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  1. I bought a Henry H001 to practice with and for plinking. I noticed the front sight ramp and post are all one piece. (mine has the separate ramp not the one with the barrel band molded into the ramp) Does anyone make a replacement front sight ramp with a dovetail cut so I can install different height post sights?
  2. Got a link to get the buffers? I have searched power custom and Volquartsen and can't seem to find them. OK it seems you need to cut a 10-22 buffer to the lengths mentioned on the video??
  3. they are either very expensive or out of stock Welcome to the new normal This is about the only game in town for what you are looking for. Might try ebay. There used to be a place called Cape outfitters in Cape Girardeau Mo. that had these but I think they are long gone. https://www.buffaloarms.com/winchester-ladder-sight-3-8-d-sb6.html Nate Kiowa Jones lists them but pricey. Also some here https://www.gun-parts.com/winchesterrifle/
  4. There is one other item that could cause that 'catch', as you mentioned. When the lever is opening, the Bolt Safety Lug is suppose to be falling down and out from its 'cut out' position on the bottom of the bolt. I think this may be the issue it hangs up with the hammer cocked and if I lever it while the rifle is on its side or upside down it will hang up more often. If i hit the top of the receiver with my hand after a hang up the rifle will finish the cycle.
  5. I picked up a late production marlin 1894C at auction. I have slicked it up quite a bit by polishing the bolt, lever and changing springs and firing pin. The only issue is it has an occasional catch when I open the lever at about the first 1 inch of down stroke of the lever. I looks to me like the hook on the lever right above the keeper plunger hangs up on the locking bolt. It only does it once in a while otherwise the gun is quite smooth for a remlin. any idea what it needs?
  6. $30 shipped ok   or whar do you think     GW

    1. Middlefork Bob, SASS #53945

      Middlefork Bob, SASS #53945

      Yes I can send you paypal F&F  

    2. Middlefork Bob, SASS #53945

      Middlefork Bob, SASS #53945

      For that price I would buy 200.  What brand head stamp?

  7. I just acquired a new to me Marlin 336, 30-30 If anyone has some good once fired brass laying around I would like to buy some. Thanks in advance
  8. It would be nice if someone would produce a complete loadbook for cowboy loads? It would sure be nice to have all the reduced load data for all the pistol long range rifle and shotgun loads in one handy book. something similar to the caliber specific books available.
  9. Are the Circle R cowboys in Brookston IN still active? Their website hasn't been updated since 2019. Was looking for some different places to shoot and thought I would give them a try.
  10. Looking for a good NOS or used Miroku Winchester 92 in 357. Would like to pay a reasonable price (less than Gunbroker) PM with what you have. will need to go FFL to FFL
  11. I have had an itch to try Lever action Silhouette. they have 2 classes pistol and rifle caliber lever guns. pistol caliber is 1/2 size targets at 40, 50, 75, and 100yards and rifle caliber is full size silhouettes at 50, 100, 150 ad 200 all off hand. I always thought this would be an excellent side match.
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