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  1. I still it's more than that because you have to factor I brass.....since it critical to shooting. Once fired 45LC brass $25 per 100. 38 $29 for 500. Lead 45 LC $52 for 500 38 $36 for 500 Then you have to use almost 2X the powder like 3 grains to 5 and that will add up as well. Then if you and your wife shoot every weekend you have to double all of that cost again. I'm not saying it's a fortune you save but there are real savings when shooting 38.
  2. Take some regular shotshells or a brass ones and wrap painter's tape around them to make them slightly bigger. Then wet the leather belt loops down and put them in. You probably only want one or maybe two warps of tape and when it dries they'll fit. I'm thinkin' your stuck right now...…..worrying about time and pulling shells from a pouch or single loading them is counterproductive...….it's like two bacon double cheeseburgers and a diet coke.
  3. I'm glad there are options...….I think we went through all the SKB's. Funny how the companies think cowboy isn't that big of a market but when we get to likin' something it ain't around long. We even managed to buy up God knows how many 1897's. Marlin 32 rifles, Ruger 32 pistols most SKB's and BSS's and yet it's a small market? Anyway I'm glad there is another SXS added that looks promising.
  4. I'm writing that in the next match.....lol. "From the left window shoot a progressive sweep and don't make the gun unsafe. Move to right table...………"
  5. I'm with the Capt...….tell me how to shoot the stage and I'll figure out where to put the gun. The only time I write in where you have to put it after using it is when safety is an issue.....otherwise it's up to the shooter.
  6. There are plenty of really fast rifle shooter's running 3rd gen guns. IMO they are easier to stroke (which makes em' easier to hold on target) more forgiving to shoot, less sensitive to tuning issues and easier on the rifle too. I'm not saying the 5th's aren't nice but you don't need one to shoot a rifle fast. Best of both worlds IMO. So for me the 3rd is the preferred.
  7. What!? Dis is kot SASS legal? I'll be back...…….
  8. That's why you want to keep it down when you do the over-the-top reload. In that instance it's good...….in this one it was bad...…..lol It's an SDQ for sure.
  9. I have always heard if you are trying to make power factor you have less perceived recoil with a heavy bullet moving slower. Since the 230 LRN bullets feed so well in a 1911 and the fact you are trying to make power factor I just used those. I never had a failure in my Kimber Custom TLE II in any match but they are more $$$ than you asked about new but I paid in the price range you were asking about for mine used. A friend of mine was selling it and I never owned a Kimber so I bought it for WB. It had trigger work done and I swapped the main spring and it's a real accurate and reliable 1911. If you shoot WB at all you notice if you have no failures you are about guaranteed to finish well as most people fight the shotgun and pistol for most of the match...…...lol
  10. Watch the impacts on a SG target at 6 -10 yards and you'll notice it's really small even with an open gun. I'd make the as open as possible for SASS.
  11. Or nearly as loud as a 44 mag pistol in the early morning deer stand...…..lol. I have done it and just finished the stage. You could have laid them down (or holstered them) with the hammers on a spent cartridge addressed the ear plugs and then picked them up and continued on.
  12. I cut mine to 18...….but I cut some to 20 if the people asked for it. I sold a pile of them and everyone was happy with them. They are functionally better than a 97 and better for WB IMO.
  13. I'm in this school......you can play around with this stuff and groom loads 'til the cows come home and if that's fun for you that's good. But in reality you can take any decent pistol powder and follow the charts for a 700 -1200 FPS rifle load and it's not going to change much if you are sighted in for it. If the rifle shoots the ammo well that's what's important as the pistole will shoot anything. What it really comes down to is choices......do you want one load, two loads (rifle & pistol), not have to worry about knock down loads etc etc...…..but when the smoke clears (pun intended) the targets in SASS just aren't far enough to stress over load data IMO. Don't get me wrong accuracy is better and lets you go faster but when powder was hard to find I used many different types and it never changed how I finished as long as it was loaded to my liking. Coke or Pepsi.
  14. Which also proves what I said......more times (right OR wrong) the benefit goes to the shooter more often than not. So if you do get a "bad" call let it go......you probably had many many more "bad" calls that went in yer' favor.
  15. Yep I knew a few folks that were looking at the 16 Ga guns way back when for that reason...….many of the old shotguns of all gauges were 2 1/2...….and should be checked.
  16. That was my point as well..... Many of the state level matches around here the posse paint the targets after every stage. I paint our targets for the first stage at every monthly and am REALLY generous with the paint and sometimes even then there is a edge hit, bullet mark, etc that's not really covered to the point it could raise doubt. During the state matches where the posse paints the targets there are many lightly cover and missed impacts on those. I doubt the targets were closely looked at for any marks like that before the shooter started because no one probably cared at that point. I have walked up to freshly painted stages and saw bullet marks not all covered many times. I never thought as a PM or TO to go tell someone to repaint that one bullet mark on P2....and that edger on R1 just in case we have a questionable call on the first shooter. Like I said I have seen this exact thing play out where the targets were painted but not to the point that every impact was covered so well there could be no confusion at all. Then I have seen spotters try to use the less covered marks, edges etc as evidence of what happened for the first shooter. The targets could have been painted great but they just have easily could have been another mark that was over looked because it wasn't important to the painters to cover every mark.....they are just freshing up the targets. My only point is I really have seen this play out both ways...…...ones where I felt like it was correct and others where I felt like the paint was misleading. So IMO you ask the spotters and go with that......not what the paint says. The only miss I had a FL state a few years ago (that cost me dearly) was a hit......the bullet hit the bottom edge of the target and ricocheted down......on video you could literally see the impact on the target, hear it hit and then see the splash in the water behind the target. All the spotter's saw the water splash and called it a miss...…..My point is it's never going to be perfect and IMO the shooter's get the benefit of doubt much more often than they get a bad call so try not to let it get to you.
  17. I have seen freshly painted targets that still have old marks that people "think" are new. Especially around the edges......I have seen shooters that virtually hit the same place twice and a miss was attempting to be called because people were counting the bullet marks on freshly painted targets. I think it's best to just spot and call em' like you see them...…..
  18. I know a guy in SC that just sold on done by Turnbull last WEEK!
  19. Not to be good shooter......but if you plan on winning the match most of the Top shooter's are clean. Unless the match is really difficult and then the Top shooter might a P (or two) and some misses but they will still win. If you look at most of the folks winning they are clean more often than not.
  20. Good news is you are coming to GA state. Bad news is you are coming to GA state. I want a new category for everyone but Matt. Let's call it Top Mortal.
  21. My thoughts still remain the same. The good news my thoughts really only matter for one small club so other than that it's just stuff for us to kick around as match directors trying better to entertain our guest. Too me if I write a match where 104 people attend and 64 P's are tallied up ......that's not 6%. That's more than half the people (or 60%) got a P...…...and that's probably not counting multiple P's as you can only earn one per stage. There is a rumor that gets tossed around often that the good shooter's prefer fast close targets and easy scenario's and some how that evens the playing field and the rest of the shooters are somehow unaffected by the difficulty factor. What really happens is the top shooter's stage times widen from the rest of the shooter's and everyone's times just get slower and the fun "can" get degraded in the process if you aren't careful. I love a match that includes challenging stages, far targets, close targets, small targets, large targets, clays birds, knock downs and everything else "a cowboy worth his leather ought to be able to do" but IMO you still want to keep record of misses, P's and SDQ's in order to improve the match for fun vs difficulty level for all. I hope the sincerity of this is the focus because I understand how much work goes into these matches and I wish ALL the clubs great numbers and fun times so take it for what it is. Just remember the tougher the match is the tougher it is on everyone and IMO you can make them challenging and fun but there is a fine line between challenging and complicated. I use the P's misses and SDQ's as an indicator of that......so it' just kinda' jumped out at me...…….Good luck down the trail.
  22. That's the thing I get from this as well. It could be poor spotting as we get that sometimes but if it were it should have been corrected. It could be the TO was having a bad day? I have handed the timer off before because I was not in tune with the spotters and felt that would benefit the posse. Personally I watch the guns and it's pretty hard to see the gun and the impact on the target as you can't focus on both even if they are in line. So I talk to the spotters and watch the gun dance around and most times you can get a good indication of what's going on but if the targets are close together and father away plus there is a lot of gun movement it gets tough so as the TO I listen to the spotters and combine all the "evidence" which I would think is what most of us are doing. We want to make the right call......it's natural. I personally fell like the benefit goes to the shooter MUCH more often than the 3 spotters and the TO make the wrong call. Most people error to the shooter...…….at least around here. I don't think any system will be perfect but in this case either the TO or the spotters probably should have been changed.
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