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  1. This has become an empirical experiment in epidemiology. Wait two weeks, we will have some answers.
  2. This is the best way to get data for your gun. There are too many variables. And, depending on distance, altitude, humidity, wind and/or rain or snow, things change. Start a good log and keep it updated.
  3. Carried an M-16 in RVN. Never saw much use for it outside of RVN. My wife bought one she just had to have. After she zeroed it, it became a safe queen. I pull it out every year, or so, run an oily patch down the barrel and put it back in the safe. I do have enough ammo for the Zombie Apocalypse. I have a 9mm PCC that is really handy to have around for steel challenge or as a trailer gun when I am out camping.
  4. Similar problem with my Model P 44-40s resolved by more powder and a 200 gr bullet. The revolvers are very load sensitive. My rifles have, so far, run well with anything.
  5. Kidd drop in trigger, Axiom stock, Kidd muzzle break, C-More railway sight. No cheap ammo but if you’re going to spend the money to build a race gun why shoot cheap ammo?
  6. My father taught me at age six or seven: a gun is always loaded; never point a gun a something you do not intend to destroy. My hunter safety teacher taught me the same thing. The Army taught me the same thing. My CCW instructor said it. After more than 60 years of the same message it’s a little hard to get comfortable with the idea that an empty firearm is always, irrevocably, 100 percent guaranteed, empty. 99.97% may not be good enough.
  7. I currently own a 45-90 C. Sharps high wall that I have had for more than a decade. Before that I had a Pedersolli 1874 in 45-90 for another decade. Both shot exceptionally well at 1,000 yards. At ranges under 500 yards, this is way too much cartridge. I solved that problem with another C. Sharps high wall in 40-65. While it can be used at 1,000 yards, it is perfect for the shorter ranges. Based on my experience you have really excellent choices depending on your interests.
  8. Sounds like a match director’s worst nightmare.
  9. My objective was to shoot clean and I did shoot clean. No complaints. Some of the sweeps made me THINK which is a good thing for an old fart.
  10. I am well over 70 and have a heart condition but, I am basically healthy. My wife has a respiratory condition and is also well beyond 70. This makes her a very high risk. I am much, much more concerned about bringing COVID-19 home to her than I am about getting it myself. Since shoots are conducted outdoors with lots of personal space I will likely keep shooting but I will probably skip the group dinners and the awards ceremonies, especially if they are in a tent.
  11. Never saw an evaluation form, never got an email with a survey link. I shot clean which was my objective so not much to complain about but overtly reaching out to all shooters would be a good thing.
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