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Reloading Trailer....

Rancho Roy

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A few days ago I asked about how folks that travel around the country handle "reloading" and "firearm maintenance" in a camper.


I use a small Pick-Up Truck camper. It is so small that you need to go outside to change your mind! Bada Bing!


Anyways, I have a motorcycle enclosed trailer that I decided to convert to a "Mobile Reloading Room"....and still be able to transport a motorcycle or two.


You can check out my progress at my web site as it is extremely picture heavy and too many pictures to post over here





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Just some information.

Back in the late 1990s when I got my FFL for commercial loading and reloading, I ask the ATF-E agent about this very thing.

A mobile shop that I could take from match to match and reload competitor's brass.


The answer was a resounding,"No!. A licensed manufacturing co or Re manufacturing co has to have and be located in a permanent location."

Each location you stop and and do business would require a separate license and permits to operate. Including local requirements.


If this is for personal use only, then you have no issues.


I personally decided against reloading at matches even for my personal use.

Far too many distractions.

Lots of equipment.

Always rushed.

It is easier to load in the shop at home and take enough with me for all the matches I plan to attend.,

It takes up less room for the loaded rounds and then the empty brass than all the equipment and supplies needed to load on the move.


Some will say it's the cost of enough brass.

Well the cost to modify a trail even if you already own the trailer is far more than a year's worth of new brass.


I will be watching your progress because I always like this idea.

I just couldn't get the numbers to work in favor of going it.

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I will be gone for upwards of six or seven months. Don't think I could bring enough loaded ammo with me. Plus I like to reload it is a stress relief. Only doing it for myself not enough time to do it for anyone else.

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I know Folks that have a "Toy-Hauler" Trailer and use the hauler part to house two Dillon 1050 presses and

loading supplies ... They both shoot and are gone from home for 6 or 7 months at a time ...

I have a press table (Metal) that mounts in a 2 inch hitch receiver ...



Jabez Cowboy

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I like what you did with your trailer I'm ordering a 20' v nose enclosed trailer with a bunch of extras. Part is at some shoots I'll be residing in it others it be storage for the utv and gear. I'm thinking I'm going to make it the reloading room also. I'm having the walls and roof insulated, it's got a gen box for the genset I've been dragging around in the back of my truck for years. It's going to have AC. I don't have the inverter or solar setup tet but I have one of the harbor freight 45 or 90 watt setups that might end up installed on the trailer. But like you I plan to have it plugged in or the genset running if power is needed. I like capt Baylor setup but yours is very nice also but I'm going the tool cabinet route either two one on each side or one that goes across. I need room for four presses on strong type mounts two Dillon 550 SxS a rcbs rock chucker and a MEC on the other end. I have primer chutes for the 550s I'm trying to decide one or two bottle to catch the primers. I like to have a similar setup for the rcbs and MEC that way primers are contained. I'm going to have bins for cases/hulls and bullets, the primers are loaded in to tubes for the Dillon and rcbs be nice MEC had a similar setup. I've a computer that tracks the strokes of the Dillion's alerting to non standard strokes of the ram. And if I forget to rotate the shell plate. Plus it keeps various counts like rate of loading, loaded this session or totaled loaded since last reset. I got some update parts for the Dillion's like the thrust washers setups and non metal detention ball. It came with knobs for various fasteners so you can tighten loosen or adjust powder charge without wrenches. Good luck on your setup. I don't get the trailer until mid September as it is being custom made.

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Blacked Cole, sounds like a great project. I'd like to know more about your computer interface with your Dillons. You should start a separate thread about it. Good luck with your trailer.

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You may want to look into being able to 'ground' that trailer when stop'd/camping to reduce static electricity.

That can play heck with your powder measure and if you use an electric scale.

When I was hauling explosives, we had a section of chain we drop'd to the ground and a 'slap-plate' we had to 'palm' when we entered the special made trailer.


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Time to spray the interior before the floor and ceiling go in:



I used a water based polyurethane. Excellent product! Allows you to whip down the wood with a damp rag to remove dust and the spray gun cleans up with soapy water. Dries amazingly fast! I put down three coats in three hours.



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