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  1. A friend gave me this old piece of history. It’s a Colt New Line spur trigger .22 pocket pistol. See Pictures. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any internal parts except the hammer and cylinder. Even the cylinder pin is broken and only about half there. Numeric appears to have some of the parts but not all. All I need is all the springs, all of the screws, trigger, hand, cylinder pin, and grips! Oh, and the round side plate, Anyone know of sources for parts?
  2. Have one custom made with a couple of loops on the buckle.
  3. Turning the barrel a few degrees to the right is very simple and usually doesn’t involve removing material from the chamber end of the barrel. The old bent front sight can probably be removed by grabbing it with vice grips and trying to bend it back. The back sight can be opened up to about .140” to .150” with a milling machine (easy way) or with a jewelers file (a little harder). I have done this to several of my guns over the years with no problems at all. If you wanted to set the barrel back a turn it would be a lot more involved, more like Goody mentioned. If the front sight bends back straight, you can get one of the brass front sights designed to be epoxied to the existing front sight. None of this is difficult and the capabilities of many do-it-yourselves and certainly any gunsmith. Around here I’ guess it would probably be less than a hundred bucks.
  4. Short answer is yes. All three things you mentioned are easy to do and should be within the abilities of any gunsmith.
  5. Heavier bullets = cleaner loads. You are shooting the bottom end of light bullets!
  6. My similar problem was solved with a new sizing die. It turns out that the used 38 Special dies I got in a trade 30 years ago finally wore out. (Even though the loaded rounds would go into the chamber checker.)
  7. I made some brass front sights for several of my pistols using some 0.016” brass shim stock from a local hobby shop. To make the bends, I used a hand held break (looks like pliers with extra wide jaws) that I found at Harbor Freight. The sliding part of my adjustable square was lust the right thickness, same as the front sight. Using the heavy paper of a file folder, I cut out a template of the front sight. Then laying the template on the brass, I scribed around it and cut it out slightly oversized using scissors. (Don’t tell my wife.). Using the break, I started both bends to about 45 degrees each. Then using the blade from the square clamped in a vice and a small hammer I completed first one bend and then the other. After degreasing the parts and drying them completely, I’ve tried both JB Weld and Locktite 380 (Black Max) for adhesives. Both work well. The next day, I trimmed off the excess brass with a file. It’s easier to do with front sights that have the rear part square with the barrel, like Vaqueros. Guns with a sloped front sight like my 1911 are a little more difficult but can be done.
  8. When complaining about others, just remember there is only one person you can change - You. In any sport or other activity including work, there are people who do all, or most of the work and those who don’t do anything. In spite of the initial reaction that “we don’t need that kind of person”, I’d say that we do need all the people we can get. I’m not making excuses for the folks who don’t “work” at matches. As a former Match Director, I experienced the same frustrations with people who came, shot and went home without helping. BUT, we are not going to change them. They are most likely that way in their work life, home life and everything else. Just welcome them to the match and be glad there are a lot of folks there. There are always going to be a certain percentage of people in both the work and non work categories. Think positive, with more people at the match, you’ll have more in BOTH categories.
  9. Upon rereading your post, you said the carrier is coming up too soon. That would mean that the rifle has gotten out of time and the bolt tab is now in grave danger of getting broken off by the rim of the next cartridge hitting the bolt tab as the carrier lifts. If your lifter stops in the right place when the bolt is closed and when the bolt is fully open, it’s doubtful that the lifter arm is broken. Bending the lever, as from an out of battery discharge, would prevent the links going fully into battery when closed but wouldn’t change the relationship with the links and lifter. Bending the lever the other way, as in hitting the open lever on a table, wouldn’t either. Retarding the timing slightly by taking a little more off the lifter where it contacts the lever will slow the lifter rise with relation to the bolt. If you have an after market aluminum lifter, you might try the stock lifter and see if that solves the problem
  10. Levers bend pretty easily. Lifter arms seem to break easily.
  11. If it was working before and suddenly started failing to cock on one cylinder, first give it a good cleaning. Second, make sure it is put together right. After that, if it still has a problem, start looking at timing issues. Whatever you do, don’t try to work on the ratchet on the cylinder!
  12. I wondered about that too. Now I guess I’ll have to look.
  13. About 4 years ago, I had surgery on my right shoulder (I’m right handed) and couldn’t use my right arm well for about 3 months. The match directors in my area (central Florida) allowed me to shoot “left handed duelist category” for that time. Wasn’t very fast, but I had fun! I guess we should hang called the category “Josey Wales Cripple” category.
  14. That doesn’t work on my iPad. Takes me to Slick MaClade’s Home page. The address bar on the iPad only says “forums.sassnet.com”. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to get to the Home page the hard way. I’m just wondering if there is some reason we can’t have a clickable link.
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