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  1. I have one last pair of new, color cased, factory USFA hammers for sale. $350 shipped
  2. Agreed one piece are easier. And a much better fit if you can cut to the grip frame then refinish the metal. https://www.coltforum.com/forums/single-action-army/342815-quick-photo-essay-fitting-grips.html Altamont blanks Resin+ S cut from blanks One piece walnut from Dave Lanara's inlet blocks
  3. Stripped it with a chemical stripper. That took may be an hour or so. Cut that with steel wool and then applied a couple coats of tung oil. Let it dry between coats and then rubbed it down again with a soft cloth. It too has darken with age. This photos is from a couple of years later. The other three rifles are factory Uberti wood.
  4. I shoot smokeless. HP-38 and with coated 115gr bullets. Guns are a 1st Gen Colt or full size USFA or Ubertis. Rifles are Browning 53s and a Cimarron '73. Wonderful caliber. 1909 Colt.. And a pair of modern Ubertis which seem to shoot those 115gr loads pretty good :-) FWIW I load these on a Dillon 550. And everything else for handguns on Dillon 1050s.
  5. Change of plan. IP is gonna keep the nickel and ditch the gold and silver on top of it. This was after a little elbow grease and the liberal use of a B-C cloth. I loaned him a pair of my 1st Gen pearls to make the point. More to do but it is a lot better now Really, really a nice old gun. (1910) Tight as a tick and a sweet trigger on a well timed gun. Wish it were mine You me shiny tool, I lub you long time
  6. This rifle is a steal at that price. I have one and it is my favorite '73.
  7. damn! If they were 4 3/4" they'd be gone. $2200 for the pair? I'll take them.
  8. I needed to find this photo from an earlier discussion on a similar topic also discussing case colors. Left to right. Current Uberti done with their salt bath colors, my unfired 1st year 2nd Gen, which is very typical of untouched and well preserved 1st or 2nd Gen guns and a recent Turnbull. Same guns in a little different lighting Top to bottom, Uberti, unfired 2nd Gen and the Turnbull
  9. I'm a huge fan of old Colts like the OP's. So when he asked about a reblue, when done right it is a finish I always think is a great choice for a gun you want to shoot a lot. Blue can be cheap up front and as mentioned "almost traditional" now on old Colts that have been well used for a Century. One of my favorite guns is something similar that I reblued, hand scrubbed some and then added Paul Persinger ivory to. Love this gun because it shoots extremely well. Better yet, cheap to buy, easy to fix if anything breaks and may be best of all, easy to refinish to my liking. I did have Classic color case the hammer to add a little "flash" . It was a lightly used Uberti a couple of years old when I picked it up....and nothing special other than exceptional timing and shot my 255 gr handloads perfectly to POA/POI. This one earned its ivory. Easy enough to do the same thing to Pat's gun and really show off that fancy ivory his gun is packing.
  10. 99.9% of Turnbull's work is lacquered, DA. You obviously need to get out more. Whale oil was the highest quality lube they had for machine work for years. It got used for a lot of things. You might need to call someone. I have done the metal work on enough guns to actually have a clue. Office looks like this. Unfired 1st year 2nd gen is top right, vertical with factory 2 piece pearls in 44-40.
  11. That is nonsense. You only read that kind of statement coming from people who haven't had the good fortune to examine dozens of high condition older Colts. There are many, many pristine Colts from the 1870s to tell us just how vibrant original Colt colors were/are. Lots of first gen guns in new condition, as well as 2nd Gens to tell us exactly what Colt colors looked like originally. I have one sitting near my desk as I type this. But here is a hint for you. Colt used sperm whale oil to improve the durability/lessen rust on the color case. Which in turn made the colors brighter at least till the Sperm oil dried out. But no colors as bright as what modern clear lacquers make something like Turnbull's color case. Turnbull will leave off the lacquer if you request it. Makes them closer to a original Colt. Add Sperm whale oil and you are good to go. I've been involved in SASS a long time. When a pard asks a question I can help answer in detail I'll try. Most of us got into SASS in part for the history as well as the shooting. Might be cap and ball guns, might be B western. But I don't take every fad as gospel...and there are a lot of fads. Bright lacquer finished case colors are simply a modern fad. They aren't historically correct any more than shooting a 32 H&R magnum or a 44 magnum is or a 45 Colt in a lever gun. I might do it but I sure as hell know the difference and I aint gonna be trying to convince anyone other wise.
  12. Did it letter as a nickel 32-20 originally? If it did start off nickel you might think about having it re-nickeled by the right guy. It looks to have an early 45 barrel and cylinder. I like the gun and the grips.
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