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  1. That Creek County Kid is one heck of a shooter too! He is lightning fast as well and one of nicest guys you’d ever want to meet. There is also Dead Eye Dillard too. Let me tell you with those three gentlemen and Missouri Lefty in the mix it sure made for an exciting and fast Landrun! I’d say the SW Region is one of the toughest in the country.
  2. Thank you so much Brad! Dylan and I think the world of you and your grandfather Snake Oil George. He looks at you like a big brother and really appreciates your friendship.
  3. Overall winners Matt Black and Missouri Mae
  4. My favorite video of the match was this one where Matt Black got beat by Hawkeye Gin at the shoot off. Classic!
  5. God bless you too my friend. I hope to shoot together again soon.
  6. We haven’t done a pistol reload in a long time. I think it needs to be written in at a match soon. We are sure looking forward to seeing you at EOT my friend.
  7. We will be there be sure and stop and say hi. Lots of great talent at Landrun this year with Missouri Lefty, Creek County Kid and Dillard. It’s gonna be fun!
  8. Yeah I thought you were joking that’s why I used the laughing emoji. Thank you he’s a good kid Hope to see you too! We will be at Landrun, Georgia State, eot and Michigan State so far
  9. Exactly! I’ve never heard of a stage calling for a pistol loaded with 6 have you Yul? Lol
  10. Excellent stages! Very well done and creative. We really enjoyed them. Here are all but one of them. I forgot to video our first stage.
  11. I stayed out of the mix that time. Lol.
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