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  1. "Welding is Knitting for Men...." I love to weld! Just finished a quarantine trailer I bought a couple weeks ago to give me something to do.....Lots of cutting and welding!
  2. I wrote this on my FB page..... Remember when you were in High School and you had a crush on a particular boy or girl.......You'd get in your car and drive slowly by their house....Maybe, Just maybe they would be in the window or outside in the yard and you could see them.......................................................................................................................................Well that's what I'm doing with my grandkids now........
  3. Thanks Scout! Much appreciated! Jabez....I shoot all my guns Holy Black at times. But usually I use an original 1873 Winchester or an 1881 0r 1889 Marlin, Or a Whitney/Kennedy all in 38-40....With a pair of 1860 London conversions.......Lets keep it real here!
  4. Went to the range this AM.......The 4g and 5g RED DOT load under the 140G bullet did not work out great. Both loads had primers back out and locked up the cylinder. Not enough pressure to keep the case against the recoil shield. Now I could enlarge the primer holes a bit and that might solve the issue, but I don't want to go down that path. These were real "mouse fart" loads.....I doubt they were making minimum power factor. I'll need to figure out where to go from here for these 140g bullets. I tried the same load under a 165g bullet with good results....no backed out primers. The heavier bullet allows the cartridge to build up more pressure. Recoil was mild. About like my wife's 38spl with 125g bullets. Onward and forward!
  5. I have a few of these old S&W revolvers. Thank you Driftwood for a great post. Extremely informative.
  6. Thanks folks. Looking for minimum power factor. I've been shooting 5g TB under a 180 and although great in the rifle, a bit much in the revolver.
  7. I’m loading 4g and 5g of RedDot under 140g bullets. Will try them out tomorrow. If it stops raining!
  8. I want to load some 140g lead bullets I have in my 38-40 revolvers (not rifle) What ya got for a recipe?
  9. I have a large spray bottle of alcohol next to the door. Before a package comes into the house it gets sprayed....remains outside an hour or two.....then opened outside and individual content sprayed. If the sun is out, it is spread out in the sun for an hour or so. My wife is a very susceptible to this virus with high probability of negative effects. If I leave the house and go anywhere where folks might congregate, when I come home, she retires to her office and I undress in the laundry room and all my clothes are washed and the room sanitized..... Not sure any of this helps, but it makes her feel better.....So what the heck!
  10. This is a crazy Smok'n Deal! Those dies are $$$$$$....
  11. I posted this on my FB page so my kids and family around the country can know what we are up to.: My Saturday morning supply run.... 9AM...Stop and Shop Grocery...20-30 people, shelves are quite bare, no meats, few breads, no Half and Half, No tuna, very few package sandwich meats...Deli looked good, lots of produce...No one in self checkout so no distance issues. 9:30AM...CVS Pharmacy...4 people...seemed well stocked. No Tylenol but did have generic. Floor was marked out with tape to maintain CDC recommended distance 9:45AM...Drove by Shooting Supply Gun Shop on way to meat market. They open at 10am and there was 20-25 folks in parking lot 10AM...RT6 Westport Meat Market...There are two within a few hundred yards of each other. The new facility, just opened recently was closed with sign on door to check FB for when they would reopen. The older, established butcher shop was open. 6 people waiting for meats. I got 5# Hamburg and 4 one inch beautiful steaks. Very fair prices. 10:30... State Road Liquor store...I was only one in there. Extremely well stocked 10:45....Drive back by the gun shop....At least 50-60 people in parking lot. Parking lot full with cars parked for quite a distance on side of RT6.....Not sure I understand this whole thing... Home now and totally decontaminated....helping Karen make her world famous Lasagna...from scratch! Yum! Have a wonderful weekend!
  12. Yup, Hess got m,e once with the green handle trick....I caught it at 18 galons! in a near empty tank....Moved the truck 20' out of the way, walked across the street and bought three 6 gallon gas cans and a piece of tubing. Siphoned all the gas out and filled it with diesel. Started it up and put another 190,000 miles on that 2006 Dodge with zero issues. Ever run a Honda 360 Motorcycle on Colman fuel? Back in the gas crisis of the 70's, newly married wife and I went on a two up motorcycle trip. Couldn't buy gas up in Vermont. Found Colman fuel and a quart of motor oil. In the tank it went. Drove 300 miles home with engine pinging like nobodies business....Bike ran for many thousand miles afterwards with no issues....Can't kill an old Honda!
  13. Here in Massachusetts we pay $100 for the privilege to buy ammo and mail order ammo and all mail order reloading components have been banned for years. To buy a plastic wad to reload a shotgun shell you must attend at least 4 hours of classroom, apply to your local police department for an LTC or an FID, pay $100 and wait weeks if not months for your permit......
  14. How about "A Ballad about a Ballard"...This is an article I wrote for Single Shot Exchange magazine Ballad about a Ballard Article A few more here....RVB Precision Firearm Articles
  15. Are you sure nic asks for serial number? I thought it only asked type, rifle, shotgun, handgun....no?
  16. With everyone in your neighborhood working from home, I'm willing to bet your internet connection will be really slow today......Just saying
  17. The percent numbers will go way down with regard to deaths, the more folks they test. They know exactly how many have passed, but they do not know how many have CV
  18. Lee Shaver is one of the best and at reasonable prices and turn around. The man loves his work!
  19. RANGE REPORT.... The lead bullets that came with the rifle keyhole at lower velocity. Might be a bore size issue. With enough powder they expand enough to be marginally accurate and no key holing.....3-5" at 50 yds Jacketed bullets shoot great! An inch +/- at 50 yds and hitting 12" X 12" steel plate at 200 yds consistently......Very pleased! I ordered some gas check bullets to experiment with and will cast some oversize bullets to try..... It has potential!
  20. I took that Lyman 1878 to the range yesterday........Once again I hate Lyman tang sights. No windage adjustment, no elevation clicks or other markings. Very hard to adjust accurately. Had a hard time even getting on paper.Pulled that sight off and installed a far superior Marbles.....Windage adjustment, click stop elevation.....With a Lee Shaver "Hadley" adjustable iris eye cupMore Bettah!Going back today for more testing...... I took that Lyman 1878 to the range yesterday........Once again I hate Lyman tang sights. No windage adjustment, no elevation clicks or other markings. Very hard to adjust accurately. Had a hard time even getting on paper.Pulled that sight off and installed a far superior Marbles.....Windage adjustment, click stop elevation.....With a Lee Shaver "Hadley" adjustable iris eye cupMore Bettah!Going back today for more testing......
  21. Hi KR and STB! Miss you this year. Hope all is well. Will we see you in GA?
  22. A while back, a friend of mine and I were having this conversation.......We decided that the 257 Roberts Ackley was the absolute "All Around Cartridge" for North America. I designed and built the "VAC" rifle......If I could only keep one..... http://rvbprecision.com/shooting/the-vac-rifle.html
  23. During the past year I've been selling off a few firearms to help support other hobbies and some travel. I vowed, at 67 years old, I'd stop buying firearms. Most of the guns I sold I never fired! Out of all the guns I sold, I only regret selling one of them.....A Ruger Blackhawk, 3-Screw, Unconverted, 4.5" barrel in 41 Magnum......Here in Massachusetts a handgun must have been in the state before 1998 for it to be grandfathered, otherwise it can not be transferred in from another state and sold to a Massachusetts resident. (I hate living here but grandkids has my wife firmly anchored...) So months ago I start looking for another BH/3screw/41Mag.......Like finding a unicorn here in MA! Wednesday I sold a very nice Remington 11-87 to a fellow and did the FFL transfer at a gun shop that was some distance from my house, but equal distance for both of us to drive. This gun shop had two 3-screw, unconverted Ruger BHs. But both in 38/357 (although one had the extra 9mm cylinder!) ....But I wanted a 41 Magnum... I left that shop and went two miles to another shop in the area...Just to look around. Sure enough, way in the back of the gun case was a 4.5" Ruger BH, 3-screw.....I couldn't see the caliber, but the bore was easily seen to not be 38 cal. I had him pull it out and nearly pissed myself!!! It was Identical to the one I let get away. He wanted $700....I had an envelope with $600 in it from the sale of the shotgun a few minutes before....I threw the envelope on the counter and said it was all the $$ I had on me. He accepted my offer! And I'm a VERY happy camper! But it doesn't end here..... A few weeks ago, a fellow on this forum was selling a Lyman Sharps Model 1878 in 30-30 caliber. (Thanks Hillbilly Drifter) These are actually Sharps 1877 rifles, but are called 1878 to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Lyman Gun Sight Company. They limited production to 140 rifles. (this one is #13) The price was VERY, VERY fair and included brass, bullets, dies.....It was listed for a couple weeks. I couldn't believe it didn't sell. On Saturday morning, while drinking coffee and reading this forum, I saw he relisted it. I was sure he had finally sold it. I emailed him and made arrangements to send funds immediately. He shipped it before he received payment. Talk about the Cowboy Way! A few days later it showed up at fellow SASS member, Chico's, gun shop......Well, I'm totally in love! Now I have a 1859, 1863, 1874, 1875 and 1877 Sharps rifles in the rack! Can't wait to take it deer hunting and long range side matches....Look out Deadhead! I'm com'n ta get ya and Lyman's com'n with me!
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