel: I used your name as you suggested the TUTORIAL. I undid the Ignore used for this purpose.

Edited by Father Kit Cool Gun Garth
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Just one thing: if you are not Officially signed under your alias then the Ignore is ignored.

Cool huh?

And I don't ignore many, some folks just amuse me.

IE: those who think they know everything amuse us who do.  ;)




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