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  1. Trying to reach my friend Non-Stop from the DFW area. Can someone pass me his address or number?
  2. You may want to consider Cimmaron Lightnings or Model P Jr, both 6-guns. Sexie Sadie has been shooting a pair of .38 Spl Lightnings for maybe 15 years now. I load light .38 special or more recently .38 long with 125gr bullets for minimal recoil. The birdhead grips are great for her small hands. She has tried them with black powder subs, but the close tolerance of these guns make for quick fouling. If BP is preferred, check out the .36 1862 Sheriff models (Pietta) from Dixie Gun Works. We have a pair of these and they are my favorites. You can probably convert them to cartridge.
  3. Sad to hear, Velvet is one of our favorite ladies. Prayers up and our hearts are out for her.
  4. Yul, you may have started an run on this. I'm trying it out too. For some immediate relief, ya'll might want to try this: Soak a gauze pad in caster oil. Place it on the affected area and wrap it in plastic wrap. Put heat on it for about 90 minutes than keep it on overnight. Clean it off in the morning. Works for me. I'll sometimes use it before a shoot to prevent/delay the irritation. Active ingredient is ricin, but at very low levels so it is not poisonous. A cheap temporary fix, but can get messy. I use it when the discomfort is there or I anticipate doing something to aggravate it, like shooting frontiersman.
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