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  1. The funny thing is so many people still trust our media.....lol. That's what sickness me because when you have to rely on them you have proven liars giving you their version of doctored facts. Whether it's about Russia collusion, Benghazi, The FBI, The IRS the facts get twisted by the media and they favor the left every time. Then you have this Covid-19 and it's so hard to find the true facts and numbers it will take years to figure anything out and that too is on purpose. By the time the truth does leak out the next scandal will dominate the airwaves of disinformation to divide us as Americans and the Covid-19 numbers will be lost in the mix. How many "mistakes" will they have to apologize for at 3am or in small print on page 7 of their paper for people to realize these aren't mistakes? These reporters have no soul and are the biggest problem we face as a nation.
  2. It might sound negligible if you look at the numbers on paper but it's a LOT when you look at the two side by side. Here a a few 38's and the 357
  3. That's interesting because I shot nickel in the pistols and brass in the rifle for years and I would tell folks for every one brass case that split I would have 3 nickel's split....so that's the same as your test results.
  4. Thanks everyone I got it and just to double check things. It's a new club and I can recommend they fix it but I had to know the answer first. It's a window Ringer (and thanks) for trying to help.
  5. Prayers up Tbone. Attitude is everything so just be you.
  6. Sounds good here but I was the TO and didn't know. I did make a call and moved on but it got me thinking. So in asking the others.....guess what? It was a toss up and could have gone either way so IMO I would rather ask than take a poll at the range because that leads to different situations for each posse rather than a standard answer for all. Since I have been doing this a long time I like "knowing" the rules rather than making my own rules up as we go because that leads to confusion. Like I said in this case it probably makes little to no difference but if you miss the grip on the lever and bang your fingers on the wood below and miss a target or two at a Regional match or higher and I was the TO........I want to know that I let you stage you gun the way SASS says rather than guess..........that's all.
  7. No but that would help. Picture taking two wooden saw horses made with 2X4's then and putting 3/8 inch plywood across them to make a table. But you only put the plywood slightly less than half way on the saw horses to tack it down. So if you put the lever "as normal" you will hit the saw horse when you reach into the lever. If you slide the rifle back to the end of the 2X4 then the lever opening is not obstructed but the trigger opening is where we would normally have the lever opening compared to the plywood top. I think PW got it and I will go by that but I just wanted to make it clear. I have never seen this as most are flush or 90 deg.
  8. That's exactly why I posted this. If you do that you hit the support. If you stage it off the plywood top then the lever isn't "open" for you to reach into. I had him stage it off the plywood as PW said but I wasn't really sure. Seems like I guessed right.
  9. Yes it is about 3/8 of an inch.
  10. Most top shooter's shoot a lot. So if you do the math it's a LOT bigger saving than people think when you shoot 38 vs 45. If you shoot once a month and don't practice who cares? But if you have a wife and/or kids doing it as well then it's even more of a savings. It's $34 vs $46 for every 500. That's just lead.....not powder or brass. That alone times 2000 bullets a month is $48 dollars a month difference just in lead. Or 576 dollars a year if you shoot year round. It's not going to make or break you most likely but the 38's ring steel just as well you just don't get to say you shoot a 45. Last I have felt 45's that have less reoil than my 38's...it's all about the powder charge..........and usually they belong to a person that makes sure you know he's shooting 45's..........lol
  11. I was asked a question by a fairly new shooter and I couldn't answer it. He was very sincere and trying to stage correctly not looking for an edge (pun intended) so here's what it is. You have a window sill and the "table top" for lack of a better word stops but the support it's nailed to is longer. For example say most all of a 2X4 is exposed underneath where the plywood on top stops. I know the ends results (IMO) are hardly worth talking about but I thought it would be good to know for the future in case I'm asked again. So what is the "edge" used in reference with the lever for proper rifle staging?
  12. No masks........I would have probably put hand sanitizer out IF you could find any. We sure couldn't. I think it's a great idea to use effective tools and be smart about this.......I personally just don't think hiding and hoping it goes away is a good tool because the virus will wait you out.
  13. No new normal for me........it's all about Nov 2020. Yes it's real so were these. History tells us it has always happened and always will. This is the first time we tried to hide and crashed our economy so what's the bigger picture? There is a President exposing the left wing media and the Democrats and they can't get him to stop or get the people to turn on him.......that's the difference. Biden 2020 if he can remember he's not running for the Senate.......
  14. We never missed a monthly thanks to the help of a local shooter that is starting her own club we just moved there for our April match. March we squeaked in and May our club reopens. We tried to use the same TO or no more than 2, same score keepers (2) didn't use spotting sticks, didn't hug or shake hands, kept the posses small(er), had the same folks reset shotgun targets and kept our fingers out of mouths......lol. Soon we will be back to normal......not NEW normal just good ole fashion normal.
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