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  1. I wanted to by my 12yr old sons a wall calendar for their room showing some the art of the late-great Fredrick Remington and can't seem to find any for 2017. It appears the last run of them was in 2013? I wonder of the calendar makers let the rights to the artwork expire? Any suggestions?
  2. Grass Range....this documentary does a good job of explaining that dropping some knowledge for the bleeding hearts.
  3. Really have enjoyed this quiet documentary (Netflix) about four young cowboys who decide to ride a string of barely-broke Mustangs from Mexico to Canada through the American West. I know some of this country they rode thru well and can vouch for how harsh and unforgiving it can be. Will for sure awaken the inner cowboy in everyone. https://youtu.be/uQmmaiWHYHQ
  4. I just dropped off my new Uberti 66 with my local NC gunsmiths at Galloway Precision and will let them address that whole flimsy-tab JB Weld thing for me as well as overall slick job. By the way, these guys at Galloway P. did a great job on slicking up my Rossi 92 recently. I mostly go to them for work on my AR and pistols but they are doing a great job on my CAS gear! http://gallowayprecision.com/
  5. I just got an Uberti 1866 Yellowboy today for Christmas and have been reading about that problem (mine is a .38spl). I have the 20" barrel....how can I identify which loading gate (screw size) to get? http://www.vtigunparts.com/store/shopdisplaycategories.asp?id=106&cat=Rifles I'll probably just find a local gunsmith to help me out.....
  6. It's a real looker. Can't wait to try her out. I've heard about the problems with the 1866 loading gate with the lower calibers (like my 38spl). Do y'all think I should try and get that reinforced loading gate tab before I even try cycling the ammo? Has Uberti addressed this issue with the newer models? If it gets stuck, not sure what to do....?
  7. Santa was good to me this year! I got the Uberti Model 1866 Yellowboy, in .38spl to match my pistols. I love my Rossi 92 but this is something else! What a beauty!
  8. I used to love ordering the catalog from this one company that sold all kinds of great stuff for SAS/CAS, etc. They had clothing from Wahmaker, Scully, etc as well as assorted dry goods and period-correct gear (I used to do some reenactment with the Arizona Rangers). Can't for the life of me remember the name of the company or if they're still around! I need to so some shopping for the missus!
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