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  1. I cannot talk to a member of the Elks without being recruited. Recruiting is in their dna. Yes, they are incorporated and they have bylaws. Everyone in my Rotary club was always looking to recruit members. We were deeply involved in community projects, charitable work and scholarships. There was nothing in it for the members other than supporting their community but this was a group of very enthused people who took pride in getting things done. Again, incorporated with bylaws. in my working life I served on several different boards. I was recruited because there was something in it for them by having me on their board. One of those roles was promoting the organization among my circle of business contacts. There is an entire training course on running non-profit organizations. That includes how you recruit a board aligned with the goals of the organization, fund raising, marketing, administration, and tax laws. This is all pretty formulaic, you just need to have the right people in place and follow the recipe.
  2. Almost any organization of any reasonable size is incorporated. There are a lot of very good legal reasons to incorporate including protecting individual members or board members from having to personally respond to a lawsuit. Most other organizations we belong to are incorporated yet we still volunteer on their behalf. Think American Legion, Rotary, Lions Club, NRA, and on and on. I fail to understand why SASS is being singled out as being unworthy for behaving like every other similar organization.
  3. To buy a box of ammo you need to buy a gun. I am good with that. My accountant (aka spouse), may not agree.
  4. I went to the local Sportsman’s Warehouse looking for .357 magnum ammunition. Nothing!! The only handgun ammo was 40 S&W in really uncommon configurations. However, the gun counter was swamped! There were four employees working the gun counter and they couldn’t keep up. Lots of guns going out the door. What does one do with a gun and no ammo?
  5. I have a Springfield XD in .45 acp. It has a 14 round magazine which, if fully loaded, is a beast. It is a great night stand gun but I would not want to carry it. With the improvements in 9mm ammunition I have moved over to that caliber for defensive purposes. It is a more manageable cartridge for us old folks and I can hold it on target for a follow up shot. Not always true with a .45 acp.
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