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  1. This is the very first gun I bought for Matt Black to shoot in competition. He was only 5 years old at his first match. I couldn’t find a mate for it at the time so I bought a Heritage Arms 22 to go with it. He did not complain a bit. As a surprise for him I would like to find a mate for this Special Edition Ruger Vaquero Single Six .22. It’s blue with color case and has these ivory micarta grips with Ruger logo on them. This was a limited run gun so I know it’s a long shot. If anyone has one or may know where one is I’d like to buy it and give the set to Matt Black with a new gun rig for them as a special memory gift in celebration of his 4th Overall win at the World Championship. Thank you Colt
  2. He shot pretty well. He a few little bobbles here and there but all in all pretty good. The best part was all the fun we had and great people we had to hang out with. That’s whats most important.
  3. A great time was had by all! One of the best venues in the country! Shhhhh don’t tell anyone because this place is a paradise and one of the best kept secrets in SASS! What a fantastic match! Everything the stages, food, atmosphere was off the charts cool. The people were the absolute best! This is a must go match!
  4. Well you have to make sure and do it during practice not a match. Lol
  5. Here is a pretty cool compilation video from the California State Match. 12 stages and 12 stage wins. Perfect match. He shoots this entire 12 stage match in under 4 minutes. It takes longer to watch than it took him to shoot! Lol
  6. Thank you so much for your kind words. We always enjoy seeing you and visiting at the matches.
  7. We use Oakley Radar Lock frames with the photo-chromatic lenses. They are clear until you get in the sun. They adjust perfectly to shooting light conditions without going too dark. We’ve used these for several years now.
  8. One of the places that he makes up time is in his transitions. For example last week we looked at his splits from the last shot on 1st pistol to the first shot on his 2nd and it was consistently between .69 to .76
  9. Yeah it would be better to get a close up of his hands. My iPhone has a slo mo setting and I can probably get a good video of it.
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