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  1. I'm your huckleberry. Just ordered my PCC Caper today 7/6/2018. Hopefully this will speed up my reloading! Cap n' Ball Gunfighter......Time to smile again;{) Regards, Ringer
  2. I did the same thing (only different) a couple years ago with a new cross draw rig. After I got it, I thought "what did I do"? And went back to a double strong side. It's only money😉 That makes a good deal for somebody. Regards Ringer
  3. Speaking of fonts. I can't read the cursive font (from my tablet or phone) that some people use on their posts. When I see it, I just move on, Anybody else have that a problem? Regards Ringer
  4. ive been doing a little duck hunting lately. I use hearing protection when hunting ducks. I can't help but notice all the young guys, apparently it's not cool? They just go full ear commando? Future hearing aid customers, For sure! Regards Ringer
  5. ive been using this device also. I did a little altering to the clear plexiglass shield and a jigsaw. If you get one you'll probably figure out what I'm talking about. Just by looking at it. Anyway, it takes a little figuring out what angle to best hold it. But it works great. Load 8 tubes in quick order! Regards Ringer
  6. Lots of good info posted. I prefer a medium pistol powder like: unique, power pistol, Acc#5, Zip, N340, etc. especially with a cast Bullet. I've recently tested my new 9mm 124gr polymer coated bullets with Unique. I pushed the coated bullet to 1150 fps average. With zero barrel fouling. It worked very well and things stayed clean. Some folks want one powder for everything. I'm of the belief that different powders work better with different calibers, Bullets and speeds. Regards, Ringer
  7. Good stuff folks......his Winchester brass is what I shoot......always looks like new👍🏼 Regards Ringer
  8. Talked with Marie. Text her all the details. Regards, Ringer
  9. I just talked with Persimmon Dan. He said he'd do the full meal SKB deal, for $150.00 That would create an awesome Cowboy Shotgun for only $875.00 I've paid $1,300 to $1,400 for all three of mine! Regards, Ringer
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