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  1. I did not get that info from the timer when we did this. I never thought to do it. He has something else cooked up so I will add that info when we do that video.
  2. Longhunter and Widder are 100% correct with what they are saying. We learned the hard way that if it feels too good to be true it is. Also there is the dependability factor. We want our stuff to work so nothing we shoot is taken to the edge. The bottom line is you can’t buy a win which is what I feel many try to do with having the best of the best gimmicks out there and believe me there are plenty. That being said there are good solid mods that work and continue to do so.
  3. Lighter main spring means slower hammer drop and that’s a factor for Matt Black’s style of shooting.
  4. He uses the heaviest springs shotgun boogie has. He does not however have short strokes or any other mods to his pistols. He does use gunfighter grips and a little wider front sight and that’s it. It’s as close to stock as you’ll find on the range for the most part.
  5. Thank you so much my friend! I showed this to Dylan and he had a smile on his face from ear to ear. He’s always looked up to you and those kind words mean the world to him. bless you my brother. Colt and Dylan
  6. Colt,

    Dylan is perfection at it's finest. As you know, I don't post on the wire very often but I would like post if you guys are okay with it is:

    "I credit Lead Dispenser for starting a new way to shoot CAS, I credit Badlands Bud for carrying it forward and I credit Matt Black for taking it to perfect perfection."


    Please tell him congrats for me. He's special!! It's way past talent, it's determination coupled with a lot of hard work. He can be the new Jerry Miculek if he works with some other guns. Hope he is. Stay confident but humble. The manufactures will come knocking.


    Hope we get to posse together at WR or EOT. You couldn't knock the smile off my face with a baseball bat. :-)


    1. Colt Faro, SASS #54579

      Colt Faro, SASS #54579

      Those are very kind words Jim thank you very much. You are welcome to post that. We hope to posse with you as well. Dylan is shooting other sports now so there is no telling what will happen. He is extremely humble and I’m quite proud of the man he is. 
      thank you once again and we look forward to seeing you! 
      Colt and Dylan 

    2. Long Hunter SASS #20389L

      Long Hunter SASS #20389L

      Well, he has a good Daddy!! Congrats to both of you.

    3. Colt Faro, SASS #54579

      Colt Faro, SASS #54579

      Thank you so much! You made my day my friend. If you ever need anything just let me know. 


  7. Shhhhhh Widder you’re giving away all the secrets. lol
  8. Here is how the stage is set up. All rifle and pistol targets are 16” squares rifle distance is 12 yards on the outside targets and 11 on the middle. They are spread 4’ apart. pistol distance is 6 yards on the outside and 5 yards on the center target. Spread by 2 feet. shotgun targets set at 7.5 yards spread by 1 foot. Obviously 2 on each side sequence- rifle in hand and 3-4-3 order. shotgun any order.
  9. Transitions are where all the time is that’s for sure.
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