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    My first thought when I saw the title of this thread was "OmiGawd! A Ball! With a punch bowl and dancing??"
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    "A man who can smile when things go wrong, has thought of someone he can blame it on". ..........Widder
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    Wild Bunch is a side match..... (ducks and hides).
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    My thoughts? Honestly? I would rather go fishing than shoot stages like that.
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    Link below is to a news story and not FB. Man’s Facebook post about traffic stop goes viral
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    Anytime it's above 40 F , below 90 F and no rain a day at the range is a fun day.
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    Look at the bright side of this: the manufacturers were all paid for their goods. Now, they have $5 million in merchandise they no longer have to warranty, nor insure against product liability lawsuits. Dicks should do this every year, and help keep the gun manufacturers solvent. Ruger, et al, could ship all of those that fail quality control inspections directly to Dicks. Ruger can get paid for their bum steers, Dicks can virtue signal by destroying them. Sounds like a win-win to me...
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    Im Vlad you posted that...
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    We just want to thank The Notch, Blazing Vaquero, and Sonora Blaze for stepping up in a big way and helping us support some great charities. Thank you Tn. Tall and Rio Drifter for coming up with “ Tip the boot”. A charity that was started o try and help the children in our local communities. We as cowboys are so fortunate to be able to travel and do what we do. We have big hearts and some big pocketbooks. So if you see a pair of red cowboy boots in a glass container at your shoot, please drop a dollar for a child. Thank you to the folks at black gold and comin at cha for stepping up. And remember, please, “tip the boot”!
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    I'm a lifelong New Mexico cattle rancher and have eaten plenty of "grass fed" beef. IMO, if you want to eat grass fed, you better have a good set of teeth.
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    My new Henry Arms H011 New Classic 1860 Henry in .44-40 is the perfect match for my Kirst/Pietta 1860 cartridge conversions. (The H011 is my upcoming January Cowboy Chronicle article) I've been a Henry shooter since I started SASS in 1994, starting with Uberti and Navy Arms (pre-Uberti - US made) until I found the Henry Repeating Arms one. If the Henry Arms 1860 is a Mercedes, the Uberti, which would be a Chevy! The HRA is the slickest, smoothest, from the factory 1860 Henry I have ever had. The fit and finish, the bluing, and polished brass are the richest and nicest of any rifle I have ever owned. Before I got it, the Marlin 1894 Century Limited .44-40 with Doug Turnbull color case and engraving held that spot.
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    The premise was a good idea. The name, "Cone of Safety", killed it before it had a chance. I think I know the backstory Allie. The shooter needs room to manipulate the stage safely, without being called for breaking the 170, regardless if it's a cross draw or strong side. If there was a rule giving the shooter, just guesstimating, 5 feet, except for the TO that's directly behind the shooter. There would be less guessing whether the shooter broke the 170 or not. If a counter is crowding the line and right next to the shooter they are going to see things differently than if they were 5 feet behind the shooter. I've seen hard asses call 170 violations on shooters just because the are using cross draw holsters and they don't call the strong side shooters when they miss their holsters and point the pistol behind them which appears to be much more dangerous than the cross draw. Never have I seen a strong side shooter get called for missing a holster and breaking the 170. By giving the shooter 5 feet of room and forcing the spotters to call only blatant violations it would make it easier to call a real 170 violation than someone guessing they saw an infraction because they were too close to the firing line. Give the shooter some room.
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    lt's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Funniest Movie ever for me. First saw this movie in a theater at Fort Bliss, Texas. I had my foot propped on the back of the chair in front of me. I got to laughing so hard at one scene ("I told you we shouldn't move to California") that my foot slipped off and I accidentlly kicked a little boy in the back of the head. When he turned around, rubbing his head and looking at me, I couldn't even apologize for my additional laughter. My stomach muscles hurt for three days from having laughed so hard.
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    Without a doubt, Young Frankenstein, followed closely by The Great Race, then Caddyshack (mainly because of Rodney Dangerfield).
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    Fun is 100% subjective. There is no "fun" scale I can look at to determine if I think a match would be one I wish to attend. So I have to look at the actual metrics of a match and base my opinion on that. Clean shooters is a metric that I can use to judge not only the target sizes and distances; but the clarity of the stage writing as well. And because events rarely happen in a vacuum - those same club officers who make the effort to write matches with clear instructions and well placed targets are more likely to be paying attention to all the other details as well. I go to cowboy shoots to shoot. Everything that is not the match is a (way, way) distant second in my valuation. I'm not there to dance - I'm not there to listen to cowboy poetry - I'm not there for whiskey tastings - I came to shoot. Clean shooters is my most valuable measurement to determine the attractiveness of a match.
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    Icy. It warmed up nicely to near 50 though.
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    When the bottle busts and it’s all over the carpet it’s called “Oh sh**!”
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    Lone Ranger and Tonto were riding along when they were suddenly surrounded by 100 indians that looked mean as hell. The Lone Ranger said to Tonto,"Kemosabe, what should we do?" Tonto said, " What do you mean Kemosabe, white man"?
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    Insecurity and uncertainty can be your friends!!
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    Texas Independence
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    Why do some people who post on forums act as though they are texting someone? They use a group of letters instead of typing out the correct words. If you are too lazy to type the correct words I am too lazy to try and figure out what you are saying. There my complaint of the day.
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    WD-40 is really good at taking ink off.
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    All the music in Quigley Down Under. As as soon as I saw the subject of this thread that is what popped into my head. Love that music. Since we are adding clips...
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    I loved my job. But, I was tired. I counted down the last 1100 days because it annoyed one of my partners who had more time to wait than I did. I ended up having a medical issue and retired earlier than I planned. The good thing is that I have free medical and dental, and I am making the same amount of take home pay as I made working. I am blessed. I retired at 53 years old.
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    At about the 30 minute mark you can watch a 4-8-4 pulling a special event train stall out and then restart on the grade. Exceptional engineer at the throttle.
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    Yeah, I just tried shooting duelist for the past month but my arthritis isn't going to let me do it. I had to go back to two hands. Oh well, at least I still shoot and enjoy my CAS matches. TM
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    I think I made the right decision to take my name out of the running for the position. I would end up in jail for sure. TM
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    The good doctor prescribed a belt that holds 12. Doc Noper, that is. The most I have used on a "shotgun only" stage is 8. But if you are moving, shells can fall out. And under the timer you can fumble a reload. Nice to go to the belt and find a few more you can grab.
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    Shouldn't think of these as Blackouts. Consider them practice if the "Green New Deal" ever gets implemented.
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    Some people will not get that. Even after Google. I Think that is just sick enough to be hilarious.
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    Actually, my surgery was to remove an implant that was installed incorrectly several years ago. The anchor was too long and protruded into my sinus cavity, causing a number of issues like infections. The concern was how bad the infection was and if they could remove the anchor without having to break the jaw bone. The infection was worse than they thought but they didn't have to break the jaw to remove the anchor. Yes the screams of my credit card could be heard into the parking lot. I'm glad to have this whole situation behind me and can move forward. No I will not be replacing that implant, or having any other implants installed. Ever.
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    The brother understands it was a stupid mistake and she needs to be punished, but she didn't do it out of malice. The mom unfortunately seems eager to get her 15 minutes and $15 million out of this.
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    And the police who had to chase them....
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    When being a cop and you finally get the time in for retirement, you realize that you get paid such and such to be a cop. Then you figure what you get paid if retired. You take that amount against what you get paid to work and realize you are being paid $2.50 an hour to get shot at, to get into physical fights, and listen to stupid people. When you realize this, you retire as soon as possible, if you have any sense left.
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    I'm suddenly picturing some of our cowpokes standing there, tip of their tongue sticking out in concentration... Stub of a pencil in their trembling hands... A hesitant line starting and stopping as they think and rethink the angle... Paper worn thin with charcoal smudges and covered with shards of red rubber residue as the eraser is over utilized again and again... Beads of sweat forming on their brow as they struggle to draw a pretty much straight line.
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    We did this so folks won't have to mess with the sights on their favorite lever or pump .22. So bring that go to pest control .22 and have a good time. I agree TW is off but I don't think those white diamonds had anything to do with it. I tend to think the delivery doctor dropped him on his head.
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    I owe everyone an apology. The rumitize hit me hard this afternoon. I’m painless now but there are a couple of empty spots on the shelf.
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    2KidsPop; The above posts provide a wealth of information, perhaps overwhelming. Perhaps I can put some things in perspective from my own experience. Every factory new cap and ball revolver except the Ruger Old Army should be considered a kit when it comes to competition. They all should go bang out of the factory box. But unless you are extremely lucky, after that first bang you will likely be fighting cap fragment jams, and eventually some broken springs. Even the Ruger Old Army gets better with non-factory nipples and springs. There have been major matches won with out-of-the-box cartridge revolvers. I am not aware of any major match black powder category that has been won with out-of-the-box percussion revolvers. So your choice really depends on how competitive you want to be with those percussion revolvers. If it does not bother you to finish way down in the rankings, then you can shoot factory guns without tuning and modifications, endure the jams and broken springs when they occur, and have lots of fun doing it. If you want your ranking to be limited by your ability rather than your gun's capability, you are going to be faced with tuning those guns. A reasonably handy fellow can do a lot of tuning in his own workshop even though he is not a gunsmith. There is information on line that shows you what needs to be done, and links are provided above. If money is no object, send your guns to one of the well-known cowboy gunsmiths for tuning, or buy guns that have already be tuned by someone else. At least one of the cowboy gunsmiths offers pre-tuned new percussion revolvers for sale. I have never shot one of those, so you should contact someone who has if that is an option for you. You will have a terrific time as a blackpowder shooter. Just realize that your competitiveness a factor to be considered in the black powder categories, as it is in the smokeless powder categories.
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    I see just as many violations with strong side holsters. If one misses their holster, and it goes over the back of the holster (up range) it's worse than any cross draw. Seen it many, many times at WR and other matches. I did mention it to members of the ROC and was told to call the infraction. That's a quick way to become hated by a whole bunch of shooters. We either need to give the shooters some leeway or make everything go back to the table. Thus, the "Cone of Safety". If 25% of the shooters are called for breaking the 170 at a match, how many of those won't come back to the range because they thought they were wrongly penalized for something that everyone else does? We need to look for solutions not trash talk others regarding this and come up with a common sense resolution. No one wants to be given a penalty for a questionable call, the solution needs to go to the favor of the shooter. This is another reason no one wants to volunteer to be a posse leader, they don't want to be the final say on an infraction that will make one an instant bad guy. Think about this. We can pull our loaded pistols and move laterally and down range all day long. If a shooter pulls a pistol as they are moving left to right from their right holster are they breaking the 180, I don't think it's physically possible to not break the 170 in this condition. We need to give the shooters room to move, and reholster safely, and continue to be safe for all others. I'm thinking we do give the shooters a little room on this now, it just needs to be clarified and named something just to keep things the same across the SASS world. A blatant infraction is one thing, a questionable call we can't all agree on is another.
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