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  1. I've been in close proximity to a few celebrities but the time I remember actually meeting some was while I was stationed at Pope AFB. In 1987 Bobe Hope did the Air Force 40th birthday show there and because of us being in engineering we spent a lot of time working at the show site which takes days to actually film. Lots of celebrities were there including Ronald Reagan, whose hand I shook so I suppose that counts. What was really cool though was that during rehearsals we got to sit and watch and Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, and Glen Cambell kept coming out and sitting with me and some buddies. Bas
  2. Hang on, let me ask my dad.... just kiddddding mom. We always had our milk delivered when I was growing up. We still even have them around here, and had it delivered when our kids were well kids. It was a bit speedy once we didn't need as much milk. Not sure what they would have done if the milk was still left out
  3. Thanks pards, all great info. I'll download that From ingot to target PDF. I got the Lyman casting book for Christmas and have been perusing the LASC site. GJ I like your methods with mixing those various lead alloys to get the hardnesses you want, in fact I copied and pasted your post into a document to save. I've been reading about mixing lead, tin, and antimony and that doesn't sound fun. A guy I went to high school with owns a scrap metal/ wrecking company and sells lead for .75 a pound. Don't know what it is exactly but I'm assuming a lot of WW's and such. I calculated out some prices to
  4. I am a member over at cast boolits also and will probably ask over there too, but I like this forum better so I thought I'd ask here. I want to start casting my own bullets as an added little something to do, because I like do it yourself stuff. My question is about alloys. I like the idea of casting my own bullets but honestly the idea of mixing my own alloys right now doesn't sound appealing. I've read a little about BNH and velocities etc and it sounds like with lower velocities you want softer lead ( but not pure) and for higher velocities you want harder lead. A friend recommended 20
  5. I have only used Remington primers in all sizes but only because that's what was available the first time I bought them, so I've kept buying them. Never had a problem with them and they are one of the "safe" brands for a Lee press.
  6. Haha, yeah he never ages either. I think there is even supposed to be an episode that takes place in the early 1900's so it probably a span of 40 years. I was really chuckling at his clothing, guns, leather in the Quantrill episode when he was "Matt Clark Railroad Detective and Union Spy" all about 10 years early at least. It is fun though, and I like how they have fictional adventure with a real life character then at the end of the episode explain what eventually actually happened to them.
  7. My wife bought me a DVD set for Christmas of a western series from the mid 50's called Stories of the Century starring Big Jim Davis as railroad detective Matt Clark. In each episode Matt somehow becomes involved in a rollicking and feisty adventure with various notorious outlaws and villains of the old west. The validity of the facts are of course in question but it's a pretty entertaining show to say the least. I have only watched a few of the episodes so far but what's rather strange is that sprinkled amongst the episodes of the first disc are episodes of he show Judge Roy Bean. No mention
  8. I got a new loading manual, a book on bullet casting, and a new digital scale.......but the best part was that when we were over at my wife's parents for our Christmas Eve gathering, my 2 year old grandson who has not started talking much and really only says "oh no" and "yay" thought I was leaving when I walked outside for a minute and started running after me yelling "pop pop"....
  9. I've always loved everything, cowboy, old west, guns, and shooting. A pard of mine at work and I would talk about old west guns all the time and one day he mentioned having been involved in Cowboy Action Shooting (he has a 4 digit SASS number) and was thinking about getting active again. I got interested in it and went to see a local match with my wife. As soon as I saw it and met the people I was hooked. I couldn't believe there was something so fun where you dressed up as a cowboy and shot old west style guns. While I was there I was instantly approached by a couple pards named Shinbone Sho
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