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  1. Not worthy of the holy black Only shoot the heathen smokeless and like I said , our season is usually only 7-8 months and lucky to shoot twice a month. Usually can pull mine up to squirt cleaner underneath the blow out with air then lube. Forgot about you true shooters Thanks GW
  2. My question if I may. Why are you removing the extractor so often. I don't shoot as much as a lot of you due to weather up here but I havn't removed one from my rifle in 15 yrs GW
  3. Doctor to patient: Yes Mr. Johnson , that was very loud, but I said I want to hear your heart!!! GW
  4. These are still available. Stainless steel and look like a small coffee pot GW
  5. Wasn't there , but have shot 41 Mag for SASS Can I help? GW
  6. Mine is usually sitting in a small cast iron pan on top of the stove GW
  7. Have one in 44 Mag. Neat little gun. Runs great with proper length ammo GW
  8. Prayers up for a lady we all love but most of us have never meet GW
  9. Plus 1 for White Label Lube mentioned above by GJ But have been using their 45-45-10 and tumbling bullets GW
  10. Thanks for the kind words Pard. As far as politically correct, We are grandfathered OUT GW
  11. Used to roll my cuffs at work. Farm equipment infield repair. Put cigarette butts in cuff so farmers weren't scared I would burn their wheat field down GW
  12. Thanks, don't know how but going to have to try GW
  13. Lucky man.... Have my own supplier but he starts at hab's and goes up to Trinadad Scorpion and Carolina Reapers Laughed, he puts 1 Reaper in a pot of chili. They eat all the chili around the pepper then wash it off to use in the next pot. GW Pepper head of the 9th deree
  14. He can say He shot his breakfast and ate it without cooking it. What an outdoorsman GW
  15. Shut up, Liver You'll be ok No one gets out alive. GW PS Glad I didn't have to MeMe this
  16. 170 degree cones off of the firing line, IMHO GW
  17. While on the subject of gators/ crocs. How about transporting those troublesome beasts found in suburban neighborhoods to the Rio Grande, 2 birds with one with 1 stone GW
  18. I have one you redo store bought and just add your spices if your interested, Sweet horseradish GW
  19. Altamont Grips has a more affordable replacement, Eagle if you want thinner and do not mind the extra bucks GW
  20. I usually used it to describe drinks with umbrella's in them. Also guys who smelled like french ladies GW
  21. Yup waiting to see Rip set things right GW
  22. Reminds me of an old cowboy when asked what he did with all his money. he replied, Most of it went to whiskey and women and guess I wasted the rest! GW
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