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  1. Yeah, as far as their loafed cowboy ammo goes, they run on the faster side of fps. 45/70 w/o gas check are limited at higher revs due to lead fouling. There's a Ballance to be struck. Before I left choice ammunition as their CAS ammo developer, we were playing with a few cool powder/projectile blends that were really showing promise at faster speeds without gas checks and breaking 1200 with no fouling. Since I'm gone, I doubt if they pursued it as it was a marginal Cowboy market slot....smh BWD
  2. Pat, Long time my friend!!!! Anyway, HSM uses Rim Rock lead exclusively in their cowboy ammo line, which is the same they sell as a component. Don't ask me how I know, but I do. Rim Rock is based out Polson MT. Regards, BWD
  3. Pleasure was mine PJ...Now as long as I dont go gaining weight round the waist again I won't regret sell'n em...enjoy. BWD
  4. Mr Jones, they have a 34" Inseam helmed at the factory. We can handle the details via pm. BWD
  5. Well Slim, 3 weeks in ICU, another learning to walk again, 14 weeks in a clamshell and c-collar tends to do that. Not a recommended weight loss program though
  6. I have 6 pair of Frontier Classics in size 38, one pair in size 40 altered to size 38 & over-dyed green. All are in great condition. I lost 40 pounds in a devastating motorcycle crash and need to re-tool and re-buy...lol. $25each, $20 for the altered pair or $160 for all 7 pair plus shipping from 59828 (Montana). My loss literally is your gain. Color/Styles are: wheat/tan saddle pant, Herrington/denim saddle pant over-dyed to a slightly darker blue, denim stripe/tan saddle pant, denim/grey stripe Longhorn, tan stripe outlaw, green stripe outlaw & a heavier broad green/brown saddle pant
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