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  1. Trust me....Buying an RV like buying a boat is NEVER a sound financial decision....NEVER! But that's not the point. I stayed in motels my first year or two. Missed way too much. Actually didn't enjoy going to three day shoots. Now I consider the camping at events easily 55% of the fun of a weekend shoot. No question. The campfire, the ApplePie Moonshine, The Blueberry Cobbler, the Pot Luck Dinners, the absolute frivolity can't be missed!
  2. Driftwood....Great score! I saw that rifle and it tugged at me.....But I have an 1889 in 38-40 in amazing condition. But then again, you can't have too many old guns, can ya! BTW....It amazes me at how many guns I've seen at various Cabelas that were mis identified. I've made some amazing purchasers as I traveled around the country and visited the Gun Libraries. Did you see the nice Winchester Low Walls they had a couple months ago.........Great deals
  3. When Reno Brown is traveling with me I drag my 20' Toy Hauler......Lots of room for "stuff" and built heavier than a standard tow behind trailer.... But this year, when I'm going alone, the trailer is staying home and the RTT (Roof Top Tent) will be used
  4. I've used boiling water with sugar.......Dip boot upside down keeping foot and sole out of the boiling water. Put something in boot to hold shape and hang upside down to dry.
  5. Rancho Roy


    Add to this a stage that can be shot many different ways and by a Gun Fighter!!!
  6. Many of the police departments that use the range I supervise have switched to 45APC and use ammo with small primers. I have thousands of once fired cases with small primers. But I don't use them in Wild Bunch as a courtesy to my fellow pards. Getting a few small primer shells mixed up with your large primer cases can be a bad day at the reloading bench. I use them for practice and plinking only.
  7. Another...(Hope no one is using this method in a restaurant!)
  8. Put eggs, room temp or right from refrigerator into water. Water can be hot or cold. Bring water to boil. Once boiling, shut off heat and let sit for them minutes. Perfect hard boil every time. i owned a restaurant for a bit and was in charge of making egg salad. Must have boiled thousands of eggs in my time.
  9. Will we be allowed to "Steam Punk" our firearams for Comn At Cha's themed Steam Punk match? Like these? https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Steampunk+Weapons&FORM=IRBPRS&=0
  10. Filling out my 2020 calendar.... Is the Georgia Stampede At South River on Wednesday, Thursday Friday , May 13-15, 2020 at stated on the application form???
  11. I open the link to this forum I click on "Unread Content" I click on a particular thread Once I click on that thread, then return to the forum, the thread I just read disappears. Can't go back to it. Any way to set up my forum so this doesn't happen?
  12. Any "Techno" band would be acceptable.........Devo certainly!
  13. The amount of manual labor back then is amazing! (And shirts and ties!) The new AirBus factory in Alabama is building huge jet airliners with only 1500 employees. Robots do the bulk of the work. Just a few years ago, a factory building these planes would have 15,000 employees.
  14. Don't you just love living here in MA.......Was in a gun shop in Middletown RI a couple days ago. They has a Colt 1851 Richard Mason conversion (Uberti) for $299......Nope, I live in Assachusetts.....No certified for sale here! I have over a dozen friends that have moved to MO, TN, MT, etc over the past few years................All report a MUCH better way of life and a MUCH higher standard of living.....Need to think about this!
  15. Best thing I ever did in my reloading room was make it bigger and put one of these benches right in the middle. When you are helping folks with a rifle, they are not standing behind you, trying to look over your shoulder. They can easily see what you are doing from the opposite side of the bench. And the vise is used often to hold barrels for cleaning, honing and other work. Can't beat the price! And one of the better made items from Horrible Fright
  16. The south american model 92s were indeed "hit or miss" for quite a while. In the last few years I bought a couple of the Miroku Winchester Model 92s and they are superb and lend themselves favorably to be "breathed on"..... Problem is, they cost as much or more than a Ubertiu 73/66......And the Uberti has much better aftermarket support and are much easier to make Go Fast. But I'm loving the 92! I even converted a Rossi to takedown....... http://rvbprecision.com/shooting/rossi-1892-winchester-take-down-conversion.html
  17. Or a Steam Engine...........Stay Tuned!
  18. I think this years Com'n At Cha's theme is Steam Punk? Bet I could make a great Steam Punk cart out of this!
  19. My review of the ICECO VL45 refrigerator freezer is up on my web site with lots of pictures and initial testing. If you are camping at SASS events and are using a cooler and ice, this might be of interest Hope it helps keep the beer cold! http://rvbprecision.com/shooting/iceco-vl45-portable-refrigerator-freezer-review.html
  20. With a 20% off coupon, those Harbor Freight welding carts are a great deal even if you are only going to use the wheels. You can't believe how much better pnumatic tires are until you try them!
  21. Thanks...Will be my first time at your shoot. Can't wait. I hear its amazing! Well, that's what Fast Eddie said.....
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