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  1. We got stuck behind a cattle drive in Southeast Oregon. It seems that the “cowboy era” is still alive and well in some parts of the country.
  2. It is, about 20 miles North old BASF just off of 17. The KOA is close to the exit, so it’s pretty handy.
  3. Our first WR we stayed at the Black Canyon City KOA. A bit primitive but lots of room to run dogs and shooter/gun friendly. About 20 minutes from BASF.
  4. Funny thing is that most posses end up with a shooting order. A couple of stages and the order just settles in.
  5. My father-in-law had a target pistol stolen in a burglary. Insurance settled and he moved on. Many years later and many states away, he is called by a local police department. They had his pistol. He was called in the 90s and the gun was stolen in the 70s or 80s. No idea how they traced it back to him but real databases for things like this were in their infancy.
  6. I belonged to an association that rotated its annual conference between the West Coast, the East Coast and the central US (loosely defined as not the coasts). Mostly, attendees were from the region holding the conference. The conferences were in the planning stages at least three years out. The various committees had their venues reserved three years, or more, in advance and were lining up presenters and schedules. These were all volunteers, the only paid staff was at the national headquarters, sort of like SASS. Rotating the venue can be done. The regional attendan
  7. I shoot a steel challenge match at our local club. For the top shooters who compete beyond the club level I have heard prices of $5,000 to $7,000 for ONE gun.
  8. You sure about that price? I was paying less than $20 for 50 before the current insanity.
  9. I have two C. Sharps high walls in 45-90 and 40-65. On a calm day both will reliably reach out to 1200 yards. When the wind gets frisky the 45-90 with a 540 grain bullet and 75 grains (by weight - sorry purists) of Swiss 2F is my go to round.
  10. How about you put the car in the cart?
  11. Well, you got a lot of responses. Was your fundamental question answered?
  12. It comes down to training time and the number of rounds required to maintain proficiency. A .45 just requires more trigger time for initial qualification and to maintain proficiency. Probably need to throw in compatibility with our allies.
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