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  1. Still there last I heard. I bought his engraved '66.
  2. Thanks! The low profile hammers are nice but not what I am looking for.
  3. Thanks, I appreciate that. But not wanting a Colt Bisley hammer. USFA made hundreds of Bisley styled hammers to fit their SAA style guns. The hammer I am looking for is USFA made and drops right in to a USFA SAA. Hard to come by these days. But not the best SASS hammer. Looks real similar to the one on the far right. and installed in a USFA gun
  4. I have cash, or new USFA cylinder barrels combos, and parts including new hammers I can swap or do partial trades/cash with. Let me know. Thanks.
  5. Sorry to here the reason for cleaning and selling. Got a picture of the hat?
  6. Hey didn't read the entire thread but  what are they saying is the best Serial number prefix  for a '97?  I need to check mine.  And suggested barrel length? 

  7. Hi,

    Matt thought you might still have a pair of well used USFA guns for sale.  Let me know.  thanks.

  8. Just wanted to say thanks on the heads up for the shell plate!

  9. Hi Red, 

    Happy to take the 38-40s pistols off your hands.  Can you share the serial numbers on both with me?  Have enclosed my FFl.  You can ship  direct via priority mail once I have payment sorted out to you.   Much appreciated.    regards, Levi


    R D Burns

    Burns Custom Pistols

    Meridian Id


    425 391 3202


    1. levi littleton

      levi littleton

      Just checking to see if you got my original message?

    2. Rillito Red

      Rillito Red

      Crossing messages.

      USFA  22358

      Colt 335657A


      I'm not an FFL. I can ship them priority mail?


      My preferred payment is USPS money orders.


      Art Johnson

      5647 Charles Russel Rd.

      Las Cruces, NM  88011

    3. levi littleton

      levi littleton

      Hi Art,

      Medium USPS flat rate priority mail boxes run $13.85 each.  No need for insurance or signature on my end.  $1450 per gun and figure on two boxes from the post office.  Makes it a total of  2900 plus $28 shipping.    $2928.  Is that correct?




  10. Most all the early guys were ISPC shooters prior. They'd already seen what the games could or would become. So the answer was...almost no one. But it didn't stay that way long. Once it started to actually get really fun the folks from other venues wanted to play cowboy and arms race was on. I like shooting 2 six guns per stage and especially like dualist and gun fighter. But have to say I really liked shooting one hand gun and having a reload required. Slows things down match wise but sure was fun when you could wear a truly historical rig and still play the game.
  11. Still in the '80s think. Don't even remember where. Long range side match with a 45/70 Browning and Buckhorn sights. Red when just one handgun was needed. "To the sunny slopes of yesteryear!"
  12. what a great photo and reminder of the early days.
  13. Thanks McCandless. That was how I remembered it as well. Just glad I wasn't totally loosing my mind. I skipped a few years and by the time i came back everyone was SASS affiliated. Flew into Vegas for a match shooting dbl dualist, which was a new category at the time. Had to be 91 or 92. First time I actually remember shooting two hand guns....but must have prior. Again, great thread. Thank you. Fun to see the photos of a bunch of folks I recognize from BITD.
  14. Great thread. In 1984 Gordy Davis was trying to get us in the NW to shoot SASS. This at a IPSC state match mind you. Gordy was a great guy! We did eventually start shooting something similar to SASS in the late '80s but usually using just one six gun and many times the lever gun was a 30-30. When did SASS events mandate a second handgun for most stages?
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