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  1. You bet, Slim. Figured you would chime in. And as you know Vendor fees and tent rental fees are only part of the costs to vendors. Vendors also lose a lot of inventory due to the inclement weather and occasionally to a poor quality rental tent at EOT. I've been there in microbursts, floods, 50 mph winds and other terrible weather that occasionally visits that location. Remember the year the Fire Marshal shut down the awards ceremony due to fear the Big Top might come down on the hundreds of people inside. Because of the unpredictable weather at this location, vendors should bring their own, high quality weather proof tents and really stake them down -- or, better yet, trailers. Many vendors experienced with this location bring a trailer to vend out of. It is the volunteer Rangers that keep that place going. They are the heart and sole of Winter Ranges past and now EOT. Without them, nothing would happen. My sincerest thanks to those fine people. You going to ask them to delete this post also - just because I warned people to prepare for inclement weather?
  2. This is one of the greatest and least known cowboy shooting events in the western states. One year, it was hot and they had an ice cream truck pull up to the shoot and said "Folks, Help Yourself" -- it just don't get no friendlier than that
  3. Vending at EOT Is expensive. Vendor fees plus tent rental adds up to almost $900. So, you have to clear $900 profit ** that's profit , not sales** just to break even - not counting the travel cost, the lodging the food, and the vendor's time for a week. Dang near impossible for a vendor to even break even. If there are vendors at EOT this year give them some business.
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