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  1. I think I have found some Rugers still need to sell these How about $800.00 shipped My FFL to your FFL I would rather sell them to a pard here then go to auction with them.
  2. A while back I remember seeing some faux Ivory grips for the Ruger new vaquero that were checkered in Fleur de lis pattern with a black stain or aged look to them. I can not seem to find these anywhere now. Could any of you point me to where I could get a set of these grips??
  3. I have for sale a pair of EMF GW II pistols very nice no work done to them front sights have not been filed. 5.5" barrels with boxes and paperwork. Shot 2 matches and some practice. Along with a little BP subs. Always cleaned thoroughly. $800.00 shipped from My FFL to your FFL Not consecutive serial numbers but only a few numbers apart.
  4. I have a Winchester Miroku 1873 24" barrel 44-40 in excellent condition with box and paperwork No short stroke (didn't need it) Grabber front sight. $850.00 shipped to your FFL in the the lower 48. Add $20.00 to ship from my FFL Shot 2 matches and some practice along with a little BP subs. Always cleaned thoroughly. PM or email rlmann91@att.net
  5. I am thinking about taking an original 1892 Winchester in decent usable condition and having it converted to 357 mag / 38 special. Would like to find someone that could re-barrel or re-bore a 32-20 or 25-20 and refinish it to make a good shooter out of it. I know I could buy a Rossi, Chiappa, or new production Winchester cheaper but I would like to have an original that shoots a great modern cartridge. Just looking for gunsmith recommendations. Thanks
  6. MB - I have some steel shot shotgun loads for sale. All 12 ga. 3 1/2 inch "T" and "BBB", 3 inch - etc. About 150 rounds in all.

    Please shoot me a PM - or email if interested.

    Thanks, bhoffman2227@gmail.com

  7. MiddleFork Bob is an "upstanding" pard. You can deal with him with confidence.

  8. Thank you so very much Middle Fork Bob.

    It fit the Miss Like a Glove. She is so Happy. Thank you very much Deacon Tom

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