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  1. Interesting, I just had my 1956 Benjamin reworked by ol' friend who I used to shoot against in IHMSA, now in the refurbishing air gun business in Brownsville, Tx. Works as good as it did when I was 12.
  2. Got to spend drug money somewhere. I thought it was going to save my shooting at time with the then rumors of powder shortage. $16/lb then...I'd take my money back...and give discount now. I bought a lot and Non Stop even took some. Not sure NS ever tried it, perhaps in shotgun. Stuff is Spanish powder by Maxam. Claims one can use Universal load data. I found with the amount that suited my accuracy criteria, it produced more recoil than I liked as "ol duelist". I don't reload shotgun so it just sets unused. May be a time it is needed...of course, would need primers.
  3. I like to have a 147 or 135 on my belt. 135 is round point with just enough flattening on point to be magazine safe. 147 has more flattened point but a nice sleek cone shape for loading into gate (crimped on ogive). All crimped where crimp die is set for loading of the 105s...KIS, same powder charge also.
  4. FWIW, I find loading in gate more successful. I do it somewhat different from LH as I drop rifle from shoulder, holding flatter, so I am looking down at gate. Although the drop from shoulder may seem to loose time, and perhaps it does, I do not feel a struggle to see and get cartridge into gate as I do if I am holding on my shoulder(time loss) . Of several shotgun belts, all have at least one loop in center of shotgun pairs so that a round is somewhat center of body and near where rifle is in hand when lowered. I suspect learning to retrieve round from loop on left side of shotgun rounds should also be efficient with practice. ( I actually like a couple on each end of shotgun loops, but not necessarily for the purpose of rifle reloads). I find this technique of loading round into gate can be practiced to some extent even at loading table as I load for stage, just use the left hand to load. One does not have to do it with every round, but a few helps maintain the feel and ability. Note: a strong magazine spring negates success in thru the gate technique.
  5. How about CSB-1? I bought a bunch of that back years ago when there was big scare of long time shortage.
  6. Personally, I have found that the serious "rookie" BP competitor will often ask a well established BP shooter to give opinion to their smoke so that they feel comfortable with what others see (as meeting standard). I know I have been asked to observe, and I might note that the question of data is not important since it is all about smoke "appearance". I find the sport we love so much is very much about a good competitor wanting to be accepted in the eyes of their peers. Sure there are those who may push the borderline, but "at the end of the day", want to be on good side of that line. There are those in BP that push far above standard as there are those that push well above power factor in smokeless.
  7. Yes and at a eot. Competitor passed test with his 32s
  8. I hit 77 next August. God has blessed us. We sure had some good time in our silhouette days also.
  9. CATTLE BARON....surely not. But wait, WE are, aren't WE?
  10. Doc R.I. Pain won one of the AGE BASED Duelist categories.
  11. Yes it was...as usual. And if you missed the grand finally with Milkbone, well, you missed some of the greatness of Comin At Cha's week long "fun-fest".
  12. AS and CC, You are certainly correct. Perhaps I jumped in to soon but when I think black powder propellants I, wrongly, think both ways, my error. My many years shooting Goex (oops, Cowboy Goex)with a filler and SPG lubed bullets is way behind me. JC give me a call if I can help. I have plenty of Cowboy Goex and filler if you can use it.
  13. JC, you talking 38s match work or long range. I shoot coated bullets in my 38/357s with T7 2F ( four different weights work well for me). Hope you are doing well. bb
  14. Thanks for post DD. Condolences to Roo, family, and the many friends. May God comfort them in this time of such sorrow.
  15. Outstanding! Red Knee and Widder, ya'al better sharpen up.
  16. Sassy will be working registration table in the morning about 730. Non-Stop and I will be out to shoot about 830 (safety meeting 9 AM).
  17. When I was in CAS gun business many years ago I had most of my 73s (Cimarron was our main CAS gun wholesaler at time), sent to Cody for his fine 73 expertise. In those days they were often sold before even being shipped back to us (thus Cody shipped on to new owner). This is before 20" Deluxe models were readily available and one of his works was designated as "The Billy Boots Model". As Evil D's, it started out as 24", mine with pistol grip, then cut to 19", lightened under the longer forearm , round BP crown (another story), rear sight modification, plus all his c/w action work. I ran a number of those models through the years. When Cimarron introduced the carbine, Cody did some special work on it to easily hold 10 and have his fine SS work. Many, especially the ladies liked the weight of this model. I remember being up in MI making some shoots and having his first sent to Fireball so I could pick it up and show it to shooters. I bet Deuce and 3-gun Cole remember handling the rifle, although they were in the early days of their CAS shooting (them fast kids). A number of years later when the 20" gun became heavy on the market I decided to try one. I liked it better and believe the slight increase in weight helped in balance for me. My thought is that, perhaps due to my age, the lighter weight 73s are not as steady on my shoulder in shooting. I still favor the crescent stock but Sassy prefers cut stock on her lightened 18-19" (from 20"). Bottom line to all this ramblin' is that lighter, shorter might not be for everyone. Try as many as you can to see what balances best for you. And, definitely try actually shooting them so you can understand the movement in recoil as you cycle. Feeling good as you point and cycle is of utmost importance.
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