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  1. I'll take #3 and #4 regular shirts. If you are going to SITS just bring them there and you will not have to mail. I'll get the $30 ($15@) in the mail this week. I know the address. BB
  2. Al, since you recently had the honor of becoming a new category participant of Senior Duelist, let me assure you, as a soon to be member of the Cattle Baron Duelist category, those "brain dead" moments do not go away. In fact you can look forward to having them more frequently. Guess I will not get to try that SB trigger in your gun, but if you want to try the Slix triggers that are in our 73s your welcome to. Hope to see you at Cowpokes next week. We're having company this weekend so will not make 10horns.
  3. I would recommend, as did Wet Willie, CIMARRON BULLETS www.cimarronbullets.com If you are shooting CAC, bet Colorado Jackson would deliver them to ya.
  4. Joe does definitely do some work on 73s and fond of 3rd & 4th gens as well as Marble front sights. (of course them Marble front sights work real well with one of Slick's Sure Hit slip ons added)
  5. Certainly good to try out all options when available. When I started with Slix that was about only flat trigger I knew made, I liked it so have stuck with it. SB continues to be productive in parts and expertise. Well, well, appears I might be able to take a look at one of SB's flat triggers , maybe even give it a try, cause Al's got one and we shoot together often. In fact Al's beats me to often. I think most of the flat triggers take a little getting used to when one has run a round, original style for any length of time. But, like you say Al, don't take long to get the feel of them.
  6. Sassy and I have the Slix in six 73s so, yea we like them. The Slix will definitely set further forward than how you describe your present set-up. Some prefer the feel of a rounded trigger however, I particularly liked the feel, coupled with the position, of Slix's flat trigger. I know nothing of SB's trigger but Phantom runs his well. SB is certainly know for his products.
  7. For those that knew Jeff and/or just followed GunBlast. Jeff's suffering is over. He is gone to be with the Lord. Rest in peace my Shootist brother.
  8. W, Perfect. Sounds like really a good tool in my practice. I like to dry fire and have pretty much made it a habit almost daily, especially since the Covid issue. I try not to let it be a disadvantage and place most of its importance in flow and transitions....and smoothness of both. We often joke about never missing in dry fire, but as many have suggested on couple other threads, one must keep that thought in their seriousness of dry firing striving for accurate sight picture and not be fooled in the ease of sequence without the bang and recoil. Like you, I have used the slap-the-timer technique on shotgun dry firing (and sometimes in a complete stage drill). I realize the slap cast a tad in actual time, but versus true live fire the total will be close. My buddy Non Stop just called and emphasized that the PACT timer I have will do just what I need in par setup so seems like am ready to give par time good use after all these years neglecting it. Thanks for reply. bb
  9. Can I do that with my flip phone? Yep, no smart phone but do have tablet that I bet will work. Thanks R....c u at CAC
  10. I did not want to take from a couple of good threads with dicussions about practice. Within some valuable information is often the mention of using the par capabilities of timer. I like my PACT Club timer but have never set it up for par. Rather than take it from range bag I am giving thought to buying another timer for par use home where I do most of my dry firing. With par practice dry firing I can then go to range down the road and see how I improve in live firing. My question, with PAR your main concern, what timer do you use for par? I'm thinking the newer Club III by PAct may be good choice and cheaper than most. (Internet search shows one place in CA with them for under $85).
  11. Great point about A2B & hesitation but the thin line one walks on that last shot is the slight hesitation to complete the shot versus leaning to much into the move that they are out of balance on the shot. IMO, perfection here might be hampered with dry fire but enhanced in live fire. Make sense? I have noticed numerous times when Nuttin would be timing shooter he would emphasis MOVE when they fired last shot of that string so their hesitation was minimal.
  12. https://www.redwingtradingcompany.com The original as I know them. Tom@Redwing. Then have Tazz put your alias on it. Actually, I think Tazz and Barb carry Tom's knives.
  13. Exactly......but you must have tipped pretty good. Did anyone say "That was sure smooth, I want to see it again"?
  14. Smooth is indeed an exceptional point. To me, one of the most rewarding moments from a stage is when you know you ran it without flaw yet you felt it to slow, THEN your time is given and you are so surprised in the speed. Great feeling.
  15. From what I was told from a fellow competitor, he lightened more than that when converting his Rugers to BH frames. But if only one ounce, I doubt worth the investment.
  16. Good suggestion. These lighter frames and a set of grips that fit her pleasure could be the ticket.
  17. Hey Ringer. I could not open your attachment but hope you shot well. I know you had great fun.
  18. Yep. Model 97 is six shot in 357 and a couple more calibers. An additional cylinder in 38 special can be obtained for the 357. The 97 is available with adjustable or fixed sights and it is a semi-Bisley grip, Colt style (flat main/hammer spring) revolver. I have shot them in SASS for about 20 years. The M-83 in several different calibers was my choice in revolver class in IHMSA for many years and the M-83 in 454 is still a favorite for hunting. FA offers a number of options that can be added at factory including jeweling, octagon barrels, micata grips, round grip frame, etc. Outstanding, accurate revolvers from a family in Wyoming who are passionate about quality in their handguns.
  19. The .454 Casull is a very versatile cartridge and can certainly be ""down loaded" to some extent for less punishment, and still maintain accuracy. Bullseye is an excellent powder for this task whether you use your favorite 240-300 grain cast bullet to a Nosler 185 gr JHP (not for CAS). The lighter load can be good for practice and have close to same POI at 30-40 years as one might have with their full throttle loads, and at lots less recoil. But, yes in the superb Freedom Arms Model 83, one would be facing the load-on-the-clock handicap in CAS match as they are 5-shot cylinders even if extra cylinder of .45 Colt or .45 ACP....and, even with the down-load mentioned it might not be pleasant thru a entire match. ( I have seen some fellows shooting heavy .45 loads that appeared awful unpleasant to me to run thru a complete match. )
  20. You are definitely off to good start with that new timer. Keep it up. Good luck. bb
  21. I can appreciate that for sure (the dance part...what's a surf). Guess I sit behind a set of drums to many years watching others, often those who have had way to much booze, enjoy the dance floor. I'm terrible dancing now and I am quite sure Sassy, who is awesome on the dance floor, will certainly agree.
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