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  1. Good morning everyone- thank you for all the replies and suggestions. We're going to take the group's advice and attend a local match to see what all goes on. We've got a couple of possibilities within reach here in SE Michigan. I see what y'all mean about a BFR not working well. I didn't realize it's a five shooter when I fell in love with one at a gun show. It fit my hand so well (sniff). Special thanks to Cheyenne Ranger for his invitation. It's incredibly generous. I wish Scotty could beam us to his locatio, but I'm sure we can figure out something here locally. Though the guns we'd need would involve a few bucks, we should be OK on ammo because I reload. Thank you again, Mark
  2. Hello everyone- my wife and I are thinking about trying CAS, and I need some help with the pistol requirements. Am a bit overwhelmed by the Shooters Handbook, so am hoping for some clarity here. My wife has a Vaquero in 45LC already. I've got my eye on a Magnum Research BFR in 454 Casull, which would give ammo commonality with the Vaquero. That would give us two revolvers, so we'd meet that requirement as long as we don't have to both shoot at the same time. What's got me confused is whether the BFR would be acceptable. It has modern target sights. Also, both pistols are stainless steel, which is not exactly "old west". Would this combination work under the rules? Also, do you have to have the rifle and shotgun to participate, or can you just shoot the pistol part? Would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks, Mark
  3. I didn't bother to clean mine for the longest time, but started having problems with high primers due to build up in the primer pocket. Consequently, I decap my brass with the Frankford Arsenal hand decapper while I'm watching TV, then clean the primer pockets. I clean them any of several ways, depending on how big a batch I'm cleaning. The Lyman Case Care Kit (https://www.amazon.com/Lyman-7777793-Case-Care-Kit/dp/B000NOUEAY/ref=sr_1_53?ie=UTF8&qid=1483934549&sr=8-53&keywords=primer+pocket+cleaner) is a favorite for while I'm watching TV. For large batches, I use the Frankford Arsenal wet tumbler and stainless steel pins. If you wet tumble, invest in their brass dryer or a cheap food dehydrator. Air drying brass takes forever. Also get a media separator. Wet tumbling with pins does wonders for the primer pockets. HTH, Mark
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