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  1. I have learned enough here to go ahead and start reloading my new stash of 125 bullets. I now understand why powder charges will increase with lighter bullets and will go with Tyrel’s original recommendation of 3 (2.9 - 3..1) grains of clays. I’ll start with a col of 1.475 and ensure a good crimp which I do with a separate crimp die. II’ll start with the 125 rnfp and not move to TC or 105s until I have enough experience to make that decision. Thanks to Blast (and others) for that wise advice. I’ll check for any hitch in my rifle, how clean/dirty the round shoots and the level of recoil in my pistols. I’m hoping with less recoil, I’ll be able to get back on target quicker and spend a little more time lining up my front sight before triggering and moving on to the next target. Hopefully, that will translate to less pistol misses without losing time. Again, thank you all for your advice and taking the time to share it. There is so much experience on this board.. Special thanks to Fast enuff and Marshall Chance for their kind thoughts.
  2. Thank you Billy. My first batch with the 125 will be 2.9 clays and I’ll go from there. Tully, I’m planning to go to Yolo on the third if it doesn’t rain out. My number is 415-290-9622. My thanks.
  3. Yes, I’d like to reduce recoil with pistols. I’m clean with my rifle but too many misses with the pistol. It’s the main reason I’m changing to 125 after shooting 158 for so many years. I need to slow down and keep on the front sight and lower recoil should help. I think the two load option is best for me. I’ll stay with 158 for knockdowns and see how the 125 recoil feels for reduced recoil. Now I’m thinking 105s. Hey Tully, next time I see you if you have a few 105s I can try, I’d appreciate it. Thanks for the offer. And thanks to all on this forum for helping me through this bullet change. I’m a creature of habit so changing my old load is a big deal and you all have made me feel confident about it.
  4. Wow. Great advice on loads and the dynamics of a smaller bullet. I’m pretty confident going forward now, but I’m wondering if I should have stocked up with truncated cone bullets. I stocked up with rnfp and hopefully they’ll cycle ok In my 73. But should I be thinking about TC with new bullet buys?
  5. Appreciate the good counsel. I’ll stay within the guidelines, increase powder and COL. I’ll make sure my crimp is solid and make a batch to shoot before going to town on the press. Thank you all.
  6. Tyrel, that’s more powder than I was using with the 158. Part of my reason for transitioning is reduced recoil. 3 grains seems high. But I will increase my OAL. My thanks.
  7. I finally reloaded the last of my 158 grain LRNFP bullets and ready to start reloading 125 grains. My load for both rifle and pistol has been 2.8 grains of clays with an OAL of 1.475. It’s always performed without a hitch and had great knockdown power. With the new 125 grain LRNFP, I’m planning a load of 2.5 grains of clays and an OAL of 1.445. My concern is whether I will have any feed issues with my 73 Uberti (action by Cody). And if the 125 grain will have enough knockdown power for plates, etc. Should I increase the 1.445 OAL a bit and maybe go with 2.6 grains of clays? I don’t want to have two separate loads (knockdown load), but I’m open to that option.
  8. Two Shot George passed the day after Christmas. The following was sent by Leapin Otis to the Cowboys who knew him: "Many of us knew that George battled his illness for several years. George refused to stop shooting right up until the end. George shot the Ukiah match a week before he died. Jerry James, George's son in law, put George's boots on before he passed. George died with his boots on". "Was George beaten by his illness? No, It was a draw. We are all humbled by George's courage and love of Cowboy Action Shooting in the face of his illness. They don't get much tougher than Two Shot George" "Happy Trails George, you will be missed. Until we meet again". Richmond RoughRiders PS: There will be a Celebration of Life for George, date to be announced. Cowboy Dress is requested.
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