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  1. Hey didn't read the entire thread but  what are they saying is the best Serial number prefix  for a '97?  I need to check mine.  And suggested barrel length? 

  2. I didn't come here to argue with anyone or continue to point out the obvious discrepancies in your comments and photos. So this is my last comment. Implying a gun shoots (by photos) when, as you say, "likely will never get shot" is disingenuous at best. I take a lot of photos with props, leather, saddles, and the like. I only post targets with the guns that actually shoot them. Will the guns you posted with the card targets actually shoot that well? Neither you or I know one way or the other until someone actually takes the guns out and shoots them. I've had the good fortune to shoot dozens of Colts and may be even more USFA guns. All but two of the USFA guns shot exceptionally well. But two of them were clearly lemons. They didn't shoot worth a chit. This was one of them. I bought it because I thought it was the coolest blue and cased gun I'd ever seen. I actually returned the gun to the dealer and exchanged it for another. No clue what he did with it. Beauty is only skin deep. I want mine to actually shoot.
  3. I noted they weren't yours in the previous posts but on loan for an article in GUNS. I use to advertise in GUNS and AH so I am painfully aware of how things are done inside the gun industry. . I'm just curious how you justify, "I doubt the revolvers I posted will ever be fired" with the photos you posted here clearly implying the guns have been fired?
  4. "Sin" is my adopted son, so don't pay him no mind Kinda embarrassed having to explain myself now. Broke my pelvis on a snorty horse and haven't shot SASS in over a year now. Shot the state match about 90 days out of that, did poorly other than Precision pistol. Likely they let me prop myself up to shoot, can't actually remember for the oxy. Chit, wonder if that was even legal shooting? Anyway hard to shoot if ya can't walk Likely helped that it was the first day and a side match that no one showed for. But I got so excited I ordered myself one of them fancy buckles to mark the occasion. Haven't been any where but at the bottom of a match in a long, long time. Got more excuses than I got pill bottles now. But the badge and time frame is real. I have better guns but I used a Colt that day. Been using Levi's handle since day one. Anyway, Cholla, be sure to have fun with them new blasters! Looking forward to your write up.
  5. Problem with forums and the Internet in general is you never know what the source is of how valid the info is. I have no dog in a fight here. Just stating facts I have taken the time to research and verified in person. If you are gonna claim something best to be able to back it up with real experience. As an example I have lots of SAA leather. Some best suited for a Colt because a Uberti based gun is simply so tight in the holster as to make it usable. Could I eventually make it work by stretching the holster? On most of them, sure. Although it is fine with a Colt. Have a Uberti holster? Colt is smaller and it won't be an issue. "from my experience, the layman can't feel or see the difference. I have put Colt grips on some of my non-Colt clones and everyone thinks I'm shooting the real thing." Most laymen wouldn't know the difference between a Colt Commander (28oz empty and a 4.25" barrel) and a 1911 (38oz and a 5" barrel). Most will barely recognize the difference with the gun at arms reach. Even those familiar with a 1911 of any sort would have a hard time telling the difference from 50 feet and a quick glance. But (talking about Standard now) the real difference between a Uberti that costs $500 and a Standard that costs $2000 aint gonna be noticed by ANYONE at 50 feet....which would include actually shooting them. Three early 2019 production Uberti 44 Specials. Center and left are consecutive serial numbers and cross pin frames. The right gun is a BP frame version. Again with all due respect here, but if your reviews or comments (as 2 of your comments here have been) are based of info from the Internet it aint going to be a very useful info IMO. Standard makes a good gun. But it aint a Colt, just as Uberti and USFA aren't Colts. All 4 brands have some good things going for them and some not so good things going for them. Hard to decide which one is best for your own needs with out facts that are based on actual experience based on more than just a one gun sample. "I know I can't pick out the Colt from your photo. " I bet you'd be surprised once you start looking for the differences. Two on the left are Colt. Two on the right are USFA (which are the same size guns as a Standard or Uberti). There is an obvious difference in size between the two middle guns, it is not an optical illusion of the camera angle as you might expect.
  6. Gun writer hu? All it takes putting a Colt and a Standard (or a Uberti or a USFA) side by side in the same caliber, same barrel length to make the comparison. Not only can you easily see the difference side by side but the difference in feel (balance and weight actually) is obvious. Let's clear the air some... > Leather has a great deal of give and take and .030" isn't enough to matter. obviously you haven't had a Standard or a Uberti in a Colt holster..... or dozens of holsters. >The balance is also going to change depending on the caliber, length of barrel, plating, and type of grips. If you really want to get down to it, the balance will change depending on the weight of bullets being used and is the gun is loaded or not. Are you kidding me? How about you stick to comparing apples to apples. 'Cuz what you wrote there is non sense. You said one of the samples (you were loaned) by Standard to write a article was made to Colt spec. Make an actual comparison. Better yet get a Colt and do the same. . Get the guns, weigh them yourself, publish the facts not you opinions. My comment previous doin just that. "All of us that are USFA fans or now Standard like to comment on how nice the guns are for fit and finish. And no doubt they are. Sadly they all share one thing with Uberti, and that is the fact no matter how nice any of the three are or how well they shoot, and they all shoot pretty dang good by Colt standards, they are also a lot bigger guns. Big enough to have any of the three stand out in a side by side comparison to a Colt of the same barrel length. weight 4 3/4", 45 Colt cal. usfa 992g 35.0oz Colt 918g 32.4oz 74g=2.6oz" With all due respect. Nothing wrong with promoting someone's product in print that is what gun writers get paid for, guns loaned and the resulting perks for properly pimping products. But if you are going to make comparisons take the time and effort to make the comparisons accurate. Guns in red are either Uberti, USFA or Standard, the guns out side the red are all Colt. It isn't an optical illusion. The Uberti based guns.....Standard being a Uberti based gun as well are larger even to the eye if you make a side by side comparison. I'll let you decide what is a Colt and what isn't in this one.
  7. whether a given handgun is eligible for importation under 925(d)(3). Under the criteria, a handgun must meet certain "prerequisites" and achieve a sufficient number of points under a "point system" which awards points based upon a handgun`s overall length and height (pistols) or frame length and barrel length (revolvers), weight, caliber, frame construction, safety-related features, and miscellaneous equipment such as target sights and grips. There are two sections to the factoring criteria, and a handgun must satisfy the requirements of both sections to be eligible for importation. I. Handgun Size and Safety "Prerequisites" Revolvers: A revolver must (1) have a frame "of 4 1/2" minimum [and] a barrel length of at least 3" and (2) pass a "safety test" consisting of what is commonly referred to as a "drop test." II. The "Point System" Revolvers: A revolver must earn at least 45 points from the following characteristic areas: Barrel length For each 1/4" over 4", 1/2 pt. Frame construction If investment cast or forged steel, 15 pts.; if investment cast or forged HTS alloy, 20 pts. Weight One pt. per ounce. Most revolvers weigh between 15-50 ounces. Caliber If .22 LR and .30 to .38 S&W, three pts.; if .357 Mag. or larger, 5 pts. Misc. Equipment Adjustable target sights, five pts.; target grips, five pts.; target hammer and trigger, five pts. Uberti, 4 3/4", 45? 1.5 pts barrel length 20 pts HTS 38 weight 5pts caliber --------- 64.5 pts but it won't pass a drop test loaded with 6 without a extended cylinder pin or a new hammer design.
  8. Seems the problem occurs when shooting slow fire for accuracy. Trigger release can hang up enough to notice. It is inconsistent which makes it a bigger issue than it would other wise. Nice that Uberti spent some time working on a solution that keeps the guns being imported. Better yet that Uberti continues to sell the parts that easily take the guns back to the original design.
  9. Cimarron I'll add this for those wringing their hands on Pietta. I've had a few recent Piettas. Nice guns and true to the original Colt design. Also the first gun I have ever sent back to have warranty work done on it. With in a few rounds (less than 50) the gun wouldn't lock up correctly, the cylinder was skipping the bolt . Works fine now but it took a while to get fixed and I haven't bought a Pietta since. But I like it enough that I haven't sold it.
  10. New Uberti? Ya, I know. They suck bad Cimarron guns, all but one came with three click hammers. I dropped Uberti 4 click hammers and triggers in the other 4 guns. Timing was prefect when I started. Timing was perfect after dropping them in. All needed a little trigger work. Better sear prep and lighter springs.....typical of a Colt style gun. 44 Specials 32-20s
  11. If you only had the one gun you'd not notice the difference. If you have both side by side (Colt verses any Uberti based gun) most will easily notice the larger Uberti size guns. There is a difference in balance in your hand and there is a difference in size that a lot of holsters will clearly show. Both Standard and USFA guns are manufactured to size and spec of Uberti CNC programs.
  12. Welcome! Where ya at in Idaho? Good part of the year a straw hat is dang near required in parts of the state
  13. How many times have you stopped after a match and had a late lunch, earlier dinner with folks? How many times have you stopped for lunch with your shooting buddies after a range session? CCW seems prudent. https://www.ajc.com/news/crime--law/38k-worth-guns-charity-cash-stolen-during-vehicle-break-ins/dSUKVQYPaDhLEXQO5c00kL/ If the Feds can't keep them in a vehicle how the heck are you gonna do it https://www.guns.com/news/2018/11/30/m4-glock-stolen-from-atf-vehicle-in-oakland
  14. I've lived in some pretty gun unfriendly states. As a young man in my late 20s and for no more reason other than I wanted a CCW when they weren't generally issued I went that route and much to my surprise was issued one. Since then when I needed the local Sheriff to sign off on something that could be equally politically unpopular I made an appointment with the Sheriff and expressed my desires in person. Never been turned down. A hand shake and eye ball meeting goes a long ways no matter where you live. I like to think that every vote counts and the Sheriff gets elected by people just like you, me and them.
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