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  1. I had two.....one done by Cody Conager and one by Roughneck Rod and they both worked great. That said I stuck to the Uberti's because I was worried about getting parts for the Miroku's IF I needed them. Can't understand why they don't offer parts......seems like a strange thing. SASS can be tough on guns and even new quality products can fail.....let alone highly modified race guns. I'd be concerned to buy a car and not be able to get a starter for it if it went out. Seems natural to have parts on hand either before or soon after the release of the product. Again great rifle just makes you wonder.
  2. That's valuable real estate...…...I think that's why you never see them.
  3. Everyone will like watching that but Arcadia (who knocked me out prior to that)………..lol
  4. It looks even better in real life...…….lol. Good seeing y'all at FLA.
  5. The cost isn't huge but you pay $10 more for 500 lead bullets of 45 than I do for a box of 38's. Once fired 38 brass is easier to find and much cheaper and the guns are faster IMO. So it's a win win if you like to win...……..lol
  6. Is this a WB load? I don' see you ditching the 38's.....lol
  7. That's my thoughts ae well. I use the brass until it splits and it's all mixed brass. I cull make sure I check them well before & after they are loaded. I think if they are cleaned well and not cracked it should be fine for any 73 rifle. If the rifle can't run on mixed brass it's probably not set up correctly which makes it's less forgiving to ammo. The head space, timing, carrier position, spring tensions, extractor tension and all work as one and the faster you can run the rifle the more critical they become. Don't get me wrong a tube load of new Starline brass is a pretty thing and a great idea for a important match but mixed brass should be fine as well. I'd start looking closer at the rifle rather than trying to find brass it uses better.
  8. It was a great match not boring but not complicated so thanks for a great shoot and all the hard work. Always fun to shoot in FLA and congrats to the winners.
  9. States I would refuse to live in...…...says the guy with no T-bars in my Rugers.
  10. What makes a GREAT SASS shotgun is one that's easy to modify so it will shoot fast. Folks like them to open a tad farther for better loading & easier shucking and the extractor area is modified for easier loading as well. The Savages have a extractor system that makes loading them really fast harder and it's in the way and can't be modified. If you aren't trying to win a match most any shotgun will work fine for SASS but if you are trying to compete the Baikal or Stoeger and better choices for low cost doubles IMO.
  11. I think some of the folks are milling them out to take the new replaceable tabs Uberti makes....that way if they break again you can replace them yourself.
  12. I have shot a lot of stages that were unique but I think many people got tired of a shooting sport that you won or lost because you couldn't use chop sticks as well as the other cowfolks (Thanks for that one Allie Mo....lol), or shoot a toy bow or toss a stick of dynamite in a box etc. Personally I like the stages that are fun but require you to be able to shoot better rather than luck (like drawing cards) or things that aren't associated with shooting. I think you if you can make the "shooting" fun but not complicated it's a win win. We do a Zombie stage around Halloween that has dummies and you have to shoot the heads off (which are knock down plates) and it's fun but still about shooting.
  13. I started with Clones...….had the USAF Long Hunter's with the LH serial numbers....really low too I might add. They shot great and never failed but he did do a Ruger fix on em' for the weak link the clones have. Then I got a pair of Ruger's from Jimmy Spurs as a back up set or a good excuse to buy more guns. What I did what shoot the plate rack over & over calculating times & misses and for whatever reason the Rugers won that test for me. I'm more worried about winning than if my guns are Colts or clones or Rugers so I went by that......it might be the fit or the action or just me but since it's just me that lives with the outcome that's the pair I chose. I bought a pair of Colts when I was having a case of authenticity blues but I just couldn't bring myself to beat them up in action shooting so I sold them for what I have in my rifle, SKB & Holster rig...……….lol
  14. +1 I'm NOT in any way trying to downplay the safety issues of this by any means but I saw a gun test where they stacked 5 -7, 357 Mag factory loads in a barrel doing a stress test before it finally bulged the barrel. I think it was a S&W or Ruger? Anyway it was quality revolver..... Maybe I'll look for the link. Most people having squibs in SASS aren't even using 3 grains of powder so that's no 357 Mag.
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