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  1. Hola, Welcome back, Big Hext! Categories are new, many cowboys and cowgirls are older, and the game remains a hoot!
  2. Welcome to Wild Bunch! There is more shootin in a WB match than CAS matches, and I'm assuming that you enjoy more shooting. Review the WB Shooters Handbook for the complete requirements of 1911s for Traditional and Modern categories. The frame must be steel, the barrel length must be 5". https://www.sassnet.com/Shooters-Handbook-001A.php Everybody has their favorite(s) 1911. If you are wanting a Kimber, you should buy one and scratch that itch. Be warned that 1911s are addictive. Are you planning to reload our own cartridges?
  3. The summary of this thread is that each Dillon has advantages - simple operation with reasonable speed (550) or more complex operation with fastest speed (750). There is a loyalty among the reloaders for their machine, rightfully so. Spare parts and spare bins make reloading life easier, extra tool heads (maybe with powder measures) make life more convenient. In a do-over almost everyone would but the same machine again. Go forth with confidence, LLP!
  4. The result that both cowboys described matches your comments - into the ceiling. And the event was noisy.
  5. The cowboy from whom I bought a 650 had a blowup, and the cowboy to whom I sold it had a blowup. What is the most common cause of that?
  6. Because of the manual indexing the 550 offers easier recovery from the inevitable problem. I run three 550s, one of which has a case feeder. I would not buy the case feeder again for a 550. I sold a 650 after a few weeks of use, didn't need the capacity or the complications. Every six seconds a reloaded cartridge falls out of a 550 (not counting primer resupply) , and that is at a casual pace of putting a bullet and a case into the die, stroking, and indexing. Powder level checkers are nice but periodically I look at the powder measure and the primer feeder so I'm not loading squibs. An
  7. CDR, the advice above comes from straight shooters. Have patience and you will develop good habits. I second the motion on the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook. Keep notes, identity your reloaded ammo by date, bullet weight, powder weight and type. Load several dummy cartridges to confirm dimensions with a caliper without wasting powder or those precious primers. Cycle them through the rifle and pistol. Never reload when distracted or in a hurry. That creates a situation asking for trouble. Verify powder weight at regular intervals, and look inside each case before wetting a bullet to ve
  8. 100830012 is common to several 12 gauge reloaders.
  9. As is said, recovery is SLOW. I had surgery to repair it two months ago, began range of motion exercises after one month when cast was removed, and have just begun strength exercises. Physical therapist sez that healing is slow because tendons don't have as much blood supply as do muscles. Age may have an effect (79).
  10. You have much company with that thought TFJ! My mind does not feel 79 years old, but some parts of the body do!
  11. i agree with you, Abilene. I have a 2006 550 with casefeeder, bought used. The 550 is fast enough considering that I'm not in much hurry, and it's much faster than a turret press. It is easier to recover from a loading problem with the 550 compared to the 650 (Can't speak to the 750). I had a 650 for a week, decided that the advantage in speed wasn't worth the complicated recovery, sold it. I would not buy another casefeeder for a 550 as there isn't but a second or two difference with/without the casefeeder, and when there is a feeding problem the recovery requires some attention and occ
  12. Read your article this afternoon, then found your post this evening. Congratulations, well done. Concise and informative, a plus for SASS and NCOWS!
  13. Utah Bob, many thanks for running this website!
  14. There is difference in felt recoil between Trail Boss and most other powders. TB feels softer, even though it's a fast powder. I use it in all cowboy loads for 38Sp, 44Sp, 45 Cowboy Sp, and 45LC, including 45 acp; and a 45-70 trapdoor for targets at and under 100 yds. Also in 7.5x55 Swiss. For other reduced loads in other military rifles, IMR 4064 and Alliant 2400 (carefully), sometimes Red Dot. For 9mm and 40 S&W, Clays, Power Pistol, or Bullseye, some Titegroup for Super 38. Probably should have settled on Unique for pistols and may life simple (and cheaper). The collection of
  15. Bad Hand (aka John Fifield), 24260 Life and a member of the Texican Rangers, has passed away Monday, January 16, 2017. Ride tall, Cowboy! http://www.carolinacremation.com/obituary/john-michael-fifield-salisbury
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