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  1. Tombstone Mary has been raking in the registrations! 202 have registered for Cowboy main match, and 46 for Wild Bunch. Spring is about to spring despite the present weather and Stieler Hill Ranch will green up to welcome you! Twenty Out-of-Staters have signed up to wrestle the Cowboy champions title from the Texans, including one from California and one from Connecticut, and five have signed up in Wild Bunch to beat the Texans.
  2. Cowboys and Cowgirls, it's difficult to think cowboy shooting when the snow is butt-deep or the temperature is approaching zero in many places, and Old Man Winter is blowing his cold breath in south central Texas but Spring weather is less than two months away. And the SASS Texas State Championship is less than three months away. Registration is about 2/3 complete with 191 (max 300) signed up for the main match and 41 (max 60) signed up for Wild Bunch. Thaw out your ink and send in your registration! The Texicans 'broke the ice' this weekend at Stieler Hill Ranch and hosted the first two club matches of the year to warm up the range, and begin the preparations for Comancheria Days 2020. Join us! Use this link, click 'Buy Now' - It's as easy as hitting a Comancheria Days pistol target: https://www.texicanrangers.org/events/comancheria-days
  3. Cowboys and Cowgirls, Tombstone Mary makes is easy to sign up using the link: https://www.texicanrangers.org/events/comancheria-days And she makes it easy to track who has signed up using the buttons "Who's Coming", "Wild Bunch", and "Plainsman". The match is about half full with 147 shooters signed up for 300 shooters slots, and Wild Bunch has 38 signed up for 60 slots. It's a New Year in a few days, beat the rush, sign up soon! Before you realize it, April will be here. Use the "Buy Now" button to pay for registration fees, then mail in the Registration Form. It's as easy as ringing a pistol target!
  4. Cowboys and Cowgirls, the December weather has Kerr County, Texas looking brown but don't let the winter doldrums distract you from April activities on Stieler Hill Ranch in Comfort, Texas! Beginning in the Spring, Stieler Hill Ranch greens up well. Workdays for match preparations begin about February and by match time the range (and the ranch) will be a beautiful shade of green! It's Texas weather, could be hot, cold, wet, or dry and any combination of those, sometimes in the same day. Bring appropriate clothing. Stieler Hill Ranch 130 Adolph Stieler Rd Comfort, Texas 78013 Driving Directions: From IH-10 take exit 523 for US-87 Bus and US-87N/Comfort/San Angelo. Proceed North on US87N for 8.1 miles. The Stieler Hill Ranch home of the Texican Rangers is located on your left From downtown Fredericksburg, follow US 87 south 13.1 miles. The Stieler Hill Ranch is located on your right. 30° 5'39.72"N 98°55'26.80"W according to Google Earth The Texicans range is 0.4 miles past the ranch house. Judicious observation of the 5 mph ranch speed limit would be appreciated.
  5. The Texican Rangers will host the 2020 Texas State Cowboy Championship April 1 through April 5. Information and Sign up using this link: https://texicanrangers.org/events/comancheria-days Limited to 300 shooters. Mark your calendar and sign up soon!
  6. There is difference in felt recoil between Trail Boss and most other powders. TB feels softer, even though it's a fast powder. I use it in all cowboy loads for 38Sp, 44Sp, 45 Cowboy Sp, and 45LC, including 45 acp; and a 45-70 trapdoor for targets at and under 100 yds. Also in 7.5x55 Swiss. For other reduced loads in other military rifles, IMR 4064 and Alliant 2400 (carefully), sometimes Red Dot. For 9mm and 40 S&W, Clays, Power Pistol, or Bullseye, some Titegroup for Super 38. Probably should have settled on Unique for pistols and may life simple (and cheaper). The collection of powder is looking like the collection of bore cleaners.
  7. Bad Hand (aka John Fifield), 24260 Life and a member of the Texican Rangers, has passed away Monday, January 16, 2017. Ride tall, Cowboy! http://www.carolinacremation.com/obituary/john-michael-fifield-salisbury
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