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  1. I think I'd go with the Springfield. I've had mine for more than 10 trouble free years and 3-4000 rounds through it. Last year I bought one of these. https://www.classicfirearms.com/sds-imports-1911-a1-service-model/ . All parts are supposed to be interchangeable with a G.I. 11911. They claim the only difference is the lowered ejection port. Mine is the olive drab one. I've put right at a thousand round of reloads through it with no problems. Accurate as any USGI pistol I've ever had. Bought it because of the price and curiosity. Very pleased with it except the hammer bite. I've got fl
  2. Hi Deacon, sorry you passed up one. I've really enjoyed mine for years. I think the guy you're thinking about picked a good one anyway and probably cheaper.Lol! Thanks for reply. Tater
  3. Thanks Joe! I thought so but wanted some confirmation. I probably won't shoot in any of the big matches but wanted to know for my own satisfaction. Thank Again, Tater
  4. Thanks for your reply JFM, I've used this in local matches and one one ever said anything one way or the other. I did cover the white dots on the sights. I really like the trigger on my MilSpec. It's as good as my Gold Cup. Thanks Again, Tater
  5. Dumb question regarding 1911 slide serrations. Is this pistol eligible for "Traditional" Wild Bunch Matches? https://www.springfield-armory.com/1911-series-handguns/1911-mil-spec-handguns/ . The serrations are slanted forward. The hand books says "•Only rear slide checkering or serrations. No front slide checkering or serrations". II'll use a different pistol if this one not allowed. Thanks, Tater
  6. Hi WBP, Springfield Armory has a quality 1911 with great sights. Three white dots that may or may not be allowed in local matches. Easy fix. Magic Marker or black electricians tape. Good luck in your search. Tater https://www.springfield-armory.com/1911-series-handguns/1911-mil-spec-handguns/
  7. Sounds like you've found what you need. If it doesn't work out you might try this guy. Don't know if hestill has them or not? https://www.marlinowners.com/threads/marlin-bullseyes-for-sale.85946/ Good Luck, Tater
  8. You might try Coyote Cap. He is one of the best 97 race gun guys in the country. He used to import 97's. Won't hurt to give him a try, http://coyotecap.com/ Good Luck, Tater
  9. Hi Major, hope you scored your part. If not you might try this guy. Nice fellow and a SASS member. https://classicoldwestarms.com/ Good Luck, Tater
  10. BHowdy TNtrapper, Attached is a copy of the postal reciept with a tracking number. Scheduledto arrive Saturday. enjoy!
  11. Thank you TNtrapper! Pleasure doing business with you. Tater
  12. Howdy TNtrapper, sending you a PM. Tater
  13. What Diamond Jake & Rainmaker said. I use Lee's FCD with 38/.357, .45 Colt and have no problems. Cartridges drop right in. Good luck ! Tater
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