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  1. SOLD We have here a 6” nickel Colt Python belonging to 4 time Overall World Champion Matt Black. This gun has never been fired and is in pristine condition. We do not have the original box however it comes with a beautiful presentation case. There is absolutely no issues with the gun. The grips are perfect as is the finish. This is a collector grade Python. Whoever gets this one will have something very special. $3200 shipped to your FFL
  2. I have a couple of them for those frames. $40 shipped for the pair.
  3. I have a Dillon 550 conversion kit, dies, tool head and stand for sale for 32 HR Mag. $120 shipped for all of it.
  4. Change the firing pin spring to a lighter one if you’re worried about light hits. That being said, lighter mainspring = slower hammer drop = no bueno for fast and smooth. gun speed is not what wins matches.
  5. Did someone say BBQ? Heck now I’m hungry. lol
  6. That’s a huge compliment my friend. I humbly say thank you very much! The first rig is somewhat of an esthetic departure of what I’ve done in the past but I really like it! One more interesting fact is the two tone holster is the same with exception of the drop to be B Western Compliant. The cant is the same actually. I also have a pattern that I’ve created that has a 1 inch drop that makes fall between the original Matt Black design and the B Western compliant rig. A little something for everyone! The ideas for new builds are filling my head at a rate that is staggering. The things I have in store for the future are really going to be incredible! One of the designs that I did recently with Deuce Stevens is way outside the box! It’s a binary rig called the “We The People” rig. It’s binary in that it allows the shooter to use the holster either double strong side or cross draw. In fact you are able to draw your left gun or right for that matter cross draw and reholster strong side. I’m telling you it’s a game changer! All of that said thank you again for the kind words and stay tuned for some really cool stuff coming out in the very near future! God bless my friend and we will see you down the trail.
  7. This is one I built last week that will be at Winter Range. This one is B Western compliant. You will see multi time World Champion B Western Slick McClade using it. It’s called The Copper King and the base of it is the Matt Black World Champion design dropped so it is B Western compliant. This was a fun build! It has a real hammered copper metal inlay, engraved antique copper spots, holster bands and antique copper conchos.
  8. Actually this one isn’t B western compliant however I have recently built a Matt Black World Champion rig for Slick McClade that is. It’s called the Copper King.
  9. they do have hammer thongs on them actually. I have them tucked behind for the pictures I took.
  10. I appreciate that very much. Thank you! I try to be fast so I don’t get bored. That’s why I don’t carve leather.
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