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  1. I always write in lines and like it when people use them. If they forget it or don't want to use it as some prefer I don't stress over it. IMO if you want people to use them make them simple and not have em' give a speech...........lol One thing I'll never do is write in a line where the TO and shooter interact........what a confusing, awkward time wasting exercise of frustration that is.....did I type that out loud!?
  2. I use to cast when I shot 44's. I would go to events (back years ago) and the vendors always had an abundant selection of bullets even 160 grain 45's but no 44 stuff. If they did they had 200 grain lead. I wanted lighter so I had to start making my own. That was also before Gov't over-reach and you could just go get wheel weights from a tire shop............lol. When I went to 38's I dropped the bullet making like.....well......hot lead.
  3. It'll do fine if you do your part. Good luck.
  4. We target for about 10% clean. I think if you are getting 20 - 30 % that might be a local thing and part of the problem.
  5. Awesome it won't feel near as hot in a grass skirt. Just keep those black powder shooters OFF my posse!
  6. If you do them let me know I'd get 3 market 38. 

  7. Hey buddy my wife's loads were a number 19 bushing of Clays and a claybuster pink wad and 1oz of shot we she started. Same MEC 600 press. Don't hold me to it but I think it was 11.9 grains. She HATED the shotgun and the only way I could get her to shoot was groom a very light load for her double. Those loads were super light but still took down all the targets with no issues. She shot them for years but I weaned her off them in time......I went up a bushing about every six months or so and she didn't notice. She shoots a 24 now. 

    1. Cowboy Junky

      Cowboy Junky

      Those even tripped her dirt merchant SG. 

    2. Cassalong Hopidy

      Cassalong Hopidy

      Great.  Thx Junky.  I will try it.

  8. I have a friend that uses 231 in 38. He uses the 105 or 125 grain @ 3 grains and they are very light load. Not a mouse fart load just light. Personally I like them heavier but that gives you a good "low" range........or starting low point. Good luck. 


    Cut the loops down for the size of the bullet and sew them back up.......that's legal. I had all SG loops in this belt and cut some of them down to fit 38's. 


  9. I have a friend that uses 231 in 38. He uses the 105 or 125 grain @ 3 grains and they are very light load. Not a mouse fart load just light. Personally I like them heavier but that gives you a good "low" range........or starting low point. Good luck. 

  10. I wanna' see all the comments.......I'll sort through them myself........lol. I wonder if "everyone" is seeing this? Hmmmmm.
  11. Warning: Don't drink and post..........lol
  12. I got one for my wife and it runs like a top......she liked the logo on it.......lol
  13. I'm certain the rifle has to be set up for the shooter........or it can be outran.......and I have done it. I was at a match and had to borrow a rifle because I trashed another italium lever on a 73. The rifle I used was 73 with a lever safety and had a very light hammer used by one of those thumb planter shooters who are very popular in these parts. Thanks by the way! He could shoot the rifle very close to my split times.....if not equal and the rifle ran like a dream for him. I didn't have time to test fire it so I used it in the next stage. I threw 3 or 4 rounds out that were heavily dimpled but didn't fire. Remember the gun had a lever safety so it wasn't a "timing" or lack of timing or me not hitting the trigger or they wouldn't have that heavy dimple. They had what I call a ghost strike....just a very light scratch from the momentum of the firing pin overpowering the firing pin spring and hitting the primer but not enough to dent the primer let alone fire those soft little federal 100's. All of us came to the conclusion the hammer was too slow so I asked if I could turn it up. I turned the main screw two turns at least.......maybe three (this was several years ago) and since my match was trashed I didn't test fire it again. The next stage (and the rest of the match) it ran like a Swiss watch. I think it has to do with how long and/or when you pull the trigger in the your particular cycle. I hit the trigger right as the lever closes whereas many roll down the face of the trigger and keep the lever closed longer. I really couldn't tell you for sure what's causing it unless we get a high speed camera and film it........but I can tell it happened. There are a lot of great shooters here saying it's not possible but again maybe they have similar styles? Something is happening.........good conversation. I can't speak about the pistols because I'm still learning how to shoot them.......lol
  14. IMHO you are better off thinking what kind of primers do my guns need. That depends on who built them, how much you lightened them or what other mods have been done as well. My rifle shoots anything because the hammer speed I need. My pistols shoot anything because the transfers bars are gone which makes ignition much easier. The SG is an SKB and to get it to feel and operate the way I want it to I have to shoot "easier" to ignite primers in it. Then you have my wife's 73 that's set up so light (for her) I have to use Federals or possibly Winchester but it's on the fence so to simply my life (and keep me out of the dog house) I just use Federal on everything. The people that get in trouble are the ones that buy race guns and still want an anything goes mentality.....that leads to too many problems so they tell you not to mess with stock guns etc. If you know what you have and make the right choices you get the best of both worlds and you don't have to settle.
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