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  1. I think I'm caught up on all the PMs if I missed anyone please let me know.
  2. I think I'm caught up on all the PMs if I missed anyone please let me know. Thanks, DD
  3. Thanks for the concern pard! I have a LOT of guns and was off work for a bit, but am back at it now and getting caught up on some bills. Don't worry though, I kept all the really good guns
  4. Guys, I got the price wrong on the 1861 navies. Apologies but they should be $475 shipped.
  5. No worries guys. To answer the question, I had no idea there was a recall. I have not sent it back in the few years I've owned it. It looks all original to me. I just checked and there is no paperwork about it in the box. Thanks Pards! DD
  6. Strange, I'll see if my box is full. you can email me at bkost@columbus.rr.com\ Cleaned out my old messages so should work now I think.
  7. Selling my Colt Custom Shop model 01918 Black Army reproduction. It's new in the box with all the original papers etc.. It's been racked and handled, but never fired.Perfect for Wild Bunch Purist or Colt fan. I'm only selling it because I got an original. Willing to do face to face or ship to FFL. Asking 1450
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