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  1. Tex, In response to your request: I've got a pre-safety Rossi 92, 20 inch, .357 -- pretty nice condition, action job, Palo Verde Spring Kit, Palo Verde Lever wrap Likes OAL of 1.51 ' or greater $695.
  2. Well,,, since you asked. Here is one option. I'm sure there are other good options as well. https://pvgunworks.com/product/un-jammer-tool-kit-with-hang-on-your-belt-holster-39-95/
  3. There are some very nice original 97s here https://pvgunworks.com/Product-category/guns-for-sale/
  4. Mad dog mike guns and gear in Australia sells stainless steel mag springs for your rifle.
  5. More like these Blade has to be very thin -- Spring steel -- and to pretty exacting dimensions more or less
  6. Because your screw driver is not thin enough and shaped to clear all three of the common '73 jams. UJT Kits are available for the DIY folks And they are purdy
  7. If I understand the OPs question 1) empty the receiver of parts 2) using both hands and tweezers, insert the short leg of the "L" spring into the hole in the inside of the receiver 3) with one hand/finger, hold the short leg fully in the hole 4) with another hand, slide a pointy pick/needle under the long leg of the "L" spring and lift it away from the receiver- leave pick under leg close enough to hole that the end of wire is away from receiver enough to get into hole in button-- ya, wire bends a lot but it is a spring 5) with another hand, and tweezers, slide the button onto the long end of the "L" spring 6) with another hand position the button vertically over it's hole in the receiver and push it in the hole 7) You now make certain the short leg of the "L" spring is fully depressed into the side of the receiver 8) count to confirm you still have all of your hands It's really not to tough after you have done it a few dozen times
  8. HJSM ammo is apparently not intended for Cowboy Action Shooting -- according to their folks at the factory. Had a customer come in twice in one week with obvious overpowered loads damage to his '73 (bent toggles). Both out of same box of HSM ammo. I called HSM to discuss the problem and try to figure out if something special had happened to a batch of ammo or if different ammo got mixed in or ....? I was told (by HSM) that: their "ammo is not intended for Cowboy Action shooting" and that "the picture on the box is just something the marketing people came up with" That is what the manufacturer told me. Your mileage may vary.
  9. I've seen a few, new manufacture Uberti 73 rifle kits with the old style lever/pinned cam. Occurrence seems random. Mario, he usa what he finda in da box or ona da floor
  10. Don't really mean to toot my own horn, but there are a number of folks that don't make their own shot shells and might be looking for this Yes, it's mine, but I post it mostly as a public service http://pvgunworks.com/product/shotgun-12-ga-snap-caps/
  11. I'm sure they expect Trump to reverse it. Perhaps it will help fuel the groups that support it if Trump reverses it. It's all about preparing for the 2020 election. They are campaigning already. There has not yet been a Democrat candidate selected for 2020 and the mouthy ones that get their sound bites and name in the news are trying for the spot. It's all about the election.
  12. Winter Range side matches require about 100 volunteers to run. They need so many because they don't over-work anyone. You only work a 2 hour shift and usually have some say in what side match you work. It is just running the timer or keeping score or one of the other things you do at your local matches. Winter Range is the Largest Cowboy Action Shooting match in the world and the greatest because of the volunteers. Volunteers put on the entire match! Including the side matches. Contact Turquoise Bill to be one of the volunteers I guarantee you will be glad you did These guys are all friendly and you don't need to be shy
  13. It was a pleasure to meet you and the Judge down at Legendary Guns last week. Thanks for making an interested new guy feel welcome.

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