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  1. Are they still available if so I’m very interested.

  2. Are they still available if so I’m very interested.

  3. I have for sale a slightly used Uberti 1873 rifle with Pioneer short stroke kit, whisper springs. sure hit hammer spring, grabber front sight. Bought it and then decided I like my Marlin better. $1250.00 + $50.00 shipping to your FFL make sure your FFL will accept shipments from a non-FFL.
  4. I am curious can you ship a Ruger old army through the mail to a non-FFL?? It is a percussion pistol so not technically a cartridge firearm. A friend of mine bought one from an estate and is looking to sell it but the shipping and FFL requirements seem to vary from state to state.
  5. I always thought 777 in a 44-40 rifle would make a good hunting round.
  6. Take an unsharpened pencil and measure the distance from the base of your preferred bullet to the crimping cannilure. Mark this distance on the blunt end of the unsharpened pencil with a sharpie marker. Then fill your 44-40 case with APP until the pencil mark is even with the case mouth. Then dump the APP on your powder scale an weigh it. next set your powder measure to throw charges equal to the measured weight from your case and start loading.
  7. You get 500 shooters and about that many spectators and that range will be a bit crowded.
  8. I think it is great they are having it and especially at Paradise pass. I am bummed I wont get to shoot in it but you can bet I will come up for a day and watch!
  9. I put a Smith Shop light weight mainspring in my 73 rifle and now I am getting light primer strikes even with federal primers. Can I bend / tweak the spring some to increase tension on it or should I try something else?
  10. I apologize to the folks that have messaged me I have had limited computer access the last coupe days. I went back through all the correspondence regarding this gun and Rawhide Red was the first "I'll take it" so it is sold to Rawhide Red pending funds.
  11. you're in luck. I have one $40.00 shipped I will have to find it. Fits lyman rcbs custom .515
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