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  1. Originally published (in B&W) in Yank Magazine during WWII.
  2. You may want to try Gunslinger, TG for the Oakwood Outlaws. He specializes in Baikals and has some hard to get parts. He cowboy-prepared my Remington Spartan made by Baikal. Gunslinger Sass 10706, aka Bob Sanders, Gunslinger Sporting Goods, 3903 Ovilla Rd, Red Oak, TX 75154, (972) 617-6511, gun1@chilitech.com
  3. Molly Bailey is a rescue heartworm survivor. She was about 2 when we picked her up in 2017, and had to keep her in a cage for 4 months which undergoing treatment. It took her a year or so to build up trust, but now she is an affectionate loving girl.
  4. Lola Montez took over the photo dog duties for a couple of years. First photo is her at 6 months old, 15 minutes before out of state family arrived for a visit. She is a Blue heeler/Dalmation and usually referred to as Crazy Dog.
  5. Lillie Langtry was our photo dog for 12 years before she retired. She had hundreds of friends across the country. She left us at 16 years old in 2017. Best dog we ever had.
  6. Allie Mo, thanks for keeping this going. I check it regularly for updates. Hang in there Freddy, we are with you!
  7. Sad to hear, Velvet is one of our favorite ladies. Prayers up and our hearts are out for her.
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