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  1. Well. I think I worked through this. We must assume these rules and rule clarifications are for safety -- and rightly so. Therefore, a rifle on safety cock notch and empty chamber is safe when a shooter's hand is touching it, gripping it, holding it, squeezing it but, the same rifle laying on a table by it's ownself is not safe Now, that is clarified! (even though somewhat bewildering )
  2. No, thread's just fine. It's some of the rules that stink. Perhaps it's one that has been clarified by Pastel Lupus.
  3. Mr. Burt, Thanks for finding that.--- "Shooting on the move [is] (continuous, fluid movement while engaging targets" Now, there is a definition to live by ! I needed a good laugh. I'll be watchin' for anybody what shoots in a"fluid movement" And all this time I thought the goal was to shoot smooth; which most folks might consider kinda "fluidy". I guess this could mean, if we are engaging targets with our pistols, our rifle or our shotgun, we should shoot kinda jerky Wouldn't want no DQ cause I engaged my pistol targets fluidy. Now, I know it is sometimes hard to express in words what we think we know when we think we see it, but this definition conjures up all sorts of possibilities.
  4. Found that mention of "shooting on the move or step shooting" in SHB 24.1 pg 13. But can not find anywhere "shooting on the move or step shooting" are defined or described. Maybe I just missed something. Anybody find a definition/description or is that what this thread is about?
  5. A thousand pardons, Sahib. I went sideways, off the subject, with the rest of the replies. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest my arm pits. Not enough info in OP --- SXS? 97? did he close action while reloading? etc. More fun going sideways
  6. One of the most difficult spotting situations I can imagine is spotting with grass and back drop of brush and trees -- remember, you must see a miss. Fortunately, I shoot in the west where the ground and back drop is usually dry dirt.
  7. Dear Kirk, Doesn't matter!!!! WE ARE GOING TO STOP THESE DANG KIDS AND STOP ANY ADVANTAGE OF THE 97! yaaa! I'm NOT A FAST KID AND I SHOOT AN UN-WORKED STOEGER! just BECAUSE THEY CAN RUN AND SHOOT FASTER THAN US, AND A 97 SLAM FIRES IN A NANNO SECOND WHILE THESE YOUNG KIDS ARE RUNNING AND HAVE ONE FOOT PLANTED FOR A NANNO SECOND (as per the rules before they have been clarified several times) ,,,,,,,, WE GONNA STOP IT......... We gonna keep clarifying the rules until we stop it!! As some of the Wild Bunch have been quoted in the past: "... NEVER SHOULD HAVE ALLOWED 97S IN THE FIRST PLACE" p.s. We need to get more young people into this game! (but not the fast ones ) Sorry, but I'm just a little tired of all this horse pucky of re-clarifying the rules, or griping about the rules, in a manner to take any advantaged away from anyone that does not have my years or my pos equipment. None of this intended to apply to Mr. Kirk James or his family -- just supporting his concerns Yes, I probably should wait the count of ten before I post but I'm not gonna
  8. There is a reason Winter Range is the largest Cowboy Action Shooting Match in the world.
  9. I don't know what or if Pale Wolf is hauling down, but 12 years ago, one of the SASS boys/workers told me he was paid $50K a year.
  10. Yep! It only looks simple because you do not know what all has to match up.
  11. HJSM ammo is apparently not intended for Cowboy Action Shooting -- according to their folks at the factory. Had a customer come in twice in one week with obvious overpowered loads damage to his '73 (bent toggles). Both out of same box of HSM ammo. I called HSM to discuss the problem and try to figure out if something special had happened to a batch of ammo or if different ammo got mixed in or ....? I was told (by HSM) that: their "ammo is not intended for Cowboy Action shooting" and that "the picture on the box is just something the marketing people came up with" That is what the manufacturer told me. Your mileage may vary.
  12. I've seen a few, new manufacture Uberti 73 rifle kits with the old style lever/pinned cam. Occurrence seems random. Mario, he usa what he finda in da box or ona da floor
  13. Don't really mean to toot my own horn, but there are a number of folks that don't make their own shot shells and might be looking for this Yes, it's mine, but I post it mostly as a public service http://pvgunworks.com/product/shotgun-12-ga-snap-caps/
  14. I'm sure they expect Trump to reverse it. Perhaps it will help fuel the groups that support it if Trump reverses it. It's all about preparing for the 2020 election. They are campaigning already. There has not yet been a Democrat candidate selected for 2020 and the mouthy ones that get their sound bites and name in the news are trying for the spot. It's all about the election.
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