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  1. Okay thanks. So I can just hook the system up and test my appliances? Not gonna get black gunk all over the propane stove and elsewhere? HH
  2. Howdy again and thanks to all the Pards who helped me with the trailer battery charging system question. I bought a used 2004 Fleetwood pop-up trailer and I decided to replace the single LP tank regulator with a dual tank regulator. When I disconnected the old regulator from the gas line going into the trailer a bunch of black oily liquid gunk came out. What is this stuff? Is this normal? Is it harmful to my LP appliances? What should I do about it if anything? Any and all help will be appreciated... HH
  3. Thanks pards. My disconnect switch is wired to the negative side - at the battery box. HH
  4. Howdy pards, I have researched this question online and cannot find an answer...so...I came here to ask my pards. On my 2004 Fleetwood Pop-Up trailer I have installed a battery disconnect switch. My question is this: While towing with my 7 way connector operating properly will my trailer battery charge from the tow vehicle with the trailer battery switch in the disconnect position? Thanks in advance... HH
  5. Howdy Pards, I converted a really old H&R 1908 12 gauge single-shot shotgun into an inline black powder muzzleloader. It's a real BLAST to shoot! I have been searching the web for a 209 primer pocket cleaning brush but can only find those that fit pistol and rifle cartridges. Does anyone know of a source for a primer pocket brush that fits the 209 primer pocket? Thanks in advance... HH BTW...I'm using a "Short Lane" 209 black powder breech adapter. It works very well!
  6. A good Pard to do business with,

    Sierra Joe

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