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  1. Longshot Logan, who I had the pleasure of shooting with, was an artist with wood. If you follow his directions you will get a good result.
  2. Check the firing pin spring. Mine had broken and wound up on itself. sometimes the spring would jam up in the channel and cause the firing pin to protrude just enough so when shooting it as fast as I can it would discharge. There was no visible damage the 1st time and I was able to finish the match still scratching my head. The 2nd time it happened I bent the lever enough so I would not contact the lever safety. But once it was fully disassembled, the broken spring was pretty obvious.
  3. If you are concerned, give Bill English aka Happy Trails a call 401-864-2348. Get input from the Horses mouth.
  4. Yup, I've heard the complete scene from Driftwood and Wild Bill more than once.
  5. Tazz and his "Boss" Rose are on the North East part of their all over the country tour Shooting and Vending. I'm pretty sure they will be in the Florida area as they travel all year long. When you call them ask when they will be in your area . Save you the bother and cost of shipping. These are great folks and good friends of mine.
  6. As I understand it. The need to have an open (11 °) forcing cone is due to the variation of the end of the cylinders. Most, if not all manufacturers cut the chambers from the recoil shield end of the cylinder. This allows some variation at the chamber end of the cylinder. The chamber end may or may not line up perfectly with the forcing cone by some degree. I do know of one manufacturer that cut the chambers on his cylinders from the forcing cone end and as a result he did not have any issues with the line up and did not need the forcing cone opened up that much. If memory serves, his were only 5°. This was a huge benefit to anyone who shot black powder.
  7. And that is the reason I had my alias engraved on my screw Knife. Lost mine a couple times and always got it back.
  8. I'd like to see one. I'd love to shoot one. But I doubt they'd ever be available in MA.
  9. I never got a DQ - Stage or Match that I didn't earn. I dropped a loaded gun while re-holstering my left pistol. State Match. 1st stage of the second day. BOY was I angry - at myself. My penance was picking brass for the rest of the day. Stuff happens. Move on.
  10. I was happily surprised to find out that my '73 in .45 Colt would work/feed/load/shoot with .45 Schofield rounds. I was just hoping to find out if I could do the same with my new '73 in .44 Special and use .44 Russian. I just happen to know the gent who sells those modified lifters. Or I could just shoot the Russian in the pistols and Special in the rifle. Either way, I'm good. Thanks to all who responded. I do appreciate your time.
  11. Short and simple.......... Will a Uberti '73 in .44 Special chamber and shoot .44 Russian?
  12. I said Supposed because we were supposed to shoot last month but it got cancelled. SO, OK, it was a bit cold and there was a little snow but that shouldn't have gotten in the way.... LOL!! I'll see you there!
  13. Like Doc McCoy, Happy Trails did the action work on all of my Colts. I broke a trigger spring (Flat Spring) once and replaced it with a wire spring. I have never broken a Hammer Spring.
  14. Take a look at: http://www.shootingbums.org/klassiclaserworks/ I know they are traveling and are heading to Winter Range in February. I think they were stopping in Texas for a major shoot before then. If you PM me I'll give you their phone numbers. Hope that helps.
  15. There is supposed to be a 4 stage practice shoot in Manville, RI on the 21st - Weather permitting. And keep an eye on Deadheads Web Site: http://northeastcas.com/CASdates.htm He keeps a pretty good list of upcoming shoots here in the North East.
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