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  1. It's probably full again......lol. He's a popular guy.
  2. Mine are the ones on the left and the ones I like are on the right they appear to be thinner.
  3. I recently had a set of Ruger birdshead grip frames added to my pistols. I'm not a big fan of the flare on the bottom of the stock grips. I'm shooting the guns ok but the grip feels chunky and not real natural. I have been all over the web and seen slim line grips but many pictures are flat and it's hard to tell what you are getting. Some places I have called and some are web only and it's much harder to communicate. So you folk that have them what do you think and can you give me any advice? Thanks
  4. I was asked about this by a friend that probably saw it on FB. It was news to me honestly that the MD could take away the MSV. It makes sense if things get really confusing on the stage......as they can. IMHO when the gun fails or ammo jams etc and there is a extended period of focus on the shooter, assisting them and making sure they handle the guns safely in resolving the issue it's not uncommon for me as the TO to lose track of the target sequence as well. Especially if it's not a easy sweep to being with. If I don't know I stay silent.......or literally tell the sho
  5. Maybe a good time to get rid of the 10 10 4........lol. It seems like any stage you write with less than 10 rifle at least on person in the posse will get a MSV. I miss the 7, 8 and 9 rifle stages.
  6. I used 3.8 and a 180 and it was a nice mild load. I'd try 3.8 and a 200 and go from there.
  7. Sadly this is true. The board likes to over-react in these situations. We are the only club doing this in the state.......nothing to be proud of.
  8. Sorry I just saw this but I have two and want to convert my set so I'll need them both, thanks 

    1. DeaconKC


      No problem! Good luck!

  9. So has anyone done this? I have a set of birdshead grip frames in blue for the original Vaquero (bird in hand and they were cheap...…..lol) and I can't find any thing but SS grip frames new. I don't want SS grip frames on my blued guns and like I said I already have blue OMV ones. I know this isn't a straight up swap that's not what I'm asking......the cocking rods are longer, the main springs are different and the cutout in the grip frame for the main spring/cocking rod is also longer in the OMV. grip frame. Also there are tabs on the OMV grip frames that are not on the NV. So wh
  10. I'm interested. I was hoping for blue but how much are you asking for the pair?

  11. Anyone have any Birdshead grip frames for pair of New Vaquero's? Guns are blued. Thanks
  12. No. The internals are the same. It's all about how the rifle is setup. If you are shooting a stock rifle maybe........but my gut tells me it's not stock. Or is it? Once you drop a kit in (and/or an aftermarket carrier block) everything changes and it's all about proper setup more than the cartridge length. You just have issues in the basement around 1.42. The only difference in the rifles is the candy coating..........lol. From what another person on this thread said it even sounds like the barrels are the same.........if his 66 will chamber a 357 (I never tired) so it's probably
  13. It'll do fine if you do your part. Good luck.
  14. If you do them let me know I'd get 3 market 38. 

  15. Hey buddy my wife's loads were a number 19 bushing of Clays and a claybuster pink wad and 1oz of shot we she started. Same MEC 600 press. Don't hold me to it but I think it was 11.9 grains. She HATED the shotgun and the only way I could get her to shoot was groom a very light load for her double. Those loads were super light but still took down all the targets with no issues. She shot them for years but I weaned her off them in time......I went up a bushing about every six months or so and she didn't notice. She shoots a 24 now. 

    1. Cowboy Junky

      Cowboy Junky

      Those even tripped her dirt merchant SG. 

    2. Cassalong Hopidy

      Cassalong Hopidy

      Great.  Thx Junky.  I will try it.

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