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  1. Ace I had a private message from rusty that he would take them sorry. Filly
  2. let me take closer pictures for you. i am not sure. see what you think.
  3. I have 5 used loading blocks for .32 cal for sale. $25 each shipped to your door. I am no longer shooting 32's.
  4. I may try to make it out to the range Sunday. I am going to be with friends but will try.
  5. yes i got a photo. looks good let me show Kiowa when he gets home tonight. is the safety disabled? Filly
  6. paintedfilly@yahoo.com send pics 7196454620
  7. i will be in grand junction on the 16th
  8. yes interested. where are you located? where is dinosaur? thanks Filly
  9. Thanks. I am not in the position to load 20 g. But I will check with Kiowa to see what he thinks. We are set up for 12g. Looks to be a good clean gun though. Filly
  10. No he does not have any. I tried him. Thanks
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