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  1. I'd like to see one. I'd love to shoot one. But I doubt they'd ever be available in MA.
  2. I never got a DQ - Stage or Match that I didn't earn. I dropped a loaded gun while re-holstering my left pistol. State Match. 1st stage of the second day. BOY was I angry - at myself. My penance was picking brass for the rest of the day. Stuff happens. Move on.
  3. I was happily surprised to find out that my '73 in .45 Colt would work/feed/load/shoot with .45 Schofield rounds. I was just hoping to find out if I could do the same with my new '73 in .44 Special and use .44 Russian. I just happen to know the gent who sells those modified lifters. Or I could just shoot the Russian in the pistols and Special in the rifle. Either way, I'm good. Thanks to all who responded. I do appreciate your time.
  4. Short and simple.......... Will a Uberti '73 in .44 Special chamber and shoot .44 Russian?
  5. I said Supposed because we were supposed to shoot last month but it got cancelled. SO, OK, it was a bit cold and there was a little snow but that shouldn't have gotten in the way.... LOL!! I'll see you there!
  6. Like Doc McCoy, Happy Trails did the action work on all of my Colts. I broke a trigger spring (Flat Spring) once and replaced it with a wire spring. I have never broken a Hammer Spring.
  7. Take a look at: http://www.shootingbums.org/klassiclaserworks/ I know they are traveling and are heading to Winter Range in February. I think they were stopping in Texas for a major shoot before then. If you PM me I'll give you their phone numbers. Hope that helps.
  8. There is supposed to be a 4 stage practice shoot in Manville, RI on the 21st - Weather permitting. And keep an eye on Deadheads Web Site: http://northeastcas.com/CASdates.htm He keeps a pretty good list of upcoming shoots here in the North East.
  9. Driftwood, you have to try to shoot fast for this to happen.
  10. The problem with SOB/MOB holsters is if you Slip/Slip Fall. If you land on your back there is a good chance that you'll break a vertebra or worse. I understand a lot of Police Departments will not allow officers to carry handcuffs tucked into the belt in the back for that very reason.
  11. Taz will be at Winter Range. He and Rose are great people and I'm proud to call them friends. Check out his Barb Wire Pattern if you really want something grippy.
  12. Overall, the Lightning Rifle ran pretty well with Bottle Necked cartridges but Straight walled pistol cartridges were an issue. Many companies tried and failed to make a clone that worked. The problems were worse on the .45 because of the weight of the bullet. Colt only made them for a few years before they stopped. Happy Trails at the Smith Shop in Warwick RI has some parts for the USFA version. but after that you need an excellent mechanic who can fabricate parts. Years back I really wanted a Lightning Rifle but after my research, I decided against. Hope that helps,
  13. Take a long hard look at Bond. The best part of that brand is that you can change out the barrels with one shoulder bolt and change the caliber. They have barrels from .22 Rim Fire to .45 Colt/.410 and barrel lengths from 2-1/2" to 4-1/4". The down side is the trigger. You have to pull it from the very bottom. There are several good smiths that can do a trigger job on them. The Davis and all other "Period Accurate" derringers are one caliber and one caliber only. Hope that helps,
  14. I'm taking some notes to use the next time I posse up with Driftwood. So I can drive him a bit crazy. LOL!!!
  15. I'm a big fan of Wild West Mercantile. Go to their site. Sign up for their Email list. They will send you notice of all their sales and even when they offer free shipping. I was looking to put together an evening/dress banquet outfit and emailed them some questions. They answered and I bought what they suggested. I ended up winning a local regional costume contest. Start with just a few affordable items from the local Salvation Army and only buy something "store bought" as you get further in to the game.
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