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  1. If the extra round may be staged on the loading gate, why not start it into the gate, or . It’s partially even “stage” it in the magazine? Placing the round on the loading gate doesn’t seem like staging the round to me. It appears to be dangerously close ro a Spirit of the Game violation. Usually a rifle reload is from the body, not partially loaded into the rifle. We often allow shooters, mostly new shooters who don’t have all their gear, to stage ammo or even guns on a prop (table). Staging the round on the loading gate is not staging it. It’s partially loading the gun. Looks like “illegally acquired ammunition” to me.
  2. You are correct about the names of the clubs in Malabar and Titusville. Neither of those clubs were officially associated with SASS back then and as far as I know still aren’t. Back before The Last Stand started the Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club wasn’t SASS affiliated either. The Weewahootee Vigilance Committee srarted with the planning for the first Last Stand. Before that I don’t think there was a name for the group. Weewahootee is the name of a long gone Indian village and the name of the road on which the CFRPC is located. People started calling Robert Leath “Weewahootee” because as Executive Officer of the CFRPC, he ran the club. A shooter named Poppy wanted to have a match but didn’t get along with Weewahootee all that good to be able to have the match in Orlando at the CFRPC. So he found other venues for the match. After The Last Stand started. Poppy quit CAS and took up mounted shooting. I lost track of him after hat. See you at the Ides.
  3. If my failing memory serves, there were three State Championship matches in the late 90’s; ‘97, ‘98, & ‘99. I believe two were in Malabar and one was in Titusville (Mims). Also The Last Stand wasn’t t in Kissimmee. It was held in Orlando at the Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club. Weewahootee (Robert Leath) was Match Director up until about 2010 (?), when he was incapacitated with a stroke. Before that in the mid and early ‘90’s, there was an annual match in Orlando called “The End of the Trail” that was not SASS affiliated. That match ran afoul of SASS and The End od Trail because of the obvious name similarity. I remember going to a meeting with Weewahootee presiding where we were discussing the match name and the legal ramifications whether we should make a “last stand” and hold one more “End of the Trail” matches or not. Then someone, I don’t remember who, said “Why don’t we just call it The Last Stand” and avoid a lawsuit?” And the rest is history. That’s the way I remember it. If it wasn’t that way, it should have been!
  4. I've heard this term used for many years, but never heard a precise definition as to what it is. Some pards say that on a '73, they pull the trigger and can open the action before the hammer falls - outrunning the gun? I don't think so. I think their trigger timing is such that they pull late in the cycle, or they have a faulty gun and the hammer follows the bolt without pulling the trigger at all. Both Marlin 94's and Win/Rossi 92's have internal safety's that prevent the firing pin from hitting the primer if the trigger is pulled too soon or to late. Even with lightened springs the hammer fall is very quick. Quicker than reversing directions and opening the lever far enough to prevent discharge. Springs can be lightened to the point that gun function is impared and fast operation "outruns" the spring, but is that "outrunning the gun?"
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