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  1. Just tried the website, but EOT photos not posted yet.
  2. Hi Tame Bill, Missed you if you were there, but then I missed a lot of people. Lorrie Lott took them. try www.asphoto.photoreflect.com or email at actionshots_photography@yahoo.com.
  3. Sadie found a giveaway double-wide jogging stroller which I turned into our gun cart. I built a wooden box to hold ammo and such and added ATV gun holders from Cabela's ($33) to the handles. The large wheels make it easy over rough ground. It folds up easily and fits in my HHR. Assembled it fits in my pickup. Fits four long guns. A single seat would have a smaller footprint. In any case, get the jogger for the bigger wheels and you can find one at Goodwill or other thrift store. I'd include a photo, but I'm already packing for EOT.
  4. Sadie and I met him at a couple of Hooten Holler annuals, a great guy. RIP my friend. Condolences to the family.
  5. Hey Smoky! I bought an Auto Breech lock last year to replace the Pro 1000 I used for about 25 years. I load .38LC, .38spl and 44-40 in BP sub and smokeless, and 45ACP. I especially like the breech lock rings and bought extras to accommodate the various Lee dies. I went ahead and upgraded to the newer auto-drum powder measure which allows me to preset measures for each caliber and easily change them out. I use the old universal case feeder for .38 and 45ACP, but hand feed the 44-40 in the open stage #3. The longer 44-40 case does not seem to feed as cleanly as the straight wall cases in the universal feeder. I have an old bullet feed kit, but I couldn't get it to work smoothly so I now hand feed all bullets. I started out with the new safety prime gadget, but had issues with it feeding primers right side up or at all, so now I hand feed primers too. This may sound like a lot of hand feeding, but it actually runs pretty smoothly once set up. I use a 3 die system and I can visually verify powder drop on stage 3 before the bullet feed. Stage 4 sets bullet depth and crimp. I use lock rings on the first two dies and a standard ring on the last because of crowding from the larger lock rings. It was definitely an ergonomic upgrade from the Pro 1000. You will want to get the bullet bin(s) and the bench plate if you are mounting on an existing bench. Also the Auto-Disk riser for the powder die. All-in all I am happy with it and found it affordable. I never came up with the extra for the blue machine either. Take your time and you will get into a nice rhythm, reloading shouldn't be a horse race anyway.
  6. Sad to hear. Sadie and I send our condolences.
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