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  1. Another Ugly Gun. A Mexican Colt made in Spain around 1900 or so. Reportedly used in the Mexican Revolution.
  2. It would be neat (interesting?) if you could make all 8 chambers go off at once. And not blow your hand off of course.
  3. I shoot 44 Russian in my Henry 44-40 sometimes, using a modified carrier. I fireformed the Russian brass and only neck size it when reloading. C. Coffin maker is right though about the correct way to convert a 44-40 to 44 Russian. I had about 100 rounds of Russian brass and about 70 or 80 left after five or six reloads. (The brass was just lost though, not split or cracked.). Probably has a shorter brass life though.
  4. HK, it may not be legal in the state you live in, but it never was a shotgun so it couldn’t be sawed off. Someone gave it to me many years ago and I’ve kept it as a curiosity piece. I fired it with std velocity shorts to see if it would shoot. It will. Absolutely no practical value though. Unless someone has an ugly gun contest!
  5. Ugly gun! Looks like someone removed top strap, barrel, trigger guard, and part of the grip frame. It fires 22’s right out of the cylinder.
  6. I think the real problem is reliability, not the number of clicks. The click that was eliminated was the first click, the “safety notch”, (which no one in their right mind thinks is “safe”). The arrangement works by the trigger mechanically pushing a rod up the length of the hammer to push the firing pin out enough to engage the primer. The trouble is that it takes more than usual trigger movement to do that, which in the guns I’ve seen is in trigger “overtravel”. So if you squeeze (press) the trigger like a bullseye shooter would, the system doesn’t push the firing pin out enough to fire the primer. I’m sure that the trigger/hammer/safety arrangement can be hand fitted to work fine, but the guns I’ve seen required a firm pull, almost like a jerk, to fire reliably. I’m talking about the new Ubertis with the retractable firing pin safety, not Rugers. Uberti eliminated the “safety notch” (first click) because in their opinion with the new mechanism it wasn’t needed.
  7. It’s kind of like having a wife with a twin sister. If you can’t tell the difference, it don’t matter.
  8. It sounds like you have a broken or missing trigger spring. Those guns don’t lock the cylinder like a modern Colt or S&W. The cylinder is held in battery by the hand (also called a pawl) holding the cylinder against a fixed bolt machined into the trigger. Easy fix if you can find a spring that works. The loose break open mechanism may or may not be a more serious problem. It should be checked by a gunsmith familiar with break-open pistols. It may just need a latch spring.
  9. Another “fix” is to use a center punch to put several dimples in the bottom of the male part that slides into the dovetail. That will increase the friction and still let you take it out if you want. Works with loose sights too.
  10. The alligator is still in the lake. She is 8’ now instead of 5’ like back then. On the practice day before the match, someone (Weewahootee I think) told me that you were the World Champion Duelist. Since I was shooting Duelist at the time (no Gunfighter category yet), I walked up and introduced myself to you and jokingly asked you to give me a duelist shooting lesson. To my surprise you did! We commandeered a berm and you gave me about an hours instruction. One of the high points of my shooting experience.
  11. Sun, I’m planning to go to Ruskin Sunday. See you there. For blueing small parts or small areas, I find that Oxpho-blue from Brownells does a good job. It actually reacts with the metal, not just color it like cold blue.
  12. Best thing is steel wool, oil and elbow grease. Won’t remove blue.
  13. Wet them with water or rubbing alcohol (for quicker drying) and mold them to the gun. Make sure that they are the shape you want. I let them dry with the gun wrapped in a plastic bag. The holsters will harden up on drying but won’t retain the hardness permanently. If you want permanent hardness further treat them with Minwax Wood Hardener, available at hardware stores and places like Home Depot or Lowes. I wrap the guns in plastic bags and put them in the holsters again for the drying process. This will even work with el-cheapo leather. And it’s permanent.
  14. That would be a retreat to #2, voluntarily of course.
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