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  1. I am very sorry to report that the Miakka Misfits Easter Match has been cancelled. The shooting range has decided to close this Sunday April 21st for Easter and will reopen on April 25th. We were very much looking forward to the match. Hope to see you May 19th!!
  2. Snakebite, I was fortunate that I was able to buy mine a few years ago and it was around $400 back then. A lot of the other wood cart makers are gone so there may be less competition and this is a very well thought out cart so I suspect the company is able to sell for the higher price. Regarding your comment about Yul Lose, I agree completely. His carts are pure works of art! Crossfire
  3. Howdy Snakebite! I went back to wood after using a Rugged Gear for two years. Nothing wrong with it at all, I just like the feel and look of wood. Here is what I have and really like it. Folds up real nice. https://www.mustangwoodcrafters.com/ Crossfire
  4. Griff and Deuce, I had real concerns that the part could have come from powder area of the 550 so I kept checking my charge weight about every ten rounds. It stayed consistent at 4.1 to 4.2. None lower than 4.1 and none higher than 4.2. I also always visually check the powder in the casing as I rotate the base plate. Everything looked perfect. I have the part back in and the bar seems to move exactly the same. I just made 10 rounds and checked the charge weight 3 times with (1) at 4.2 and (2) at 4.1. I will use the 250 for practice but I think they are pretty good. Thanks to everyone for your help and advise. I know when I ask here I am getting the best advise there is!! Crossfire
  5. Good photo Chicken George, I can see it!! Thanks much!!
  6. Thanks Cheyenne!! I will check on it first thing in the morning when I go to the barn. Now that I know where to look I am sure I can see it on the other one. I kept checking the powder weight just in case it was from there somewhere but the weight stayed perfect. Dillon make a heck of a machine. Keeps on working right even missing a part. Thanks again!
  7. While pulling the handle down this part (white 3/8" x 3/8" plastic nut or spacer) popped off my Dillon 550. I cannot figure out where it goes. The press continues to work perfect and I loaded another 250 rounds. I have two 550s setup and I cannot find this part on the other 550 either. From how it came at me I believe it came form around the dyes or powder bar or drop. I am not sure however because it happened very quick. I am guessing that probably everyone knows where this goes except for me and that's ok. When it comes to reloading I am one of the least bright bulbs in the box. Thanks for your help! Crossfire
  8. Crossfire Brown SASS# 85220 Miakka Misfits Myakka, Florida Joined SASS around 2009 competing mounted for the first year before shooting from the ground.
  9. A lot of westerns are being released and made. We all need to enjoy this while it lasts! CB
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