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  1. Shamless, I’ve seen one ATV with a tall box on the rear into which long guns are racked, and think it’s hooked to the trailer hitch and the cargo rack. A golf cart is adaptable, but an obviously extra expense if you already have the ATV. This EZGO was stripped of it’s golf bag security but the big arms on either side were left intact. A frame of angle iron was attached, and the a box set into it, and a box on either side. A shelf covers the gap at the base of the boxes, and another shelf is fitted just above the arms. A Rugged Gear vertical 4-gun rack, detachable, carries long guns. The rack can be moved to other vehicles that have a base mounting plate installed. This was to be a prototype and then the production model would be better finished. The proto worked so well that there is no production model. A cabinet maker would undoubtedly frown upon the quality of work! Rugged Gear makes horizontal mounts for cargo racks on ATVs too, and for that I’d slip the long guns into a case before racking them horizontally.
  2. 4.3 grains Trail Boss under a 180 gr cast bullet is a soft-recoil load, used in 7" Open Tops, 4 5/8" Ruger NV, and Marlin 1894.
  3. I don’t do anything about TV reception. Only satellite services are available in my rural world, but I cut the satellite off almost 8 years ago because I wasn’t being entertained or informed. I didn’t watch any news but Fox (and that is becoming a bit flaky), and didn’t watch the mind-numbing programs on the alphabet channels. I didn’t watch much of Hollyweird movies, don’t want to support their left wing diatribes and efforts at self-aggrandizement. I do make exceptions for Clint Eastwood’s directed movies. I didn’t want to subsidize what I considered junk channels in the basic satellite package through carriage fees. Nowadays I wouldn’t have a satellite subscription if it were free. If I want news, I’ll go online to Breitbart or similar. My philosophy: If I don’t watch NBC/ABC/CBS/MSNBC/CNN et al news programs, I am UN-informed. If I do, I am ILL-informed. To each his/her own! Do whatever floats your boat.
  4. Congratulations, JBB! I'm betting that you won't be solo for very long When you are ready to shoot cast bullets, Dusty Boddams has a recipe that you may already know about: 170 gr Sil GC bullet (from Norm Purcella 575-703-0391); IMR 4895 35.8gr; Winchester or CCI 34 primer. Velocity is about 1850 fps. Adjust the powder weight up or down slightly to tune to your individual M1.
  5. Nice!! If you invite others to try it, they may become GAMM shooters too!
  6. JBB, did that Garand ever show Up? If so, tell us about it.
  7. For those who have old and/or odd rifles, a match requires only two shooters and about 50 yards of range. All rifles may not be equal in speed, but they are all equal in the fun factor. So if you're reading this thread about old military bolts in BAMM or old Garands in GAMM, start your own side matches with what you have. Shooters tend to experiment with what they have, and then upgrade. The CMP sells Garands for $650 shipped. If you are a member of the Texas State Rifle Association you are a member of an affiliated range .(https://tsra.com/ Go here for a list of other state associations: http://thecmp.org/clubs/state-associations/state-association-listing/ Go here for eligibility requirements: http://thecmp.org/cmp_sales/rifle_sales/eligibility-requirements/ For proof of marksmanship participation or firearm familiarity, a DD214, a CHL or LTC, or a statement from the president of your SASS cowboy club is sufficient. Turnaround time is about three weeks from order to delivery.
  8. LV you may have opened up a new topic for discussion about rifle side matches. While WAM might be a bit narrow in scope, MAM (Military Action Match) could open it up to anything military. No telling what might show up! For the Winchester 1907, 351SL ammo is available from VenturaAmmunitions.com and brass is available from Buffalo Arms. Dies are manufactured by Redding, RCBS, and CH4D, but shown to be out of stock at BA. Grafs.com has a 351SL Lee FCD in stock, but no other Lee dies. Maybe the 351SL dies are a special order item.
  9. Hmmm, interesting idea, Hoss. Looks like a solution to filling a need for a 1895 Been there, done that! The BAMM and GAMM games were created to unlimber some safe queens, so why not unlimber some military levers? Why don't you start up a LAMM at TRP and see how that catches on? The Spencer, Winchester 1866 and 1892, and the Winchester 1894 in 30-30 would also qualify as military levers. Henry 1860 too. https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2015/6/11/winchester-lever-actions-go-to-war/ https://westernfictioneers.blogspot.com/2015/01/did-us-army-ever-use-lever-action.html Or you could make it a Military Rifle Match and open to semiautos through WW2 too for more participation. Include the Trapdoor too. The reason for the narrow window on rifle matches at the Texicans is time, extremely limited after the Saturday cowboy main match finishes, until 2:30 pm so as to clear the range by 3:00 pm.
  10. Update on the GAMM side match operations: GAMM was a success! Five locals showed up with Garands, and Dusty Boddams drove 5 hours to join the group to make it six shooters passing gas. Those six shot the 8-round scenario fifteen (15) times! Many grains of lead went downrange from 55 to 125 yards. Then there was the concurrent BAMM side match too. For the next GAMM side match we'll string two or three 8-shot scenarios together, record score for each, reload off the clock, total the individual scores for a match score. There are another couple of locals with Garands who will likely shoot the next match, including me.
  11. https://www.guns.com/news/2019/02/27/wild-bunch-cowboy-action-shooting-with-john-clark-video/ Skinny makes a video in support of CAS and WBAS. Well done, Skinny!
  12. This match is held October 4 – 6, 2019 at the OKC Gun Cluib. It is followed by a CMP Match at the OKC Gun Club on October 7 – 13, 2019. There might be some pressure on hotel reservations for those planning to attend the WB match, so if you are not already in possession of hotel reservations I recommend that you make them now!
  13. The Match Director, A.D. Texaz sez that 306 have signed up for the Main Match and he found room for another ten shooters. If you've been kicking your tail because you didn't sign up, here's another opportunity. Go here: http://texicanrangers.org/comancheria-days/# click the link for Registration and you can pay online, send the registration form by mail!
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