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  1. I have C Sharps 1885 High Walls in 45-90 and 40-65. Both are excellent rifles and capable of moa accuracy out to 1200 yards. The 45-90 handles the wind better. Keep in mind that if you get interested in other buffalo gun games that you could shoot well more than 50 rounds in a match. The bigger the gun the more that you get pounded. Many of the matches I have shot do not draw enough participants to get two relays so, you shoot straight through. A 535 grain bullet in front of 80 grains of Swiss 1 1/2 is perfect for the long distance shoots but you need to be able to tolerate the abuse. For our games the 40-65 is more than enough. A women shooting a 40-65 Shiloh Sharps won a thousand yard match (no categories, just overall score) and then did it again the next month. In the hands of a good shooter the 40-65 is a capable cartridge.
  2. Dillon emphatically recommends against using their powder hoppers with bp. The only risk that I can see is from static electricity build up in the plastic tube. The rest is metal.
  3. Does this overcome the risk of loading bp loads in a Dillon?
  4. Watched two toppers separate from different RVs from wind on the Deschutes River. That day we had looked at toppers and seriously considered them but the RV dealership did not have our size in stock. Figured we dodged a bullet on that one!
  5. If you think that you might hunt then you really need the .45 Colt. Lots of loaded ammo options that will stop most anything in the lower 48 within the limited range of the cartridge.
  6. How about you put the car in the cart?
  7. Well, you got a lot of responses. Was your fundamental question answered?
  8. It comes down to training time and the number of rounds required to maintain proficiency. A .45 just requires more trigger time for initial qualification and to maintain proficiency. Probably need to throw in compatibility with our allies.
  9. I haven't seen mine in more than 15 years. I have never been ask for it either.
  10. OK, maybe I am getting too deep into this but Active Server Pages are known to be a problem with Apple products. I never buy online from my iPad because of the possibility of getting part way through a transaction and having it hang or simply go into lala-land. That said all of the links returned from the search resolve except SASS.
  11. Texas Jack's will likely be there. Last year someone else handled their FFL transfers though.
  12. Guessing here. Brownells, Wollf Springs or VTI.
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