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  1. 3.4 grains? WART HOG! Be a gamer at 3.1-3.2...and Fed 200 primers.
  2. Very nice for sure SS. Agree that that is really nice leather tooling......but BW, what you know about guitar pickers.
  3. Yes, definitely need to borrow a pair of Koda's chaps to use while working on the mill. He will have plenty to choose from.
  4. Good luck on your project Bob. I happen to really like the looks of jeweling especially on hammers, triggers, and levers. The port as Griff did on that "weird gun" looks sharp too. I have admired jeweling done by Jimmy Spur and Lefty Wheeler, also often that of Morgan & Jason (the Boomsticks). Like you, I would like to able to do this myself. I have the drill press but I think, as mentioned, a precision mill vise with multi-directional sliding is key to ease, quality, and time. Looks like with your Brownells order, you will be ready for KK and CB's tests runs.
  5. Glad you are doing better. Having a stroke as remote as you are has got to be scary....heck any kind of health issue at your location.
  6. yes. My working cowboy chaps are zipper and they are handy in cold weather for CAS. However, I have grown to really like "step-thru" chinks for CAS.
  7. For my 38s, I was long time user of Cowboy Goex, then with the sell of my source, Black Dawge, I eventually switched to 777. I have since used 777-2f for many years , and yes with coated bullets. I find it accurate with many weight bullets from 105 to 147s. Use 777-3f in shotgun loads.
  8. Excellent product. Good addition to your fine line of goods Scarlett. Sassy and I use Jimmy's, as well as those from Lefty Wheeler.
  9. Condolences. What a nice fellow. A great loss to SASS. May God comfort family and friends.
  10. FE was working on a SKB of mine once and that piece was missing. He cautioned me of needed repair. Without hesitation I asked him to repair which he did in hotel room at a match we were attending. I believe he used JB weld for repair.
  11. That is awesome...and NOT "underrated", as CJ would say.
  12. Just going by pic. Doubt that was his. Caution to gunsmith trigger job. Most do not know them and I can possibly direct him to better trigger if interested. Warranty is fairly easy to void, but then premium grade has lifetime warranty if not tampered with passed basics. Good luck to your friend. An excellent revolver. bb
  13. SR, If I can be of any help, just ask. Was Freedom Arms dealer for over 25 years and shot their revolvers equally as long, 97 and/or 87s (in IHMSA and as avid handgun hunter). The Baker Family are great people and an asset to the "gun world". BTW, as pictured, octagon barrel and "trigger-stop" is added optional to stock 97. 38 sp cylinders would be also. I am not sure as to legality in SASS of the trigger-stop.
  14. Not the true fixed sight Model 97 pictured. I have shot FA 97s for 20 years in SASS. Great company with outstanding revolvers. Not necessarily a speed revolver for two hand hold but, IMO, more fit for duelist/gunfighter.
  15. and wherever you stay, watch your speed around Arcadia.
  16. Sassy and I stay here.. .Hampton Inn Oklahoma City Northeast11820 N I- 35 Service Rd, Oklahoma City, OK(405) 608-2744https://www.hilton.com21 minutes (15.4 miles) from range & 9 minutes (5.4 miles) to banquet
  17. Not to early for making plans for the EOT warm-up at The Livery. Visiting with ol friends there is a hoot and the match is fun and great practice for EOT. Hey, I didn't even mention the great time to be had in Tombstone...look out Big Nose Kates.
  18. Mother Nature just sometimes puts a change on well laid plans. Sassy and I will plan to try it again. Match was well designed with good stages and target placement. Food was top shelve and visiting with friends is always the big winner. Thanks to all the Wolfpack and Highwaymen for a match well done. We left range around 10 Sunday morning at 61 degrees and pulled in driveway at home in NETx around 5:30 at 102.
  19. Thanks for the post Non Stop. I started my early CAS matches at Peacemakers near Tyler where 10icStar and I became good friends. To the end, he loved to posse with you, Sassy, and I. And, usually requested our posse when going to EOT, WR, and locals. I have asked God's comfort for him many a day over last several months. I believe a comfort and peace was granted. Over last few months I know Star looked forward to seeing you and Pop Miller, and sure he got reports about the activities and health of other friends from you two. R.I.P. my ol'friend. Sassy and Billy miss you. May God comfort son and daughter, and the many friends. Give Miss Ann a big hug for us all..
  20. IMO, although I do not shoot Rugers, some of the finest in full cock NMVs. Other names mentioned have great reputations but since Sassy has two pair of Jimmy's I can comment on them. She loves them and they are awesome in smoothness.
  21. SPOT ON GOODY. Courageous and true. And, yes super SASS shooters to boot. Thank you Goody for post of our friends. What a wonderful family. THANK YOU 2GJ, TRO and the lovely wives who support you to the utmost.
  22. Klassic Laser (Taz), Aspen Filly, and Chuckaroo
  23. Not a CC competitor but certainly see these two has great Nominations.
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