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  1. I got word back from NKJ, my deposit from last year paid off he said send her in!! Going out tomorrow cant wait to get it back!! It shoud be sweeet!
  2. I just got the rifle bought on gunbroker it was new old stock made in 2013 but never fired. I sprayed it out with gumout and oiled it with remoil. It shoots good but the cases hang up when closing the lever. Jiggle the rifle a bit and they will feed. I am sure something like the cartridge guides on the inside of the reciever is biting into the case rim. I have the NKJ video at home I will review it tonight. I actually sent NKJ a deposit for action work last year on another gun I no longer have so I want to send it to him for a tune up. I talked to Steve about a month ago but have tried to contact him this week with no luck. I guess he may just be gone this week. I am sure he will call me back next week.
  3. He must be out this week, I have tried to contact him
  4. I have a Rossi 92 45 colt that hangs up when feeding the case into the chamber. It must be a sharp edge catching on the case rim because the rims of my brass have sharp burrs on them after shooting them. also once in a while it will not release a case from the magazine tube. This may just happen when cycling because it hasent done it when actualy shooting it, only while cycling dummy rounds.
  5. I have been using a fairly new powder by Alliant called Extra Lite. I am about out of it and seem to be having trouble finding it. What other recipes or powders are good to make feather light loads using AA hulls and silver claybuster 7/8 oz wads. 7/8oz of shot?
  6. I have Reddog also and really like them.
  7. I just made the switch to 38/357 this year and I am using 357 brass. I think my guns shoot more accurately with the 357 cases. Also don't have to worry about the case feeding issue in my Marlin and no carbon ring in the chambers.
  8. Going to Michigan in a couple weeks and was wondering if these guys are still around and have a decent selection of cowboy goodies? Its been many years since I was there.
  9. Good to hear they sand behind their products. I use a lot of lee products and I like them. Some people say that Lee is cheap or inferior but I have had good luck with all my lee products.
  10. Out of respect to the OP he would have first dibs, but if these were on the open wire classified they would last about 30 seconds.
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