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  1. This is my One owner 1977 FLHS . This is the bike that latter in life becomes the Roadking . I'm the second caretaker of her in her lifetime. I bought her from Jim the original owner who bought her new & rode her for 40 years . I gave him twice what he bought her for new . Love this old girl . She is my Sunday ride around the lake bike . Some of you may remember I was almost killed on my 1979 FLH in 2016 and got broken up bad. This is the replacement bike for that bike that got destroyed in the crash .
  2. It's a 2006 factory (HD) Built 1947 Pan Clone . Last Year HD made a Springer Softail .
  3. Nope . They just fly out in the wind .
  4. You will never see a Motorcycle parked outside of a Therapist office Because it's Therapy all in its own .
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