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  1. Works great but the threads are kind of sparse. Maybe WB shooters are less opinionated than CAS shooters.
  2. I believe 38 Special revolvers are still issued to flight crews.
  3. I was talking to a small store owner who said he has so much on back order that if it all came in he couldn’t afford to pay for it.
  4. One more vote for the 40-65. C. Sharps will make you whatever you want in an 1885. Their basic shooter isn’t anywhere near as pretty as either the Browning or the Winchester but it will definitely get the job done.
  5. How about those of us who can’t shoot one handed (duelist or gunfighter) in Classic Cowboy or Frontiersman? It takes two hands on the grip to be safe.
  6. I had a young fellow from my gun club tell me he bought all three of his three gun firearms for less than he could buy a slicked up 1873. The cost of entry is a serious barrier to growth.
  7. Not long ago folks were complaining about the location of EOT. Now folks are complaining about the prizes. It makes one wonder why any club would want to bother to put on EOT?
  8. I shoot two C.Sharps 1885 Highwalls with 32 inch heavy barrels. For long range (1000 yards+) one is a 45-90. For silhouette the other is a 40-65. The 40-65 will do a decent job of 1000 yards with predictable winds. The dominant caliber for both LR and silhouette is 45-70. The most popular style is the 1874 Sharps, then a few highwalls and the occasional Ballard or trap door.
  9. For the last eight or ten years I was working I had no time for CAS. Having retired nine years ago, I have returned to shooting. As a life member, dropping in and dropping out really cannot be tracked. I still get the Chronicle but otherwise I have not had any contact from SASS since about 2005. Heck, I may be dead for ten years before they find I am gone.
  10. It’s a sad fact of life that no matter where EOT is hosted, some folks will be unhappy. Just change the names of the posters, the message will be the same.
  11. The Arizona Rangers have a five year deal with SASS to run EOT. They also have a huge, very experienced posse of volunteers. It’s pretty hard to move that around the country. And, I am guessing that they will have a shoot in February at Ben Avery whether it is EOT or something else. It’s just what they do.
  12. I load 44-40 with a Dillon XL650. This is a very hard loader to get to work for that cartridge. I check the charge with every 10th round and check OAL for 100% of the rounds. With the same loader I can make 500 rounds an hour of 45 Auto. The 44-40 is just an evil mistress who requires constant attention.
  13. The military went to two hands because it was more effective for a first round hit on the enemy.
  14. Pete


    If you would like to sell your Remington 44-40 brass I would be interested.  How much do you have and what would your price be shipped to Montana (59718)?


    I use a different load for my rifle and I use the different types of brass to keep the loads straight.


    Let me know if you are interested.



    Curly Pete

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