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  1. 5K with Hazmat and shipping still comes out to $37.50 per 1K cheaper at the LGS
  2. These are marked Boulet boots but look like the Gunfighter boots currently sold by Wild west Mercantile. Size 10.5 Brown asking $150.00 shipped only worn a few times.
  3. I have an MVA #108 mid range sight that was briefly mounted on a new production Marlin 1895CB 45-70. The base and screws are for the Marlin. You can purchase a base for any other long range gun you want through MVA. I shot the gun less than 50 times with the sight mounted. It is in like new condition with box and all paper work. I will sell it for $250.00 shipped. I will throw in the Lyman 17A front sight
  4. Due to some weight loss I have some large size shirts for sale I am going to sell these shirts all for one price because I don't want to be sending a bunch of separate packages. Wah maker, Scully, Frontier Classic. You should be able to see the sizes in the tags. $100.00 shipped for all 5 shirts. Most shirts have only been worn a time or two and have been hanging in my closet for a while.
  5. I have 3 pairs of pants I want to sell that no longer fit. When I bought these I wore a FULL 36 waist jeans almost a 38. #1 pair of Scully Khaki canvas pants new with tags 40" waste unhemmed. $35.00 shipped #2 pair of Frontier classic Canvas (Carhart brown) 38" waste hemmed to 32" length $30.00 shipped #3 pair of Frontier Classic canvas mustard color 38" waste hemmed to 32" length $30.00 shipped. All pants were only worn 2 or 3 times. except #1 never worn.
  6. MB - I have some steel shot shotgun loads for sale. All 12 ga. 3 1/2 inch "T" and "BBB", 3 inch - etc. About 150 rounds in all.

    Please shoot me a PM - or email if interested.

    Thanks, bhoffman2227@gmail.com

  7. MiddleFork Bob is an "upstanding" pard. You can deal with him with confidence.

  8. Thank you so very much Middle Fork Bob.

    It fit the Miss Like a Glove. She is so Happy. Thank you very much Deacon Tom

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