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Guns Of August ; SASS Mideast Regional Champions!

Frederick Jackson Turner

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Congratulations to the 2015 SASS Mideast Regional Champions; Sage Chick and Lead Ringer. SC obviously put together a fine match; but I posse'd withe Ringer, and ... Wow. Consistent excellence, efficiency, and great speed. Outstanding performances, folks.


Rest of the scores to follow.


It was a great match, fun to shoot, terrific meals every time you turned around, and the finest folks you'd ever hope to meet.


Thanks, Big Iron Rangers, Lassiter, Doc's Bunkhouse and Traveling Circus, and the wonderful folks In the Mideast! You know how to shoot, and you sure know how to party!




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You get around, Professor.

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Congrats to Doc Eells as top GF. Also, to Lead Ringer and Sage Chick .... all three are class acts. I was happy to get to see so many folks at my short visit on Thursday. I hope to be able to shoot again next year as I love the GOA shoot. Tom and Woody put on a good event.


Doc and the crew, I heard you were a big success on Friday night, and a even bigger success with your Tenderloin and MGM's ribs on Thursday night......and I heard that Max put out an assortment of booze....I have Angels Envy....lol.


That, along with the corn shuckin contest and FJT entertaining with the guitar without the skirt.....shore wish I could have done that as well. Will see you all down the road at Michigan or Indiana State shoots.


Congrats to all the category winners.



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Congrats to ALL the winners, especially Lead Ringer and Sage Chick. Great shootin.


I was on the posse with Lead Ringer and I swear, the faster he shot, the more fun he had and ALWAYS had a big smile on his face. PLUS, he's a hard workin Cowboy with posse duties.


I hope everyone had as good a time as I did again. GOA is one of the best.




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OH WOW! Just got home about an hour ago and I need sleep!!! Side match day was rain! But, it cleared out in time for the party in the campground! Knob Creeks award winning gumbo on a damp chilly evening followed by the corn shuckin party sponsored by Lead Ringer! Yes, it was a true contest with winners and loosers! 30 dozen ears of corn were shucked!!!!!! Then the nearly world famous ribs of Mean Gun Mark and my smoked pork tenderloin. Max Montana set up an open bar and Fredrick Jackson Turner MC'd and entertained. Main Match........Awesome! Very much a transition game and very fast!!!! Lassiter set up a match that was fun, fast challenging and yet remarkably simple! Friday night dinner is almost a blur! Burgers, Dogs, fresh corn on the cob and ice cream!!!!!!! The Saturday banquet was wonderful! BBQ rims and chicken Done right. Half a slab and a quarter chicken.....and seconds!The awards are mighty fine looking! I just can't say enough good about this years Guns of August! If you live in the Mid East State Region....and you love to shoot......No excuses......Could a, would a, should a.....NEXT YEAR YA BETTER COME!!!!!!!!! A huge thanks to all the Big Irons! Dad Woody, Lassiter, 3 Gun Jake, Black Jack Beeson, CJ, Not so Quick Nick, 7 mile Tom, Miss Bonnie, Corbin Dallas and the illustrious lady of registration Fancy Free Spirit! To the Circus Crew and Auxiliary I can't thank you enough for all you guys and gals did to put on the campground party and Friday dinner! It was all around awesome thanks to you guys! To Honey Bunny....WHEE DOGGIES ON YOUR FIRST TROPHY!!! To my little Buckaroo buddy Choctaw Kid.....FIRST REGIONAL TITLE!!! Congrats little pard, proud of ya! To Mean Gun and 3 Gun Cole I thank you guys for helping me run the posse that runs itself! I just can't say enough good about this match....it was just all around a great time and great experience!

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Congrats to all the category winners it was a great GOA!!! As always FJT was a great posse Marshall and a master entertainer......a real renaissance man.


It was our third GOA and our first cowboy shoot with the new RV. Camping went well, thanks to Boaz!!! We had lots of fun at the corn shuckin and enjoyed all of the excellent meals.



A BIG THANKS to Lassiter, the Berm Marshalls and all of the Big Iron Rangers for making our Regional such a fine event.


GOA is on our schedule for next year.



Ringer and Miss Behavin'

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+ 1,000,000.01 - Doc Eells........one small edit................ Doc hosts a party BETTER than he smokes pork tenderloins and his tenderloins are something to write home about (he played down his loins a bit too much :P )!! What a fabulous weekend - as Buffalo Dick and Mean Gun Mark remarked "it is all about the fun!", and it was that pure unadulterated FUN! The range was great, the scenarios were great, the music was great (Thanks again, FJT!), the cowpokes and cowpokettes were great! If you can't tell yet..................I will be there again next year......If the Lord's willin' and the Creek don't Rise.



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Congratulations Ringer


I had a blast playing with your puppy dog

We had fun playing drag Billy around the campground

Thanks again I would not of be able to make it to the final rounds of the top gun shoot off, your rifle made me shoot like Ringer your bullets too

Congratulations Two Gun Tuco for winning the top gun shoot out


Congratulations to Sage Chick

I can't believe Two Gun Tuco did let you win, we can all let it slide this time him and his dad are great people


And last congratulations to everyone else

It was a blast


Billy the Avenger

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I got my heiney beat by Doc Eells!! but I still managed to come away with a huge smile!!! of course winning a Dillon 650 and a Chiappa 22 lever rifle didn't hurt!!!!!


thanks to all who had a part!!!!!



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