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  1. In one word. Yes. I bought a hand made Custom hat from Smitty at Colorado Mountain Hat Company back in 2003. I'm still wearing that same hat in 2019 even though I bought another one 3 years ago from him. And I just bought a third. That original hat has been worn to a State match - more than once - when it rained all weekend. The hat was soaked but never ever lost it's shape.
  2. If I see you at a match with that pistol and pearl grips, I'm gonna have everyone on the posse calling you by new alias ala George Patton.
  3. Mine was in the Spam folder as well. Just sent it in. Besides the weather, my only complaint was the mud at stages 5 and 6. Could have used some boardwalks. Man, that mud was deep. Almost sucked my boots off!
  4. I saw a very similar pistol at a couple gun shows in our area. The price was remarkably only $1500.
  5. Tom, The one I recently set up on the North Shore in .45 using Trail Boss had the Large charge bar installed.
  6. I have it's twin brother in my house. Same price. That is a Mosler Record Safe. Record safes are on wheels. You might want to take a long hard look on the inside. In it's past, mine had a tear gas canister in case someone tried to open it. I got mine - and it's two brothers for the same price - Free - from a place I worked. I had a local safe rigger move the three of them. Cost me $500 to have them moved. Sold the smallest - still a good rifle safe - for $500 and kept the other two. One thing to keep in mind when you move it. It has a glass plate covering the locking mechanism. Called an auto relocker. If the glass breaks the safe locks. You'll need a Safe man to come and open it.
  7. I met Bob and his wife at the Convention back in 2003. Watched his performance and got to talk with him later. Never met Jeff, I don't think.
  8. Never had Bob Munden work on any of my Colts. But he did have an excellent reputation. I understand he had an understudy. Gent by the name of Jeff Ault who picked up the work after Bob passed.
  9. I have bought several add on parts to improve the process. Check out www.entirelycrimson.com. I have most of the stuff he sells. Great quality. I especially like the Quick Disconnects he sells for both the powder measure and the Powder check. The powder check allows me to move it from one tool head to another very quickly. The ones for the powder measure is great when I dump my powder back into the bottle at the end of a reload session, but it really pays off when adjusting the flair. Makes it fast and easy. I also have the Sky light and the Powder adjustment knobs from ARMANOV on Amazon.
  10. Well, I dont own that device. I have an offer from a friend to use his. I've already tested 120 rounds within the parameters set by the powder manufacturer. 5.4 and 5.6 were the most accurate based on group size when shot on paper. The next step is to load a bunch and see how they perform in a match. If I like the overall result after a few shoots, I'm good. If not, I retest
  11. The max per Hodgedon is 6.0. The min is 4.9. 5.5 is pretty much dead center. I have already tested loads from 5.0 to 5.8
  12. Both 5.4 and 5.6 grains looked pretty good on paper. Too close to call on the targets alone. 5.5 puts me in the middle and should perform.
  13. Looking at some calculations and using the "SWAG" method I'd say 5.5 grains is about 975'/s Going to load up about 500 and take you up on that.
  14. My question is and always will be, how do you know, for sure, it's only been fired once. Brass swept up from a range may have been reloaded many times. Maybe that's why it was left on the floor. Rather than try to search for the unicorn that once fired brass can be, I go to Star Line direct and buy it new. Never been fired. .38 Special is 130.50/thousand. .32 H&R Magnum will run you 151.50 per thousand.
  15. Preacher, you snooze, you loose. I bought two SKB's last month. A Like New, been sitting in someone's safe for years 200. Needs to be modified for SASS and a 100 that's had all the work done. They're out there.
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