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  1. As an old IT guy I can say stuff happens.
  2. Buffalo Arms is one possibility for these old cartridges.
  3. Before I retired I was on some professional forums that were moderated. It was NOT a democracy! You submitted your post which went to the moderator who decided if the post was an appropriate subject for the forum, if it was, was it weighty enough content to be posted and was it presented in a literate manner. Folks might ask, “Why put up with that bs?”. Short answer, no other forums fulfilled our professional needs. SASS moderators are easy. Be grateful.
  4. I shoot a monthly steel challenge-type match. It required a center fire firearm to compete. During one of the many ammo shortages the rules were changed to allow .22 rimfire, with the caveat that only center fire shooters could win or place in a match. Add a few years and rimfire overwhelms the matches. Rule change again, rimfire competes with center fire, any gun can win or place. Over time I have mostly migrated to rimfire. The equipment is good and the after market flooded with kits to make your gun even faster. Heck, with my worked over Ruger 10/22, I can sometimes crack
  5. I have a 460. A 240 grain bullet loaded to the max is quite manageable. The muzzle blast is more intimidating than the recoil. Off of a rest, sub-two inch groups at 100 yards are pretty routine.
  6. Both my wife and I are high risk. When this insanity settles down I will be back. For now I will follow my doctor’s guidance, “For every trip you take you need to ask yourself if that trip is worth your life?”. I am reasonably certain I am not alone is hanging back for awhile. But, I will be back.
  7. Funny thing, I haven’t shot since Winter Range. Primers, powder and bullets everywhere in my garage but no real chance to use them.
  8. My vote goes to MVA. I have two of the Buffalo Soule on C. Sharps 1885 Highwalls. Both are vastly more accurate and precisely adjustable than the shooter. On my 45-90 I have accurately shot out to 1200 yards. I have also shot the same rifle with 40 minutes of windage. Maybe not so accurately! I needed a screw and stopped by the MVA factory on the way home from Forsyth, MT. They fixed me up in just a few minutes. Good sights and good folks.
  9. I have tried several over the years. There may be good ones out there but I haven’t been fortunate enough to find one.
  10. Mine always seem to break within a year. Finally gave up on them.
  11. How about you put the car in the cart?
  12. Well, you got a lot of responses. Was your fundamental question answered?
  13. It comes down to training time and the number of rounds required to maintain proficiency. A .45 just requires more trigger time for initial qualification and to maintain proficiency. Probably need to throw in compatibility with our allies.
  14. I haven't seen mine in more than 15 years. I have never been ask for it either.
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