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Coin Question (Cyrus Cassidy - you out there?) PIC HEAVY

Chief Rick

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My daughter works at McDonald's (drive-through window). I keep on her to keep an eye out for older coins.


So far she's found several Wheat Penny's and a few Buffalo Nickel's.


Another - a little better shape.



1945 Dime




And the most recent - today's find - a 1901 dime.




What do you think? Should I just put them in the safe?

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The buffalo is pretty rough. The others are nice. I dunno about lock-in-the-safe nice. You should be able to get a ballpark worth on the internet.

Cyrus was getting pretty short over in the Sandbox. He may be real busy or enroute back to the world. Try a pm.

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Although I'm not a coin collector by hobby, I still enjoy your post about coins, etc...


Very interesting.






We're not collectors either. But she's in a position to see lots of money.


I don't expect us to get rich by her finding anything but at least it helps her look for the differences in coins and maybe learn something new.


And who knows - maybe she will find something rare...

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I dropped into a fast food drive thru about 10 years back and part of my change was a nickel. Yep, a nice Buffalo Nickel.


It was 4 legged but it was worth about $2.


and YES, I still have it.


I got some older Indian head pennies, i think they date back to pre 1900.


Think I'll pull em out tomorrow and check em out.




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As a six year old, I was sitting in a church in Philadelphia for a Masonic service. Next to me was an elderly couple - very nice folks who obviously liked children. When the collection plate passed by, the gentleman dropped a dozen or so silver coins in the plate, and then turned to me, and handed me an 1879 Morgan silver dollar. Almost 60 years later it is still in my collection; more important for the memories than the melt value or collectibility.


Unless you have thousands to invest in high grade coins, enjoy coins for the art, or the history, or the memories.



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The first buffalo nickel is worth a nickel. Melt value (75% copper / 25% nickel) is about 4 cents. The second nickel still has date and some features would have to drag book out to look it up. The silver melt value of the two dimes is about $1.13.

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The problem with many of the silver coins is the melt value of silver is higher than the collector value of the coin. When silver was worth less the coins were worth more, not so much today. It's funny that many of these "collectable coins" were rat holed for years, then the melt value made them worth cashing in for greenbacks. I don't think they are being melted, they are getting rat holed by the preppers for potential trading value if the dollar tanks. Todays value of silver is $15.68 per ounce, old coins are 90% of that value. At least if one chooses to rat hole silver it's something that can be held in the hand vs. a 401K which seems to lose more than it gains with our low interest rates.

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The problem with keeping a few coins is unless you do lock them in a safe they can easily

get spent. That's probably what happened to get these in your hands.

If you have an ebay account sell em and enjoy the money.

I have a buffalo nickel sitting right here beside my cornfuzer and have no idea

what to do with it.

If there is a nearby gun show sometimes a coin guy will show up, note that the price of

admission may well be more than the value of the coins.

Now if you find a bunch of em that may be a different story.

Most old coins are too worn to enjoy the real ART.



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