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  1. I spoke with Taylor yesterday. Yes, Cody does the action jobs on the rifles.
  2. Three years ago, $64 a case with the Winchester Summer Rebate........Now $129 case....DOUBLE!
  3. Doc, your email isn't working. I'm interested! Can you send a couple pictures? What is the overall condition? Price and Location? Thanks rvb100 at comcast dot net Rancho Roy
  4. Looking for a cowboy gunsmith tuned, short stroked, pistol grip, 1873 Uberti in 38/357 Must feed 38 Specials reliably Codymatic preferred, but will consider others. Please email me... rvb100@comcast.net
  5. Thanks everyone. But now i have to wait for Cody to find some 38/357 with pistol grip.
  6. Thank You.....Just found a few recent threads where folks are still singing the Codymatic praise......Guess I just need to order one!
  7. I have an older Codymatic.....At least ten years old, maybe more. Bought it from a widow whos cowboy passed. Love the rifle. Never had an issue with it. My wife wants one......Anyone bought a Codymatic recently? Any comments on quality, reliability, etc...... Are the same smiths that did mine, still doing current modifications? Thanks!
  8. When I started this game, I went 38-40 for rifle and revolvers.......A few years ago I switched my rifle and my handguns and my wifes handguns to 38 special. But my wife kept shooting a 38-40.....Now I want everything to be 38 special. I have a Uberti 38 barrel and half a dozen 45 and 38-40 rifles......Thinking about convertting her rifle to 38 if the bolt is a relatively easy fit. I've rebarreled dozens of rifles and handguns so that is no issue. The lathe and reamers stand ready.....
  9. Uberti 1873 Anyone know if a 38 bolt would fit in a 45 frame (receiver)??
  10. A fellow at the last Wild Bunch meet showed me this very simple modification to the 1897 so you never have to push the little button on the side to cycle the action. A center punch and 30 seconds of your time. The displaced metal simply hold down the little thingy that stops the action from cycling unless you depress the cycle button. What am I missing here? What aren't 1897 gunsmiths performing this simple modification? Seems to work great.....
  11. Needed a few practice targets for my wife and I to practice with. Went to the steel supply house and wanted A550 but they had a truck load of HR450 which is almost as hard, but a whole lot less $$. Four pieces of 3/8 X 16" X 16" was a bit under $150 Four 10' pieces of #5 (5/8") rebar a few big washers and a bit of welding and heat bending and they came out pretty good!
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