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  1. For the sake of this discussion, and given historical precedent, let's say that isn't an option.
  2. I understand the desire to not have overall rank points influence category placement, but relative to the problem of inconsistent penalties, rank within categories would be even worse, especially in small categories. The issue that rank points cause is due to a conversion in the difference between two shooters measured in seconds scored as the number of shooters which fill the gap. This means that a difference of 10 seconds could be anywhere between 0 rank points and the number of shooters attending the match. As you get into smaller and smaller categories, the potential for extreme variation
  3. Creeker, with a set quantity of rank points for the penalty you would face an issue similar to the one we have now. Instead of having penalties which are variable depending on the distribution of scores, you would have penalties proportionally variable based upon the number of shooters attending. My idea was for a penalty in rank points which is a fixed proportion of the number of shooters attending. Thus if a MSV was a x% RP penalty at a 100 shooter match, the penalty would be x rank points. This would keep the penalty scaled for different sized matches. Edited for clarity.
  4. We're heading into the cold months, and that always brings about some old, re-hashed topics. One of those, which is sure to come up again, is the scoring system we use in this wonderful game. Rank points are loved and hated, feared and respected, but one way or another they are the scoring system used at SASS sanctioned State level and above matches. One of the issues that I and some others have frequently brought up concerning this scoring system is how penalties effect different shooters to different extents, even on the same stage. Within the rank point scoring system, two shooters at t
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