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  1. Mr. S. Bull, The fact that you found him sexy at all gives us cause to worry.
  2. The PV Un-jammer tool is specially shaped and sized to be able to get inside the '73 mechanism and do the Un-jamming magic. To do this, it must be very thin and very strong. It is therefore made from high quality spring steel. Redwing makes beautiful screwdrivers of heavy Damascus steel and they work well as screwdrivers but they are not sized or intended to do the '73 Un-jamming. Although the PV Un-jammer can be used to "snug up" a screw it is not intended to be able to really torque a screw down. Two different products for two different purposes.
  3. I was under the the impression that SASS was "Not For Profit" which is certainly different than "Non-profit" If I am incorrect, I apologize but I do believe Sass announced that they were going to "Not for Profit" a few years ago If you contend that SASS (not non-profit) sponsors a non-profit event, via "SASS Western Heritage event," and all the revenue is separately accounted and not co-mingled, I am duly impressed with your accounting. Again, I apologize if I seem skeptical and especially if I miss-spoke or remain dubious. But, I can still remember a 2007 SASS Cowboy Chronicle issue (Sept.? Aug.?, Oct.? I still have a copy somewhere) that stated that SASS had decided that they would no longer skim the SASS Scholarship fund for other needs. I realize there are individuals trying to improve the management of the organization, but history is a hard thing to erase. Respectfully, Palo Verde
  4. I have a first year production Bearcat for sale (I think 1958?) -- alphabet serial -- excellent condition If that works for you, please contact me 480-516-8895 pvgunworks@gmail.com
  5. That is a super good price! $650. for a million serial number and already cut to 20"?? In fact, it's so good I'll buy it myself
  6. There is a reason why Winter Range is the largest Cowboy Action Shooting Match in the world. And Winter Range is a non-profit.
  7. G. Joe gives good advise, as usual. I would add to also look at the lifter arm cam -- the point where the spring rides. The points can wear down and result in the problem described. This is especially common in lifter arms in kits that are not hardened, such as from Pioneer. Simple fix is to add metal (weld) and re-cut.
  8. Stopsign, Can't receive messages? That's curious. try pvgunworks@gmail.com Palo Verde
  9. I have a Uberti '73 - .45LC - Has some dings Has has had some work done - $895. a decent rifle I didn't do the work, got it in a deal --- Palo Verde
  10. Dang! That's a fine deal for hard bounds , Mr. Medadows. Never heard of such a set == collector editions I suppose.
  11. Peso Bill, If you are still looking, I have: .45LC Navy Arms Schofield 7” brl. “fired once” #5966 NHNN $675.
  12. Them looks right fancy! With just a touch of rustic If I had hopes of getting a buckle or trophy, I'd be gettin' one to display it in
  13. Or, you can get the entire DVD showing how to clear all three common '73 jams here https://pvgunworks.com/
  14. HJSM ammo is apparently not intended for Cowboy Action Shooting -- according to their folks at the factory. Had a customer come in twice in one week with obvious overpowered loads damage to his '73 (bent toggles). Both out of same box of HSM ammo. I called HSM to discuss the problem and try to figure out if something special had happened to a batch of ammo or if different ammo got mixed in or ....? I was told (by HSM) that: their "ammo is not intended for Cowboy Action shooting" and that "the picture on the box is just something the marketing people came up with" That is what the manufacturer told me. Your mileage may vary.
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