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  1. Boomstick's got some in Leonard texas.

    1. Two Spurs

      Two Spurs

      Talked to him yesterday. Thanks mucho.  Y'all going to SW Regional?

    2. Jackaroo, # 29989

      Jackaroo, # 29989

      Yea man, it's our backyard??

  2. Midwayusa gets them in all the time.  Hit the notify me link and it will send you an email when they're back in stock.



    1. Two Spurs

      Two Spurs

      I've done that but was hoping someone might have a pair laying around.

      Thanks and Best to ya!

      Two Spurs

  3. Let me give ya somethin else to be grumpy about..... it was sunny and in the low 70's today here in the Texas Hill Country. I want my fresh cup of coffee and a cookie for sharing that exciting news!
  4. Sunny and I had lots of fun and laughs. Got to enjoy talking a spell with Jim No Horse as well. A great day indeed.
  5. Very unique cool. Great detail- especially the wheel spoke covers and rim paint.
  6. ................right up until the point where you mentioned that. Now someone will attempt to get them on the "E" list.
  7. A double duelist '97 leftie? That's allowed in New England???
  8. Thanks Billy. Thanks Grizz. Will do.
  9. So you are saying that Red Cent makes leather peeves....or leather for peeves?
  10. Howdy all, A request from my bride Sunny Spurs. She shoots left handed (double strong side) and is looking for some action videos to work on her transitions moving from left to right on a stage. Any suggestions of names for some solid shooting lefties shooting double strong side pistols? Thanks.
  11. Is the Siege at San Juan City (in Montrose, Colorado) happening this year? Was looking through an old Chronicle and saw the write up from 2014. Looks like a wagon load of fun.
  12. Very well done young lady! You handled that like a pro! I'm sure dad is really happy to tag along with ya now! ("who's that?" "Oh, I forget his name, but that's Kaya's dad...")
  13. +2 behind Possum Skinner. Good job Roy B. You guys keep on enjoying the fun!
  14. Saturday the 14th- Darby Rough Regulators. These guys are about an hour and 15 minutes from Katy (depending on where in Katy of course) and are a great club to shoot at. Super folks. http://www.darbyroughregulators.com/ Enjoy!
  15. Roy, If you did end up running with the double trigger Stoeger, (and you're right handed) you can always flip the triggers. Some will say it doesn't make a difference but I did for me when running one a few years ago. (Before I ended up with an SKB...) Larsen Pettifogger did an article on it some years back that couldn't have been written up any better. Took me about 4 hours. Others trying mind ended up flipping theirs also. Enjoy the adventure!
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