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  1. Mostly I use Apple iOS devices. It is easiest to do an all, or none, on quotes. It is technically possible to pick out a phrase or a sentence but is is a real hassle. Windows is easy, I just don’t use a ‘real’ computer much anymore.
  2. Thanks. The Arisaka is very accurate with .264, 140 grain boat tail and IMR 4350. Cast bullets are a whole new adventure.
  3. There are some Unique loads for the Arisaka. I prefer IMR 4350 with jacketed bullets. Just trying to slow things down a bit for cast bullets.
  4. Have any idea what a Unique load would be for a 6.5 Arisaka? I need to work up a long range load for WR.
  5. The most popular gun game at my club’s Action Range does not have any movement. This is to allow shooters who are not Action Range certified to play. This is basically a “show up and shoot” event with most any handgun or rimfire in your closet. It more, or less, mimics steel challenge.
  6. How about we do some sort of focus groupS with our target audience- younger shooters? We are talking to ourselves. Group Think is guaranteed to fail!
  7. My club shoots a Speed Steel event that regularly draws 80+ shooters in good weather and 60 when the rains arrive. It can be shot with a $200 10-22 and a box of whatever is on sale bulk .22 ammo. There are a lot of young adults shooting, including those with kids. These people can get away once a month for a shoot. The cost of entry is ridiculously low. Young men and women can pull together a couple of hundred dollars to shoot. CAS requires a couple of thousand dollars. Perhaps we need to look at making CAS a less expensive sport. Say, a category using a Henry .22 rifle, single action rimfire revolvers (Maybe just one revolver) and, of course a shotgun (nothing really cheaper than a 12 gauge). Possibly, a category that uses only rifle and pistol. Moving Winter Range is a non-starter to me. WR works because of the army of enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers and the truly awesome location. These conditions very likely cannot be duplicated elsewhere. SASS would be the loser with a move. IMHO, EOT could work better almost anywhere but where it is.
  8. My experience has been that ladle pour works best for the heavy long range bullets. Bottom pour works well enough but the ladle is more consistent once you perfect the “art form” to using it.
  9. Lyman groups the toggle link guns into a weaker action category and develops their loads accordingly. Take a look at their loading manual.
  10. Demographically SASS members are older, they own their gear, many seem to buy from other members or trade within their own circles, few people “need” anything for our sport. We are just not a great target audience for most advertisers. My guess is that some of the advertisers do it to support SASS. As we die off, the pool of new shooters will grow far smaller. It’s just not what younger people do. So, it is hardly surprising that advertisers take their dollars elsewhere.
  11. I developed raging tendinitis shooting frontiersman/plainsman. The big ROAs just proved too much to handle safely. I just changed categories. They are still great fun to shoot two handed.
  12. I have C Sharps 1885 High Walls in 45-90 and 40-65. Both are excellent rifles and capable of moa accuracy out to 1200 yards. The 45-90 handles the wind better. Keep in mind that if you get interested in other buffalo gun games that you could shoot well more than 50 rounds in a match. The bigger the gun the more that you get pounded. Many of the matches I have shot do not draw enough participants to get two relays so, you shoot straight through. A 535 grain bullet in front of 80 grains of Swiss 1 1/2 is perfect for the long distance shoots but you need to be able to tolerate the abuse. For our games the 40-65 is more than enough. A women shooting a 40-65 Shiloh Sharps won a thousand yard match (no categories, just overall score) and then did it again the next month. In the hands of a good shooter the 40-65 is a capable cartridge.
  13. How about you put the car in the cart?
  14. Well, you got a lot of responses. Was your fundamental question answered?
  15. It comes down to training time and the number of rounds required to maintain proficiency. A .45 just requires more trigger time for initial qualification and to maintain proficiency. Probably need to throw in compatibility with our allies.
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