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  1. Yep. Same here. If you reload a lot, the pins add unnecessary time & effort for no return (in my opinion & experience).
  2. Just to keep things interesting: Sometimes a rifle can be too fast for the user. Some shooters just need more resistance when levering. Of course, you can always just tighten up the mainsprings a bit to fix this. I've seen a few shooters who bought a slicker rifle than they were used to & were jacking rounds all over the place. they had to slow them down (mainspring) until their skill level caught up to the rifle.
  3. If you have been using one for a length of time, there's a good chance you'll feel the difference, real or imaginary, & will prefer the one you have been using. If you're new to the game, you could flip a coin. I've been using aluminum ones for 9 years, with a preference of Cowboys & Indians over the Pioneer. I decided to try a new rifle with a brass carrier, milled & slicked, & my mind believes I can tell the difference, real or imagined. I prefer the aluminum C & I carrier. And, some believe the aluminum versions don't last. Some of mine have most or all of the anodizing worn off & show some dings here & there, but they still work as new. If you have the opportunity, you might want to shoot one with the aluminum before you convert your gun(s), & be sure you're comfortable with it. Also, you may be lucky with a first fit, or you may have to re-time your rifle. And, the extractor can sometimes be a variable that makes things interesting in fitting a new carrier. Good luck on your decision!
  4. Don't do anything Kajun says. He'll be trying to get you to use chicken feet before you know it.
  5. Ophelia & I are coming. I think this will only be our 8th or 9th time to attend, so we'll probably get a big rebate, right?
  6. Congrats! You got one!! Do yourself a favor & order this from Double Alpha https://www.doublealpha.biz/dropper-tensioning-spring-assembly I promise you'll need it. It'll take some fiddling to sort your new bullet Feeder out, but then you can really turn out some ammo. Maybe see you at Ocoee end of the month?
  7. Actually, I just saw some at Cabela's for $28.99 for two cans. Unfortunately, these are the new build it back better prices.
  8. Max Payne

    Allie Mo

    Very sorry to hear this.
  9. My experience says the pins add unnecessary steps & problems (stick in 38 cases & break decapping pins). I get the same shiny results without them. But, "To each his own".
  10. The price of One Shot has gotten crazy, along with everything else! I use the cookie sheet approach also. Dump them in the 650 & 1050 case feeders, & it spreads nicely. It's excellent that I don't have to worry about powder contamination.
  11. 105gr coated truncated flat nose & 2.7 Grns of TiteGroup for both rifle & pistols. 125 grn bullets work just as well with everything else the same. Only brass cases for me, & seat the 105's to 1.45. You can leave the seating depth the same when using 125Gr bullets, & the press will seat those to 1.42, which word fi e inl 4 of our rifles & all of our 38 pistols. Red Dot can be loaded the same. When I used Clay's, it took slightly more powder for the same ballistics.
  12. Yayy!! Only 10 1/2 years to go!! Hope I can still walk by then.
  13. Just make 'em both yours, & loan her one when you want to if she's been good? Problem? Solution!
  14. Hey, Outlaw! If anyone in our neck of the woods wants these, I'll be happy to transport these for you if you like. Ophelia & I will be shooting Fort White the end of the month, & we're shooting Ambush, S. C. State, Fla State, & Georgia State. We shoot monthly shoots at Riverbend in Dawsonville, Ga., Belton Bushwhackers in Belton, S.C., South River Shootists in Covington, Ga. (Fast Eddie's club), & Ocoee Rangers in Cleveland, Tn. Just let me know if I can help.
  15. Lassiter45@aol.com. I have the same phone as Bovine above. I can't remember if I've ever communicated with him with this email, but I have it in his contact record. I think all of my communications with him have been at the 917/687-1039.
  16. I like this one. https://www.doublealpha.biz/daa-primer-pro-collator Saves a TON of time. And, a Mr. BulletFeeder is a great add-on also. I can make my 1050 really sing with these. I was going to add a bullet feeder to my 650 also, but I use that one to load my wife's 32's, & I'm told the bullet feeder won't work properly with bullets smaller than 38's or 9mm.
  17. I had to go look. I'm taking men 50+. I'm hoping they'll come out with a 74+.
  18. This could have been my original post. When I first asked my Dr, to check my BLL, he said no one had ever asked to be tested, & they had never done one.
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