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  1. #1 and #2...by all means YES. #3 is yes in my opinion, however I could care less as to what material might be under the leather/faux wrap that is visual. Some are more comfortable, and safer, with more "padding/block" than others. As long as we keep the visual component a rule, let the shooter have what they desire under it. I don't want to go peeking under shooter's wraps (lever wraps) because they are larger than another shooter's choice.
  2. President H. T. Hayes tells me that Ruby is working on a fix so should see it back on the list soon.
  3. Anyone headed to TSRA shoot December 30 and 31st put on by Old Fort Parker Patriots (Groesbeck, TX)? Sassy and I thinking it should be good way to finish year.
  4. Come on down to Tumbleweed match, he and Bob will see that they are not as close.
  5. Get all this done before Tumbleweed match and Sassy and I will plan to see you there. Hopefully with better eyesight and maybe no change in accent, Mate. I will expect jelly at Livery.
  6. Yes, definitely still running good with awesome expansion to stages. https://www.texas10horns.org/ As above, 1st weekend each month. The Great Spaghetti Western match usually first weekend in June. bb
  7. so someone else was a tad luckier than you...but, as the saying goes, "some got none".
  8. if you still have them by Tumbleweed match, bring them, I have interest, bb
  9. 105s, 125s, 135s, and 147s. work for me with Trip Seven 2f...
  10. I shot VV320 for many years. It was before I changed to more BP ('04). I had a very good source at time, along with Longhunter and Handlebar Doc. 3.3 grains was a nice load behind 125-130 grain bullets and Federal GM200M primers. As Flattop mentions, I too, often got tiny "dots" of yellow residue that I could often just blow away. Excellent powder when price is right and good availability.
  11. Sad news indeed. A loss to us all. God's comfort to family and the many friends.
  12. yes. IMO, reduce categories could easily led to reduced numbers. Maybe that is a solution in the long run. I know if Sassy and I did not go to EOT then that money could go to two closer annuals. But then that would not change category situations unless certain annuals minimum was less than EOT and Land Run. Either way we "pay to play"
  13. IMO, that thousands of dollars spend by competitor is a big factor in the whole scheme of attendance and awards. Cast of awards and putting on the match is expensive but one must factor in the expensive to the shooter. You are so right about population of shooters getting older which I suggest effects attendance due to cost versus chance of being competitive within some sort of age range. Heck, Phantom we probably met over 20 years ago but still survive often in categories if given a fairly decent playing field in age. Making the category ( for example FCD) split only in 2, possibly 3, age based groups with minimums appeals at least for some of us (considering dollar spent) much better than one big group of 20 year old's versus 75+ year old's. The love of this sport and being amongst friends with same affection for game means a tremendous amount but does limit out in cost sometimes. C U soon. Keep shooting with two hands kid.
  14. And that poof comes quickly. 78 has already "poof'ed" me. But, I understand the logics of certain limits to categories offered. I seem to have to compete against those kids of 65 a lot in FCD, although better than competing against those 64 and younger.
  15. And, lived to tell about it. I've read that many did not survive one particular Livery and Corral event at Tombstone. Thanks for sharing adventures in and about Tombstone. See ya at Ben Avery, or come on back to Livery for Tumbleweed shoot weekend before EOT. Unless Too Tall banned you.
  16. No "pit stops" on Allen Street now. "Let's get ready to R-U-M-B-L-E" at Tumbleweed Feb 23 & 24, 2024. bb
  17. Excellent dining before 2 PM. Another favorite spot.
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