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  1. Sad to hear, Velvet is one of our favorite ladies. Prayers up and our hearts are out for her.
  2. Yul, you may have started an run on this. I'm trying it out too. For some immediate relief, ya'll might want to try this: Soak a gauze pad in caster oil. Place it on the affected area and wrap it in plastic wrap. Put heat on it for about 90 minutes than keep it on overnight. Clean it off in the morning. Works for me. I'll sometimes use it before a shoot to prevent/delay the irritation. Active ingredient is ricin, but at very low levels so it is not poisonous. A cheap temporary fix, but can get messy. I use it when the discomfort is there or I anticipate doing something to aggravate it, like shooting frontiersman.
  3. Good advice above. Also check out Dixie Gun Works of Union, Tennessee. I have a variety of '51s, 60s, two '58 Remmies, (all .44s) and a pair of '61 .36 Sheriff models. All of these are Piettas. Mostly shoot the '60s, but my favorites are the Sheriffs from Dixie. I would suggest that wherever you buy them, try to do it in the store and check the feel and function, especially the indexing. All the colt replicas are fairly easy to work on. The Remmies feel stiff and clumsy to me and so are mostly safe queens. Welcome to the dark side!
  4. I agree that ladies shooting plainsman (or even frontiersman) should be allowed to cock pistols with the off hand even if they shoot with a traditional grip. I would think this would take a rule change by the TGs. For that matter, adding a duelist sub category would do the same thing. However, I don't think there are a sufficient number of Lady participants to make the categories. As it was, there were only 9 Frontiersmen participating at EOT this year. Matches smaller than EOT or WR would have a difficult time making those categories. I have been shooting Frontiersman for years now, love my C&B guns and I have bought a pair for Sexie Sadie. As our arthritis makes single hand cocking more difficult we will shoot our C&Bs in the Frontier Cartridge category to off-hand cock. The more that shoot BP, the better!
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