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  1. KR, I have 160 cases which are likely once fired, certainly not more than twice fired. Bought them as once fired and my match ammo was reloaded from a separate batch. And I have 145 new cases. $125 for all plus flat rate shipping. Agreeable?
  2. I have two pairs of Eagle Gunfighter Grips removed from New Vaqueros. $95 each plus shipping sold as a pair only.
  3. Remington Rand 1911A1 from DCM for $16 in 1962.
  4. Jess Brileys gunsmith did a great action job on a Springfield XD, and Alan Harton did great action jobs on six uberti Open Tops.
  5. There is difference in felt recoil between Trail Boss and most other powders. TB feels softer, even though it's a fast powder. I use it in all cowboy loads for 38Sp, 44Sp, 45 Cowboy Sp, and 45LC, including 45 acp; and a 45-70 trapdoor for targets at and under 100 yds. Also in 7.5x55 Swiss. For other reduced loads in other military rifles, IMR 4064 and Alliant 2400 (carefully), sometimes Red Dot. For 9mm and 40 S&W, Clays, Power Pistol, or Bullseye, some Titegroup for Super 38. Probably should have settled on Unique for pistols and may life simple (and cheaper). The collection of
  6. Bad Hand (aka John Fifield), 24260 Life and a member of the Texican Rangers, has passed away Monday, January 16, 2017. Ride tall, Cowboy! http://www.carolinacremation.com/obituary/john-michael-fifield-salisbury
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