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  1. I do what I can. If that is not enough it is time for me to mosey on down the road and close the SASS chapter of my life.
  2. It is “Winter” Range. What about “Winter” is misunderstood?
  3. Anyone know who is in it today?
  4. Hi Captain, we usually stop in Beatty when we escape through NV. A bit is a stretch for Sunday afternoon. Safe travels. DP
  5. Go slow. I took my new stiff double to a well known cowboy smith who slicked it up. After a few hundred rounds with normal wear and tear it was a rattling piece of junk. I was very new to cowboy at the time. Now I give every gun tha I buy a few hundred round shakedown before I make any decisions.
  6. Coated Badman bullets. Primers, whoever has Federal Match on sale with shipping and hazmat included. Yeah, it happens and when it does I buy 10K. Powder, mostly Sportmens Warehouse. Cases, Starline.
  7. See the thread on the Chroicle Cover Photo. We eat our young and then wonder why no one will come out and play with us.
  8. How about you put the car in the cart?
  9. Well, you got a lot of responses. Was your fundamental question answered?
  10. It comes down to training time and the number of rounds required to maintain proficiency. A .45 just requires more trigger time for initial qualification and to maintain proficiency. Probably need to throw in compatibility with our allies.
  11. I haven't seen mine in more than 15 years. I have never been ask for it either.
  12. OK, maybe I am getting too deep into this but Active Server Pages are known to be a problem with Apple products. I never buy online from my iPad because of the possibility of getting part way through a transaction and having it hang or simply go into lala-land. That said all of the links returned from the search resolve except SASS.
  13. Texas Jack's will likely be there. Last year someone else handled their FFL transfers though.
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