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  1. I use them for weight bags using spentprimers in a sealed plastic bag so the residue doesn’t get sent everywhere
  2. I guess the one I bought before I quit shooting and had Johnny meadows go through was a steal for less 2k back 5-10 years ago. Looks like I could double my money except the reason I bought it then is the same reason it isn’t for sale it’s a USA made 38-40 I just needed a us made shotgun to have all us made guns for classic cowboy. I’ve three original winchesters from the turn of the 20th century the 73, a mod 97 and mod 12. I concierge these to be the Crown Jewels of my collection. Next would be my 2 USFA SAA’s and my Kimber 1911.
  3. Any 1911 mags will work some are better than Kimber’s mag others are equal to worst than Kimber. Hit your local stores and see if they drop free if not keep searching. Or order the good ones online shouldn’t be hard to find 1911 mags .
  4. Nice tools I have the 308 and rimfire ones my buddy got the 338 lapula one but I have shot it yet he is working all the time.
  5. I've used rebar when starting out also after reading an article on shooting steel and splash back or splatter I can see the concern for some ranges that use wide berms and more than one stage on a berm because believe it or not splatter can be focused since it is going off at an angle to what ever the lead hits. It's a predictable angle something in the neighborhood of 35 degrees from the surface that's why if you look at the plates that are angled down you'll normally see a trough of lead in front of it parallel to the soggy line or it heads off to the side berm that's why sass recommends th
  6. If some one needs to borrow them I have a pair or roas blue 5,5" barrels and a h&r handi rifle in 38-55 if some one wants to shoot plainsman be sure to contact me so we can work out the details.
  7. Wider are you coming out to eot? If so would you be able to tweak what looks like a nib Marlin 1894 cowboy compitition 38 Spc?

    1. Widder, SASS #59054

      Widder, SASS #59054

      Hi Blackey.


      EOT is out of my travel plans, as usual.


      The Bunkhouse Boss and I have started our 'house painting' and updating project, which will probably take most of my time and $$$.


      Right now, it looks like the only big summer match I will get to is Black Gold in KY., which is only 2 hrs away.


      Thanks for asking and I hope you have a good trip.


      As for the Marlins, I have also slowed down on their work because of the house work.   Marlins take a lot of time but the Henry .22 does not.   I still plan to work on those when they come to me.


      Slick McClade will probably be at EOT and he might be able to help with your Marlin.


      Have a great day.




  8. I used to prefer the Kirtpatrick Long Hunter 09 holsters but got tired of relocating then last year I switched to mernickle gunfighters
  9. Another that is well versed with the pump rifle is Lassiter
  10. As long as it doesn't have an ejector if my memory serves right
  11. I need to get a platform on the back that fits in a receiver plus the receiver
  12. Planning on dropping my old 550s off while I'm out for wr
  13. I hope to make it this year if I can figure out how to get my cart there might fit in the passenger seat of the smart car
  14. thats what it sounds like to me the cattlemans are closed frame guns the open tops are not the frame must be flexing and not reseating the primer
  15. I found the info it was Springfield slim for the round bills the other was for something else. I had to wait on him to run a batch but they came.
  16. Come to think of it that maybe where I got them I put mine in old dog treat jugs since the box was broke down from the weight
  17. Widder you Box is full please empty so I can send you a pm.tia
  18. I bought a grand once they were a little harder than the ones I was use to but worked fine I wish I could remember where I got them it was a cas bullet supplier out of Alabama iirc.
  19. Glad they were able to make you a happy customer
  20. Have you checked with Johnny meadows for a baikal?
  21. Dang computer thinks it knows what I want it to say
  22. Do you still need the conversion kit? I think I may have it but will have to look to verify it. If I do maybe you have one I need and we can swap out or you can buy a used one on eBay and send it to me.
  23. I have a outfit from Coon creek but the pants are two large more in the range of 46-48. The belt isnt a problem since they are adjustable. Kept is worn look, saddler Sgt strips on the blouse the blue pull over you never put strips on them as that's a Hollywood thing, have a holster couple different saber rigs plus a NCO saber Hat covered, if you want I have a vest that you can wear under the blouse or you can go with the pull over shirt. If you go the vest and blouse route a pain earth tone shirt of your choosing will work I wore white most of the time.suspenders white canvas prefered, pan
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