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Winter Range is Coming Soon

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What? :(

You didn't know about those critters they come out about dusk, so they are hard to see, thats why no guns in town after five, because WR has to have a few sacrifices to the rabbits so the Wx stays nice.



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The match starts two days earlier than normal this year to make sure the Wild Bunch shooters can shoot the WB match and then the Wednesday side matches and warm up matches to get ready for the cowboy action shoot. As a result, set-up also had to start earlier than normal. The people that have shown up this week to volunteer to help with set-up are unbelievable. Many are new and although the work is hard, everyone seems to be having a good time and the stages are already nearing completion. Vendors are starting to arrive and setting up and shooters are arriving and looking over the stages. With lots of radio ads and good press in the local newspaper in addition to a record number of shooters, it also looks like there will be a record number of visitors to watch the match, view the entertainment and to shop at the 100 vendors in vendor row. Don't forget, the Registration tent will be open starting at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, February 19, for shooter check-in and packet pick-up.

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Thanks for all the updates, adds even more anticipation and excitement to the wait. Wife and I pull out in the morning. Motorhome and Chevy Colorado toad are loaded. Hope we make it so Nuttn and Bone can shoot. ha. Look forward to my #13 WR. See ya soon I hope.


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Marble Falls, TX to Denver, CO to Reno, NV to Denver, CO to Harrisburg, PA to Denver, CO to Phoenix AZ.... Google says it's 7,098 miles. Show season this year has been a mix of long hours; sore feet; and a big smile. And now it's time for WINTER RANGE the SASS National Championships of Cowboy Action shooting.


YEEEE HAAAAWWWW... Bet if I had a new GPS it would have been a shorter way to get here but I made it. B)


The place looks fantastic! The weather is warm and forecast to stay that way! CHECK IT OUT! WINTER RANGE WEATHER

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Well boys & girls the weather forecast is looking good, here is the latest: Hope I don't jinx us.



Weather forecast



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Thanks Lou. :wub:

Really, I mean it.


(You know how hard it's gonna be to get through the next 3 days of high 30's now that you said that?)


Only good part is that in 3 days I'll be in sunny Arizona with ya!

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I was over at Ben Avery today in the afternoon at the regular range to shoot. In a T-Shirt and jeans. No jacket, overcoat, long underwear, none of that! YEE HAW.



Hummm? are you saying that you aren't wearing any underware!


Snakebite :ph34r:

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Guest Cactus Cris SASS#2790

Snakebite- that conjers up a vision!! :rolleyes:


Was out there today to set up camper-WOW the bar has been set way high. Not only are the stages well designed the props are beyond belief!! If the shooter don't get the feeling of actually being back in the "old west" while he/she is shooting, they have something wrong with their heads. Can you say "above and beyond" Zak and crew--beyond belief!!!! B)

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Oh boy...........................here we go.................. :FlagAm: :FlagAm:


We got into Phoenix last night................up this morning and headed over to Cowtown...........met some old friends and some new ones too........watched them shoot Wild Bunch for awhile................then headed over to see what WR was looking like......


WOW - kewl and great as usual.............. same as above.....saw some old friends and met some new ones..........((((( great sport we have here)))).......RANGE IS LOOKING GREAT.............some stages have extra SG on them.........


and there is a Bowling Ball Stage.......................oh boy.....gonna be a interesting shoot fer sure............... :ph34r::wub:;)B):D


more to come....................regards........Wolf

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Well boys & girls the weather forecast is looking good, here is the latest: Hope I don't jinx us.



Weather forecast




22 degrees and light snow while I was packing the truck tonight. Those 70-80 degree days sound more like it. Looking forward to hitting the road in the morning.


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Very busy day today but I'll try to get a few pics added, especially for those that can't make it this year. Shooters and vendors are pouring in and the weather looks like it should be perfect. Sunny and 70. Photobucket got these out of the order I wanted, so I'll just add a little text on the fly.


Entry to the Registration Tent




Testing the Bowling Ball Can Launcher



The Riverboat



The Train (Evil Roy Shooting School in the Background)



The Depot



Part of the Army Camp



The New Barber Shop, Telegraph Office and Post Office



Antique Wagon that is Part of Stage 1



The New Livery



A Member of the Beautification Committee



The Beautification Committee at Work (Facades are repainted each year. Among lots of other items, the Committee touches up any damage incurred during set-up.)



Touching Up the Saloon



The Saloon



There are Hundreds of Decortative Items all over Winter Range. Even the Trees have Decorations in Them.




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