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  1. I think your guns look good. Nice thing about Standard is they could easily re color case them if you thought it warranted. But no two guns will ever be the same for color tones or patterns. Although they sure can look pretty close side by side for colors if prepped right. Big surprise if Bill Fuchs case colors anything. He sends it out to a shop that actual does do case colors. Lots of folks will do case colors for you or a shop that doesn't have the ability. Few do it themselves. The guns don't get less colorful if prepped right. Like any finish work, it is the pr
  2. Sorry Burn. They sold prior just after posting.
  3. Bushings? Consecutive numbers? Production date? Fired or unfired?
  4. One of the many steps to building a quality, 100% beaver, broad brimmed hat Stetson built and marketed Nutria hats in the 1920s as some of their finest hats, labeled, "Clear Nutria". Beaver was in short supply at the time. The early Stetson hats of the previous Century are sought after today for their quality. A big rodent, "about the size of a raccoon, nutria look more like a cross between a small beaver and a giant rat, with two large, orange front teeth and long, rounded tails." If you look at Nutria and Beaver under a micro scope and how the
  5. True on both counts. Where do you think D-J gets their fur felt? Only one place in the US still felting beaver and that is Winchester in Tenn. Everyone that wants beaver be it D-J or me buys beaver from Winchester. If you know a thing of two about felt you realize that there is a difference between some folks rabbit and other folks rabbit. Beaver as well, when you get a 20% beaver hat mixed with rabbit and "other fur" or a 50% beaver hat mixed with rabbit or a 100% beaver hat. There is wool felt. Which is junk no matter who makes it. But it is also generally cheap. Th
  6. Open crown Akubra ($ 140.) and a pair of Colt's.
  7. Depends on the look you want but Akubra makes some very traditional styled hats more like what was actually worn prior to 1900. It is exceptionally good felt that will hold up to years of hard use outdoors and shrug off SAA matches. XXs? As mentioned mean nothing these days. A 100% beaver hat is a working tool and a fashion statement that will last several generations if taken care of. Good ones can still be had for under $500 in any style/size/shape you want. I make 100% beaver cowboy hats for beaver blanks. I wear one outdoors almost every day. If I was buying
  8. The Uberti hand chased, laser engraved "Dalton" from their Outlaw series. It is tempting. Retail is $1100.
  9. This is hand chased laser engraving. Uberti and Pietta offers it on occasion. It is a nice combo I think. But not offered on a customer's gun. Any number of actual engravers can get it done in months not years. But cost is gonna be many times what your Uberti is worth. Cheaper by far and immediate to just buy a hand chased laser engraved gun.
  10. If they are your guns get them engraved by someone. If you are looking for inexpensive engraving buy a laser engraved gun from Uberti or Pietta. It is pretty nice for the price. But no one will mistake one for the other hand engraving laser engraving
  11. Hey didn't read the entire thread but  what are they saying is the best Serial number prefix  for a '97?  I need to check mine.  And suggested barrel length? 

  12. Hi,

    Matt thought you might still have a pair of well used USFA guns for sale.  Let me know.  thanks.

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