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  1. SOLD, PAID FOR AND DELIVERED! Howdy Pards. This is Halfbreed Hoss, SASS #55914. It's been a while since I've visited the Wire. Although I'm a SASS Life Member, I had to give up CAS due to unforseen issues. I really miss the action and comaraderie. Anyway, I just purchased this revolver thinking I'd use it as a companion trail gun for my Marlin 1894 .45 Colt rifle. I guess I had a brain-f*rt and didn't remember that the Colt clones cannot handle high-pressure rounds such as Buffalo Bore and such. I have since purchased a Ruger Blackhawk to fill that role so I need to sell the Uberti. Here's the particulars: Taylor’s & Co (Uberti) 1873 Cattleman .45 Colt Revolver #4480 - NEW in Box. 4-3/4” Barrel. UNFIRED & UNHOLSTERED Condition. Beautiful Deep Charcoal Blue and Color Case Hardening. Transfer Bar System. All accessories from manufacturer included: original box, manual, cable lock and soft case. $35.00 shipping to ConUSA (Alaska & Hawaii higher) from my FFL Dealer to your FFL Dealer. Asking $559.00 (negotiable) Thanks for looking...
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