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  1. Congrats, Champ! Sounds like a bit of an ordeal.... Cheers, FJT
  2. American Gun Works, in Glendale, California has two of them on the shelf, right now... Cheers, FJT
  3. Great shooter, and an even better cowboy. Congratulations Stoney! FJT
  4. I had the pleasure of seeing Jim at California State. He worked over an old, beat up '97 I had, and turned it into my #1 WB shotgun, overnight. Oh, yeah; Jim Bowie is still around... Cheers, FJT
  5. I know there are other good smiths out there, but Shotgun Boogie and Lassiter are my go to guys. Cheers, FJT
  6. I know that the match directors at West End, Hole In The Wall, and Panorama Sportsman's Club, all here in Southern California, have courteous;y allowed me to shoot Wild Bunch at their regular cowboy matches on occasion. 5 rounds in the mags; shotgun can be stoked. Any target can be shot with the 1911, if the shooter is feeling especially frisky. Scoring is separate, of course. It's great fun, no annoyance to other shooters, and a different way to have fun! Cheers, FJT
  7. Big kudos to the Dixie Desperadoes for putting on a terrific match, last weekend! The range was immaculate (great shooter-friendly props, by the way!), the weather was glorious, and the event ran like clockwork. The match itself was a challenge one, but even my own fumble-fingered self only missed one target. Even the banquet was one of the best I've ever attended. Cheers to the trophied class, but everyone that attended was a winner. Cheers, FJT
  8. Sure had fun when I was there! Can't get farther west than that! Cheers, FJT
  9. Thanks for the heads up about the YouTubes of 2021 State! A pleasure shooting with you, and I hope you can make Double RR Bar's terrific annual match, next year! Best wishes, Mark FJT
  10. The competition model isn't too bad. If I had only the options you describe, I'd certainly run one at a match, and I would never do that with one that was stock out of the box. I don't know how good the internals are, or how long they'll last. But Wildbeard should bring you up to speed! Cheers, FJT
  11. Not quite in the window mentioned, but too good not to post. The Last Stand, in Florida; circa 2003... Lefty Longridge, Lusty Lil, Lead Dispencer, and FJT... Cheers, FJT
  12. Joyeux Noël et bonne année, Curly! Looking forward to seeing you in 2012!

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