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  1. you're in luck. I have one $40.00 shipped I will have to find it. Fits lyman rcbs custom .515
  2. I can not sell across state lines without transferring through an FFL. I would be glad to ship it to your dealer though.
  3. I have a good but not perfect Colt SAA 3rd generation made in 1994 45 colt 4 3/4" barrel no box and does have some slight handling marks. Possibly unfired but I can not guarantee that. $1600.00 + $50.00 shipping from my FFL to yours. Sorry to the California pards my dealer won't ship there.
  4. I have 2000 Federal Large Pistol Primers I would trade for 1000 small pistol primers. Yep 2 for 1 I know Small Pistol primers are stupid right now. FTF in EC Illinois??
  5. I have bought several items from Reddog leather on Ebay good products, good prices, and excellent service.
  6. Not to change the subject but can boxed primers be sent UPS under the ORM-D label?
  7. I haven't had time to shoot much and with COVID didn't shoot a match this year. I plan to get to some matches again this spring but until the ammo situation eases back to close to normal I doubt I will be doing much practicing, just maybe 1 or 2 matches a month. I do predict that the sport will have an initial loss of interest but will bounce back quickly possibly due to the inevitable restrictions to hi cap guns the 3 gun shooters are using. This may have a positive effect on our sport by generating a lot more interest in lever guns.
  8. I have had real good luck with the NRA recommended load 4064 and a 168grn bullet. Shot it out of several garands have yet to have a malfunction or unsatisfactory accuracy.
  9. MB - I have some steel shot shotgun loads for sale. All 12 ga. 3 1/2 inch "T" and "BBB", 3 inch - etc. About 150 rounds in all.

    Please shoot me a PM - or email if interested.

    Thanks, bhoffman2227@gmail.com

  10. MiddleFork Bob is an "upstanding" pard. You can deal with him with confidence.

  11. Thank you so very much Middle Fork Bob.

    It fit the Miss Like a Glove. She is so Happy. Thank you very much Deacon Tom

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